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27 aug 2020



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Elizabeth Tramantano
Elizabeth Tramantano 18 timmar sedan
Elizabeth Tramantano
Elizabeth Tramantano 18 timmar sedan
On voice
Said Musli
Said Musli 2 dagar sedan
I love the new rifle from the jets
Kier Small
Kier Small 2 dagar sedan
UniKittyYT 1234
UniKittyYT 1234 3 dagar sedan
I have a 5% chance of being in Fresh game and I would probably never see him cause he is always in storm or close and I come in 100th when their are 99 players
Space Bunny3
Space Bunny3 3 dagar sedan
UniKittyYT 1234 oof me and my brother think he was the safari that killed fresh cuss he was wearing that combo
account 1
account 1 4 dagar sedan
fresh i bout the battel pass
Jimmy wu
Jimmy wu 4 dagar sedan
Do you guys know that I catcher the midas flopper first match in duo?
Jayde Brooks
Jayde Brooks 4 dagar sedan
😭😢😭😢😭😢Party at the same time because pumps are back boy
Harry Vu
Harry Vu 5 dagar sedan
Me also waiting for him to realise the stark rifle is cracked
Patrik Stenfors
Patrik Stenfors 5 dagar sedan
pp is now dd
Ricky G Vids
Ricky G Vids 5 dagar sedan
Jón Hjálmar Haraldsson
All true but u forgot frenzy farm
4f-15-mohammed Mujahid
OmanHarrell 2011
OmanHarrell 2011 6 dagar sedan
Fresh. I have sent you a friend request
Void Jak3
Void Jak3 6 dagar sedan
is it just me or is fresh kinda playing like a bot it feels like he doesn't like fortnite anymore and is just doing this for content
Subramaniam Sivathasan
Subramaniam Sivathasan
your content is trash
Slushie_Boi 7 dagar sedan
Mythic more like MY THICCS
UniKittyYT 1234
UniKittyYT 1234 8 dagar sedan
Idea for next video. Read more please 1. Change keybinds to Fresh 2. Win with no meds ✅ 3. Win with lazarbeams girlfriend 4. Hide and only battle the last other player
icygames 10
icygames 10 8 dagar sedan
I was watching this video then an ad came up for fortnite and they took the video and put it in there fake ad
sonic 12
sonic 12 9 dagar sedan
While fresh is mad gauntlets sucking, everyone else: 👀
joe newmen
joe newmen 9 dagar sedan
and that shield saved rocket rip groot
joe newmen
joe newmen 9 dagar sedan
and that shield saved rocket rip groot
S4lt Wind
S4lt Wind 9 dagar sedan
Fortnite is marvel
Eagle Eye Gaming
Eagle Eye Gaming 9 dagar sedan
Did anybody else also see Cheat Engine on his desktop when his game crashed?!
Aditya mittal
Aditya mittal 10 dagar sedan
If u aim properly then u will win with the gauntlet. I have won by it too
KTG Vids
KTG Vids 10 dagar sedan
Fresh:l dont have the battlepass Also fresh:puts teir 100 skin in the intro
G G 10 dagar sedan
Nobody sweat when they die with a mythic : this is trash ur trash never use this
Zaman_ Roblox
Zaman_ Roblox 10 dagar sedan
no is not im On iPad
Billy Games
Billy Games 11 dagar sedan
Rip groot shield and silver surfer board there gone I miss them soo much 😭😭😭😭😢😢😥😥😰😰plz bring them back plzzzzz
Reiden Potter
Reiden Potter 11 dagar sedan
The guru Bramble Shield gives you health
William Lundy
William Lundy 11 dagar sedan
Louis Bushell
Louis Bushell 11 dagar sedan
beenita mehta
beenita mehta 11 dagar sedan
Does he realise that pp and Big d is the same basically
Nils Göransson
Nils Göransson 11 dagar sedan
Rip frenzy wi all miss you
Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl
Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl 12 dagar sedan
LOL dame
Cameron 12 dagar sedan
R.I.P Rest in peace Pleasent park
Katherine Sanchez
Katherine Sanchez 12 dagar sedan
Rescue no one is in the superhero season you’re not does the secret the actors fault and there’s nothing in there but does like a giant bag bar Weibo I don’t know and it’s probably like a port or something
Warm Side
Warm Side 12 dagar sedan
Who else glitched out on the silver surfboard
Megan Gregor
Megan Gregor 13 dagar sedan
Right fresh?
Megan Gregor
Megan Gregor 13 dagar sedan
Ya the new season is great right
error 666
error 666 13 dagar sedan
Finally no tac shotgun but THERE IS THE COMBAT SHOTGUN FUUUUUU
BallerRod TV
BallerRod TV 14 dagar sedan
The moment of silence in the beginning Loki was sad 🥺
Agent_Surfer 14 dagar sedan
My PP 😂😂
IEatGorilla 14 dagar sedan
Whats the name of the song at 2:49
Stig Pent
Stig Pent 14 dagar sedan
The silver surfers board did the same with my friend if he was in battle lab
Isaac Yciano
Isaac Yciano 15 dagar sedan
when i play this season i feel like im playing the ltm vaulted
Natalie Lynch
Natalie Lynch 15 dagar sedan
T In Y
EEEEETTTTT 16 dagar sedan
Season not Jason dumb autocorrect
EEEEETTTTT 16 dagar sedan
I agree with u the a Jason is broken
Benjamin Del Barrio
Benjamin Del Barrio 16 dagar sedan
Why does Fresh still sound so chill when he's mad?
Jordan Rivera
Jordan Rivera 16 dagar sedan
Personally they should’ve put dooms domain in the grotto , it would be a good place to put it and for nick furry they should put him on the shark. JUST PLEASE DO NOT ADD A LOCATION LIKE THE RIG AND FORTILLA ITS SO ANNOYING LOOKING FOR THE BOSS AND ACTUALLY SURVIVING WITH THESE AIM BOT SHARKS
Natalie Keefe
Natalie Keefe 17 dagar sedan
Last night i had lazarbeam in my game
Ryan Ho
Ryan Ho 17 dagar sedan
R.I.P PP R.I.P Tactical Shotgun
Adam Patel
Adam Patel 17 dagar sedan
I am crying for real WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FEU Bryceyfishy
FEU Bryceyfishy 17 dagar sedan
The surfboard at the beginning of the season was so buggy. Made my game crash 3 times
MrStealYoTing 17 dagar sedan
What would u do if fortnite banned building
adamaster 017 bro
adamaster 017 bro 17 dagar sedan
This ain't the season boys Combat sucks Tac smg suck Arcane sucks
The Playlists - Home of random YT videos!
Fresh: wait how was I flying? *Me: is it something to do with your* _cheat engine?_ *You have hacks, its proven. BAN HIM FORTNITE!*
durp_playz 18 dagar sedan
Me: I wanna be in da season then rembering that ima iOS user :(
fake ninja
fake ninja 18 dagar sedan
What the hell what the hell what the hell whatttt the hellllllll
stanley pig
stanley pig 18 dagar sedan
PP think about that for a second
victor dinh
victor dinh 18 dagar sedan
Shut up the dr doom thing is good
Manish Gupta
Manish Gupta 18 dagar sedan
Me waiting for him to realise the bramble shield is healing him
Manish Gupta
Manish Gupta 16 dagar sedan
@Akshay Dixit yes
Akshay Dixit
Akshay Dixit 16 dagar sedan
Are you an indian
Manish Gupta
Manish Gupta 16 dagar sedan
@Son Raven ok ok
Son Raven
Son Raven 16 dagar sedan
Seb stopmoshon Lego
Seb stopmoshon Lego 18 dagar sedan
My first game I won this season😁
omid Penjweny
omid Penjweny 19 dagar sedan
The galntes are not trash you just have to be good at it at I'm right
Ethan Gin
Ethan Gin 20 dagar sedan
the groots ball can heal you
D BEST GAMER 21 dag sedan
I don't think we lost launch pads
Fathiya Almarzouqi
Fathiya Almarzouqi 22 dagar sedan
Dose this happen to me or every time I land fall far from I boses and a Fuy mininits laiter I am with the bosses
Kiara Santiago
Kiara Santiago 22 dagar sedan
I do a like on all the video I watch from you I swear can you add me and gift me the battle pass
jose pena
jose pena 22 dagar sedan
you can call big d dd
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 23 dagar sedan
7:05 yeah that happened to me too
Kylo Kaneki
Kylo Kaneki 24 dagar sedan
Fresh: the gauntlet are trash Gauntlet: No u
Kylo Kaneki
Kylo Kaneki 24 dagar sedan
Saying the gauntlet are trash when he Missed
Ghost Omar
Ghost Omar 24 dagar sedan
Fresh when he lost the last game Me: MOM GET THE EAR PLUGS FAST
orlando lee
orlando lee 24 dagar sedan
Fresh do drone loot only
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 25 dagar sedan
What is this ugly.looking thing? -Fresh 2020
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 25 dagar sedan
Hunger games vibes
Becky Stassi
Becky Stassi 25 dagar sedan
. 😡
Brian O'Connor
Brian O'Connor 25 dagar sedan
Peepee is gone 😢 😪
Dad with a Vlog
Dad with a Vlog 26 dagar sedan
I had to wait for 2 days to buy the battle oass
Ross Mackellar
Ross Mackellar 27 dagar sedan
Fresh plz can u 1v1 fans one-day
its season x but fun
Fortnite 27 dagar sedan
This is how many times he said what the hell 👇
Kaci Carlson
Kaci Carlson 28 dagar sedan
I'll subscribe if you by me the battle pass
I Don't Care What My Username Is
Wow, fortnite ran out of so many ideas that it needs help from Marvel characters to have an actual story any more. SMH
GamingWithCharlton 28 dagar sedan
Ok tbh we arnt sad about the death of hunting rifle
Kgabane Lekau
Kgabane Lekau 28 dagar sedan
I have battle pass
Demi Bosworth
Demi Bosworth 29 dagar sedan
Epic in a few months time: stark gun, vaulted (overpowered), combat, vaulted (crap).
Solomon Hawkins
Solomon Hawkins 29 dagar sedan
Had show with all that stuff gone wow
The Playlists - Home of random YT videos!
Fresh: why are there so many nerds? Also Fresh: expects to get 10 kills or more every game
Stephany Serra
Stephany Serra Månad sedan
Tbat time he said You better not touch my pp
Oliver suazo
Oliver suazo Månad sedan
I will always call this pp....calls it big ds
Paul Stefani
Paul Stefani Månad sedan
Fresh makes me happy!! I watched a couple of sad vids on SElosk today and he cheers me up!!!
7:39 fresh really sounds like harry potter Wait FoRTy EiGht dAmage? forty eight damage.7:43(freaks out)7:45 dude
NintendoJ J
NintendoJ J Månad sedan
The gauntlet are not poop they are the best mythic weapon🤬🤬
Oscar Gam3r
Oscar Gam3r Månad sedan
Shut up it is i.does 35 damage even the combat does more lol😂
fiona forsyth
fiona forsyth Månad sedan
can i one vs one you fresh
Bryant Teo
Bryant Teo Månad sedan
Me and the bois still vibing with the tack
Jose Hurtado
Jose Hurtado Månad sedan
Hunter Chadwick
Hunter Chadwick Månad sedan
You bottttttttttttttttttttyttttttttttttttt
A J Animates And More
On my first game I won and got 14 flipping kills!
A J Animates And More
@Ubada Munir YES DUHHH 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ubada Munir
Ubada Munir Månad sedan
you expect me to be proud of u?
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