5 seconds to loot challenge 

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12 aug 2020



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Vanesa Guerrero
Vanesa Guerrero 4 dagar sedan
This is how many time he said “don’t take my shield” 😂😂😂 | V
Storm Slayers
Storm Slayers 6 dagar sedan
You should do 3 seconds to loot Like if Fresh should
RobloxIsaacYT 8 dagar sedan
im a 10:08
Shaniquah Jamison
Shaniquah Jamison 9 dagar sedan
Hey fresh
Jot and ansh
Jot and ansh 11 dagar sedan
can lazarBeam get 17 kills i can
Rjkuef 14 dagar sedan
Fresh: I don't want to take damage Also Fresh: 6:09
Natalie Blanco
Natalie Blanco 20 dagar sedan
he gets mad he wins with 9 elims.... I PASSO OUT when i get at leave 5 shiittt
Diego Valdez
Diego Valdez 25 dagar sedan
You and lazerbeam are the best
Moon PG3Dツ
Moon PG3Dツ 27 dagar sedan
Do 0.25 sec to loot challenge
Its Nodiaj
Its Nodiaj Månad sedan
Challenge: get a victory royale... without building :^)
menno hubert
menno hubert Månad sedan
Me: keeps dying every single game Fresh: OH GOD WE TOOK LIKE 26 DAMAGE
Sarita Atri
Sarita Atri Månad sedan
10:07 did I just hear fresh swearing
Victoria Sofia Gozalo
Omar Fun Tube
Omar Fun Tube Månad sedan
So no one is gonna talk bout the thumbnail
B S Moller
B S Moller Månad sedan
Do 1 sec to loot challenge in solo squad
ayden lazo
ayden lazo Månad sedan
I thought you were family friendly 10:12
AWoolfy Månad sedan
Why does no one like bursts
Cristian Rincon
Cristian Rincon Månad sedan
Did any one see that the chug splash when he was fighting the default only give him 19 health
Mekai hendricks
Mekai hendricks Månad sedan
I like how he didnt realize he could upgrade his weapons
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc Månad sedan
You are cracked at fortnight fresh
*Fresh= loots for 5 seconds and wins *Me= loots for 15 minutes and gets on 68th position..
Bowen Zhou
Bowen Zhou Månad sedan
Fresh: Y E S
Ananiya Tadesse
Ananiya Tadesse Månad sedan
Today today today today today today
Ananiya Tadesse
Ananiya Tadesse Månad sedan
pickaxe challenge
Cheese Salinas
Cheese Salinas Månad sedan
U cheat why do you have more health you had 20
Milos Månad sedan
cant you upgrade the weapons
Angle GAMING Månad sedan
Dude you cheated you cant pickup amo or mats
vernons vibes
vernons vibes Månad sedan
ezavyy Månad sedan
Gabriel Couilloud
Gabriel Couilloud Månad sedan
me falling asleep watching youtube with autoplay on... Waking up at 3:00 AM to , WhATs uP gUyS, yEs.
fortnite man ok boy lol
Also known as the 'don't take damage challenge'
THK Brad Official
THK Brad Official Månad sedan
DoraTikhonenko2112 Månad sedan
10:07 Fresh you curse???!!!🤪
Zeppy Paul
Zeppy Paul Månad sedan
he said bitch
Agent Blaze
Agent Blaze Månad sedan
Fresh: What's up guys? Yes. Me: what's up guys? No
PEYTON XD XD Månad sedan
vexyz Yt
vexyz Yt Månad sedan
5 year olds watching this video *omg he said BItCh*
Jarjedi Månad sedan
Fresh: grab a truck and fly Me: what truck have you been in?
Hopping H
Hopping H Månad sedan
what skin is that?
Bazzalicious Månad sedan
SHOW your face plsssss
Matt Donno
Matt Donno Månad sedan
You should do 6 seconds and if you kill someone were you lad then you can take their loot and keep the rest the same
Lyric Arnold.
Lyric Arnold. Månad sedan
that moment he drops 6 chugs instead of two
Siobhan Lonsdale
Siobhan Lonsdale Månad sedan
Just me who was like wotttttt😯 when fresh swore 😂
Aden Gilbert
Aden Gilbert Månad sedan
He did 1 second
Ben Liu
Ben Liu Månad sedan
When you skip 10 seconds and Fresh gets 4 kills.
tanya brunner
tanya brunner Månad sedan
you should have done it in arena
Shrenik Kapoor
Shrenik Kapoor Månad sedan
Do a playing at 30 fps challenge
RockS MettZ
RockS MettZ Månad sedan
do 10secoonds to loot on spawn island
-M- Månad sedan
The loot in the chest he opened but then he died Gold hunting rifle Blue burst Brick Chug splashes Heavy ammo Medium ammo
Gamer Tatsurou
Gamer Tatsurou 2 månader sedan
10:07 he said b word
Herzy Munoz
Herzy Munoz 2 månader sedan
Why would he fight a player when he’s low and in the storm
Alichamp786 2 månader sedan
Love you Fresh
MLG_ Doge
MLG_ Doge 2 månader sedan
Bruh I didn’t know you cuss.
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 2 månader sedan
He said the b word at 10:08
CSR 2 månader sedan
So Basically A One Chest Maybe Two Chest Challenge
ฯค ๒๏ฯ ยร๓คภ2479 !
fresh: 5 seconds to loot mcreamy: 1 second to loot sypherpk:0.5 seconds to loot
Lathryx 2 månader sedan
I love the intro: What's up guys, *y e s* .
Joshua Satterfield
Joshua Satterfield 2 månader sedan
Fuck Fortnite and tiktok
Thomas is ur M8
Thomas is ur M8 2 månader sedan
Has anyone wondered how fresh got to 100hp with no meds 5:56
Arabic Editing
Arabic Editing 2 månader sedan
He said Ian not gonna play like a b
Arabic Editing
Arabic Editing 2 månader sedan
He sweared in the video he said b word
Jade Harper
Jade Harper 2 månader sedan
fresh no you copyed mccreamy
Eesah Khan
Eesah Khan 2 månader sedan
Fresh does sware
Noa Wheatley
Noa Wheatley 2 månader sedan
The smart thing would be to get a fishing rod
ZW - 05ZZ 817328 Somerset Drive PS
Treehouse cartoon
Camilla Marie Helle
Camilla Marie Helle 2 månader sedan
you can say bitch on youtube now?
seb_is_goated 2 månader sedan
He said bitch🥺
Lauren Wring
Lauren Wring 2 månader sedan
Can you pls pls pls do a gameplay video for fun pls
Hashem ElbadYT
Hashem ElbadYT 2 månader sedan
Fresh: 30 seconds to loot McCreamy: 10 seconds to loot Fresh: 5 seconds to loot McCreamy: 1 second to loot Me: why not try 0.5 seconds to loot?
Ren Skullz
Ren Skullz 2 månader sedan
He made one second to loot
CLMDOWN 2011 2 månader sedan
This was very stressful
WaffleBaffleBot 2 månader sedan
Imagine if the bot had a lucky shot and headshot charged him.
ItzJayden ItzOliver
ItzJayden ItzOliver 2 månader sedan
Can u do a face reaval please fresh
choi aiM
choi aiM 2 månader sedan
The 1% chance your watching this I want to say fresh inspired me to Become a SEloskr and make video’s thanks fresh:)
micheal greentree
micheal greentree 2 månader sedan
me forgets fortilla is a drop still
Rayyan Sandhu
Rayyan Sandhu 2 månader sedan
Bruh sue u
Rayyan Sandhu
Rayyan Sandhu 2 månader sedan
He said bitch I’m 6
Vidar Thörnholm
Vidar Thörnholm 2 månader sedan
11:22 666
Hargun Brar
Hargun Brar 2 månader sedan
It was gold hunting
ThatSlothBoy 2 månader sedan
Poor “bot”
Daniel Chance
Daniel Chance 2 månader sedan
cars only
Alex Awesome
Alex Awesome 2 månader sedan
I got this notification 6 days after it was uploaded
The Abhiram
The Abhiram 2 månader sedan
FRESH: I do not know why I do this to myself? Gets a victory royale
Prabigya Dhakal
Prabigya Dhakal 2 månader sedan
challenge: Do picaxe only
DrippyVibes 2 månader sedan
Challenge: Flawless can’t take damage the whole game
Ten Toes
Ten Toes 2 månader sedan
What’s up
Lorenzo Marcantonio
Lorenzo Marcantonio 2 månader sedan
Great video Frexh
Ben Liu
Ben Liu 2 månader sedan
I have no friends, Like to be my friend Please
Ahhhdie 2 månader sedan
do it in 0.5 seconds lol like if you agree
awesome man
awesome man 2 månader sedan
5:44 he only got 19 hp from the splash
Devyn Joseph
Devyn Joseph 2 månader sedan
Bob Playz
Bob Playz 2 månader sedan
Did anyone realise he said bitch and never clapped
Bob Playz
Bob Playz 2 månader sedan
Hydrox Snipes in the part with he says I don’t wanna be a god damn bitch and can you do me a favour and sub to my channel pls
Spooky Scary Snipes
Spooky Scary Snipes 2 månader sedan
Jack Howes
Jack Howes 2 månader sedan
Fresh should do he starts with an common then the only way he can get better stuff is using upgrade benches like so fresh see this
Anju Agrawal
Anju Agrawal 2 månader sedan
Next challenge :no loot challenge😂😂😂 IMAGINE HE DOES THAT ......
Haina Bishop
Haina Bishop 2 månader sedan
The gold was hunting rifle
Jeffrey Ovaska
Jeffrey Ovaska 2 månader sedan
Saying this a minute in and I swear. If fresh win this first game with a green burst and blue bolt I will donate the next time he streams. Not much cuz I’m broke but a donate
Jeffrey Ovaska
Jeffrey Ovaska 2 månader sedan
Nevermind. Guess I’m not donating😂
Glenn Seymour
Glenn Seymour 2 månader sedan
He lost his shield at the end but when he skips it he still has his chugsplashes and somehow got 50 shield🤔🤔
joseph the god of every thing
1 upgrade olny
joseph the god of every thing
I person only to loot from
Jack gets hurt Series
Jack gets hurt Series 2 månader sedan
Creamy did 1 second
visningar 20tn
30 seconds to loot challenge
my new kill record...
visningar 3,4mn
60 seconds to loot challenge
visningar 20tn