Carrying LAZARBEAM... again 

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14 jul 2020



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My friend: I KNOW ROCKET LEAGUE me:cool let’s play it! *goes on rocket league* My friend: THAT IS NOT ROCKET LEAGUE Me:huh it is! My friend:rocket league is a fighting game! Me:watches this My friend: SEE! Me: THAT IS ROCKET ARENA! My friend:.....
KvNG WIZZ Månad sedan
One of his least watched vids of the year cuz it wasn’t fortnite
Seif Waleed
Seif Waleed Månad sedan
Fresh what this game name and can we download it at Xbox 1
Jane Thring
Jane Thring 2 månader sedan
This game is cooked
Xeler 2 månader sedan
I swear fresh is just a god at literally every game
jana elhadary
jana elhadary 2 månader sedan
mark chisem
mark chisem 2 månader sedan
Pro fresh
Help Please
Help Please 2 månader sedan
Wait if Fresh is Lazarbeams son, than that means Brodies Freshes Cousin...
Nugget Claps U
Nugget Claps U 2 månader sedan
Yeet fresh
sqanderson 2 månader sedan
Team Xylex
Team Xylex 2 månader sedan
"This video is sponsored by EA" *everyone has left the chat*
Anden Clark
Anden Clark 2 månader sedan
No dip
OysterSauce 2 månader sedan
Is anyone else questioning how fresh is beating the people who made this game?
Luke Williams
Luke Williams 2 månader sedan
dont u always carry lazarbeam in games
Mai Tiana
Mai Tiana 2 månader sedan
Evelyn 2 månader sedan
The thumbnail tho 😂🤣😂🤣
TheGaming Pilot
TheGaming Pilot 2 månader sedan
I like wen fresh fights Lana
YeetNdelete 2 månader sedan
Roman De La Cruz
Roman De La Cruz 2 månader sedan
I have it but I’m bad
L Londrigan
L Londrigan 2 månader sedan
Me: Hey EA wanna here a joke? EA: Sure! Me: Free to play. EA: Haha good one!
youmad bruh
youmad bruh 2 månader sedan
Did EA ever met you?
Chilly Blob
Chilly Blob 3 månader sedan
Basic Uniform: 5273548181,5273525790,4753644287,4391089678,4036745070,4995121190,4036737464
Juzar Azad
Juzar Azad 3 månader sedan
Is It free?
Punch D4kk1
Punch D4kk1 3 månader sedan
He showed the EA employees names
*Dark Moon*
*Dark Moon* 3 månader sedan
Jotster5 3 månader sedan
Fresh I’m good at Fortnite! Also Fresh I’m good at every single game out there!
Yohan Shah
Yohan Shah 3 månader sedan
Fresh said EA Employee this many times 👇
Steenrod TV
Steenrod TV 3 månader sedan
Why are you the best at everything your the best
Breadsticklunch89 3 månader sedan
I’m going to get the game in 2 days
Onlee Slooshy
Onlee Slooshy 3 månader sedan
What the actual fuck I just got a notification for this
Selena Pomares
Selena Pomares 3 månader sedan
Ducky on controller
Ducky on controller 3 månader sedan
popeyedDesert93 3 månader sedan
Since when does fresh not upload anything but fortnite 😂😂
Grantplays 123
Grantplays 123 3 månader sedan
Chet Tewmey
Chet Tewmey 3 månader sedan
I like and subscribe
Chet Tewmey
Chet Tewmey 3 månader sedan
I forgot to say but add me on Fortnite
Chet Tewmey
Chet Tewmey 3 månader sedan
Will you add me Mr. fresh Asian I liked and subscribed my user name is Cayden867
Gaming Noobz
Gaming Noobz 3 månader sedan
whats that backround music in the beginning
WolloW 3 månader sedan
That thumbnail tho👍😆
郑紫琪ɛʋɛʟʏռ 3 månader sedan
I think fresh should try ROS/ rules of suvival.
Nick Southwell
Nick Southwell 3 månader sedan
Hi fresh
Sam Halliday
Sam Halliday 3 månader sedan
I can already see a vid idea - thickest pirat in rocket arena
Anonymous 375
Anonymous 375 3 månader sedan
Fresh can you tell ea to put more time into pro clubs on fifa ?
Callie Ledbetter
Callie Ledbetter 3 månader sedan
Day 119 asking fresh to say what’s up guys no
Ricky Ruiz
Ricky Ruiz 3 månader sedan
Mr. Fresh I challenge you to play on a Nintendo 1991 on fortnite you can never beat that
iamc0lby 3 månader sedan
The 1 video he doesn’t say what’s up guys
Lisa O'Neill
Lisa O'Neill 3 månader sedan
Nuuuuuuuu I want fortnite pls
Xzlomo 3 månader sedan
Ea: Wanna load in faster yes 89£ no 88£ Me: yes
Rungne Norsk Gaming Stream
Can you pls play Overwatch with me, or just play Overwatch
Jimmy Craigson
Jimmy Craigson 3 månader sedan
Imagine looter playing this game
BugsBunny Ronen
BugsBunny Ronen 2 månader sedan
BugsBunny Ronen
BugsBunny Ronen 2 månader sedan
He is a aiming for in fortnite
Diamond Hawk
Diamond Hawk 2 månader sedan
He be like why can’t I build
Mr Pink
Mr Pink 2 månader sedan
He would be screaming on me on me!!
Cobran Jones
Cobran Jones 2 månader sedan
The people who didn’t know who looter was are not real fans
Jimmy Luffnin
Jimmy Luffnin 3 månader sedan
I want more rocket league videos
Last hope
Last hope 3 månader sedan
i used your code
Offical_Script 3 månader sedan
Any games that fresh at bad at?? Reply plz I wanna know
Icy 3 månader sedan
te best ame ever my keys are broken ss
10,000 subs With 1 video
10,000 subs With 1 video 3 månader sedan
I thought it was an ad lol
1k subscribers with no video’s challenge
EA: releases a new game. EA marketing team: WE NEED EVERYONE!
Landon someone
Landon someone 3 månader sedan
Every game Fresh plays he's a freaking boss
Amir Abed
Amir Abed 3 månader sedan
He just made this video
LAUGH 3 månader sedan
To the 1% of people who are reading this I hope you stay safe 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️❤️
Lucienne Francalnza
Lucienne Francalnza 3 månader sedan
This is made from the same creators of plants vs garden warfare 2. And this game has a lot of similarities
TheTechGamer K
TheTechGamer K 3 månader sedan
Why cant dinosaurs clap Cause they are dead
Ayoub Choudhury
Ayoub Choudhury 3 månader sedan
VA1NA1 3 månader sedan
does it have pay to win , waiiittt , never mind
Fresh 3 månader sedan
Yeet Atralia 🇦🇺
Jazzy PlaYz
Jazzy PlaYz 3 månader sedan
Lannon: “I regret adopting you!” Fresh : “How could you say that🥺” Also I love that Fresh calls lannon “Mr. Beam”
Nice Nym
Nice Nym 3 månader sedan
I thought that you were carrying laser in fortnite by the title of the video.
Toby Mastrilli
Toby Mastrilli 3 månader sedan
Fresh I got a good idea for thickest aquman. Fishing hole loot only
Ashley Rothwell
Ashley Rothwell 3 månader sedan
Your good
Taksh Patel
Taksh Patel 3 månader sedan
Noone Literally noone Fresh making a porn video : The thiccccest girlfriend in real life
Nate Ebbs
Nate Ebbs 3 månader sedan
Can you do more of this game please. It looks really fun!
Flynn Cousin
Flynn Cousin 3 månader sedan
5:58 trick shot
Max Cooke
Max Cooke 3 månader sedan
Play overwatch
GamingWithEddy :D
GamingWithEddy :D 3 månader sedan
No one puts fun games in mobile
Billionaires 1234
Billionaires 1234 3 månader sedan
YeetNdelete 3 månader sedan
selosk.info/class/video/nICCtWucsHuAuGA.html For pro gaming
Josiah Martinez
Josiah Martinez 3 månader sedan
William Bedon
William Bedon 3 månader sedan
Did anybody notice lazarbeams video intro fresh’s and muselks intro are all the same
Brandon D
Brandon D 3 månader sedan
One day lannan will carry u
Vicky PLAYZ 3 månader sedan
Fresh:carrying lazar beam again Me:tell me something you won’t do BTW no offense I love your vids fresh and lazarbeam
Hasnain Jaffer
Hasnain Jaffer 3 månader sedan
the amount of times he said "goodbye mr beam" lol
Bullseye Gaming
Bullseye Gaming 3 månader sedan
I wish I was this good at EVERY game
Chase Schroeder
Chase Schroeder 3 månader sedan
Play madden vs lazarbeam
Harry Records
Harry Records 3 månader sedan
Fresh should do the thicccest pirate
TheBossRaider 3 månader sedan
I'm the 1.7kth dislike
TheBossRaider 3 månader sedan
I'm not getting this game cuz EA are all about the money
ViXz FN 3 månader sedan
Imagine if fresh made this a series
Noicelicous 3 månader sedan
One of the EA employees names is “Thejellybelly” add him
Son Killua
Son Killua 3 månader sedan
Yeah you can see both of their names after the second match 😭 ngl I was speccin hard to see em lmao
Teeluck Dhanesswaree
Teeluck Dhanesswaree 3 månader sedan
Where is fortnite
BubblesBuilds-MC 3 månader sedan
This game is money?
Christie Lam
Christie Lam 3 månader sedan
Will Fresh be able to beat geometry dash?
AJ productions
AJ productions 3 månader sedan
Fresh can carry Lankan in any game
Armex 3 månader sedan
This game is like brawl stars
Juan Goñi
Juan Goñi 3 månader sedan
Finally fresh played a different game. I want more this
Beary Boi
Beary Boi 3 månader sedan
Me when I see the vid: Yess new vid And a new game. -------------------- when I it’s made by Ea: G o o d b y e
markella marcou
markella marcou 3 månader sedan
is the game free
Stanley duPlessis
Stanley duPlessis 3 månader sedan
fresh's video on this was better than the one that lazarbeam made
trclaps1 FN
trclaps1 FN 3 månader sedan
Freshyboy i love you so much 😀😀😀😀
David Wright
David Wright 3 månader sedan
Wat do we think of fresh he has AUSTRALIAN AIMBOT
Milk Man
Milk Man 3 månader sedan
People that is offline in ps4 but has this game be like *bruh*
ツTheFridge 3 månader sedan
Checkout my channel!
Chaz McDowell
Chaz McDowell 3 månader sedan
Muselk: gets sponsored by EA lachlan: gets sponsored by EA lazarbeam: gets sponsored by EA Freshy boi: gets sponsored by EA simon: gets sponsored by EA vikstar: gets sponsored by EA EA’s bank account: 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈
Aki - Tack
visningar 34tn
my fortnite got HACKED?!
Aki - Tack
visningar 34tn