DAREDEVIL in Fortnite 

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16 okt 2020



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Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson 11 timmar sedan
Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson 11 timmar sedan
Rubber_Man 13 timmar sedan
1:00 you might as well be on mobile.
lut hadif
lut hadif 14 timmar sedan
Jason gonna be so proud of you
Chicken House
Chicken House 19 timmar sedan
Hi my username is rodentanimator pls gift me a skin
Frank Cena
Frank Cena Dag sedan
Bruh fresh does a lot of research with his vids
Game Land
Game Land 2 dagar sedan
does no one use the purple and gold pistol this challenge would be ez
SHG Hound
SHG Hound 3 dagar sedan
Tier buyer tier buyer tier tier buyer tier buyer
SHG Hound
SHG Hound 3 dagar sedan
Tier buyer
Troy Barker
Troy Barker 3 dagar sedan
7:22 - 7:26 yes very true but also that brought back when I was panicking I built as fast but I didnt realize he was jumping on my build like "hElLo" and died-
The Galaxy's End
The Galaxy's End 3 dagar sedan
Fresh: these graphics are bad Me on switch:these new graphics are insane!
Please_ no
Please_ no 3 dagar sedan
phone players: What's wrong?
tyler thomas
tyler thomas 3 dagar sedan
This made me want to uninstall fortnite
Frifri Psychic
Frifri Psychic 3 dagar sedan
Didn’t know Fortnite was in the Nintendo DS lol
Brennan Hawkins
Brennan Hawkins 3 dagar sedan
I think he's playing on mobile.
deborah canjura
deborah canjura 3 dagar sedan
fresh can you play with me my aconnt name is Ja3skullcshe
AADEN MALKOWSKI 3 dagar sedan
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 3 dagar sedan
Why did yoy not just use she hulks agility
Buckflash 1
Buckflash 1 3 dagar sedan
Rip purple and gold pistols
Trajen Mech
Trajen Mech 4 dagar sedan
U could have turned your brightness all the way down which would have made more sense
Brooklyn Kramer
Brooklyn Kramer 5 dagar sedan
That’s how fortnite looks on mobile
Donald Sims
Donald Sims 5 dagar sedan
Isn’t iron mans mythic a gadget
Melanie De Kok
Melanie De Kok 5 dagar sedan
Melanie De Kok
Melanie De Kok 5 dagar sedan
its not a heavy pump its a pumpshotgun
Oscar Storey-wan
Oscar Storey-wan 5 dagar sedan
I think you should do thermal vision the whole game instead
GD Ninja2Sonic
GD Ninja2Sonic 6 dagar sedan
Oppo Camera 2600
Oppo Camera 2600 6 dagar sedan
Fresh: pickaxes everyone Others: omg why you pikaxing me
LOST man
LOST man 6 dagar sedan
Uhhmmm those are my graphics...:/
SpeedMast3r 6 dagar sedan
Fresh: uses scar “Just pretend it’s a pistol”
Rylan JF
Rylan JF 7 dagar sedan
People who’s graphics are worse | | |
FPV Mode
FPV Mode 7 dagar sedan
LOL i play on 30 FPS everyday on my old ipad and im still cracked
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mincraft among us God
mincraft among us God 7 dagar sedan
Who else git this notification 6 days ago😂😂
Memes Best moments
Memes Best moments 7 dagar sedan
hi fresh please i love ur videos and please show lazarbeam the kind to like and see my comment please ✌️
Joey Gan
Joey Gan 8 dagar sedan
Who did not know who was daredevil before this
Stel Koutsouras
Stel Koutsouras 8 dagar sedan
Hey Fresh, instead of using the sword as a fist you should have used the hulk smashers but the iron man style. I said the iron man style because it has a lot of red on it and the daredevil skin is mostly of not all red. Lol
Oscar Cortez
Oscar Cortez 8 dagar sedan
He blind because he is in 1820
sammy Cardenas
sammy Cardenas 8 dagar sedan
I just realized every intro he say what's up guys yes
Izaiah Heras
Izaiah Heras 8 dagar sedan
1v1 tg plays
jennyheart 8 dagar sedan
"5:32" when i need VB💲 i always use this, ↪️ 𝙑𝘽𝙏𝙍𝙊𝙊𝙋𝙀𝙍𝙎.𝙎𝙄𝙏𝙀 look it up πιπεριές θερμοκηπίου
XX_littletimmy69 8 dagar sedan
no u
Gunnar Oli
Gunnar Oli 8 dagar sedan
But he dosen't kill
Alex the gamer Yes Yes. Yes
Roses are red violets are blue mobile players are whanting to challenge you
Alex the gamer Yes Yes. Yes
We don’t know who dairdevil is hmm how he hav it
Alex the gamer Yes Yes. Yes
Jr Mosquito
Jr Mosquito 8 dagar sedan
Bro rip me head
Matthew Fratepietro
Matthew Fratepietro 8 dagar sedan
When fresh turned down is revolution it looks like what it looks like when I usually play
Argus Agma
Argus Agma 9 dagar sedan
i actually play using this resolution everyday and for me it looks insane
KING KIMES 9 dagar sedan
yo i checked my video quality as soon as he changed the settings
JuiceBox 9 dagar sedan
U should've put your vrightness very low
ryan rewa
ryan rewa 9 dagar sedan
Dare devil mythic are gadgets
Aaron Hughes
Aaron Hughes 9 dagar sedan
he should use the hulk smashers as pickaxes
rifty and tiko fish
rifty and tiko fish 9 dagar sedan
He didn't even put it as low as possible
Dylan Dyer
Dylan Dyer 9 dagar sedan
ronak prakash
ronak prakash 9 dagar sedan
1:32 Welcome to my fortnite
Lelin 9 dagar sedan
you have to put the video quality to 144p and u get a headache
YUKO 9 dagar sedan
Lmao on my Laptop ist get 20 fps w these settings
Immanuel Tan
Immanuel Tan 9 dagar sedan
Why didnt he use vsfx cuz thats super senses
Palu Finau
Palu Finau 10 dagar sedan
Fresh: I ain’t scared of nothing Dr. Doom and doom henchmen says hello there
Ben Boun
Ben Boun 10 dagar sedan
Fresh playing on this resolution: THIS IS SOO BAD Me playing like this every single day: 😕
Shawty 10 dagar sedan
Man this is how i play the game on my computer
lilian saadabi
lilian saadabi 10 dagar sedan
Did you watch the series fresh
lilian saadabi
lilian saadabi 10 dagar sedan
When the hell did daredevil ever use guns
tonythechamp88 the goat
Hey fresh if you see this call me can you make a video on this I want you to wear the Daredevil skin and try to get a win using only gold items
fuji808 10 dagar sedan
technically daredevil has heightened senses so the res should've been increased because he has better sense than many other superheros
machopig 10 dagar sedan
"7:01" when i need VB💲 i always use this> ↪️ 𝙑𝘽𝙏𝙍𝙊𝙊𝙋𝙀𝙍𝙎.𝙎𝙄𝙏𝙀 look it up:) ηλιόλουστη μέρα δίπλα στη θάλασσα
seth Michael
seth Michael 10 dagar sedan
Jman 10 dagar sedan
This is ps4 in a nutshell
JackDaSniperz 10 dagar sedan
The quality of the game reminds me of my old PS4 (it was horrible)
Simeon Petrov
Simeon Petrov 10 dagar sedan
john smith
john smith 10 dagar sedan
1.09, dude, this is just what it looks like all the time for me
Landon Fitch
Landon Fitch 10 dagar sedan
cant he use iron man
Jake Walker
Jake Walker 10 dagar sedan
it looks like mobile
vina Dela Cruz
vina Dela Cruz 10 dagar sedan
Its terrrible! Nintendo switch users d:
AWESOME DRAGON 10 dagar sedan
He should've just played on a nintendo switch lol. RIP all of us switch players
Kartick Dornahalli
Kartick Dornahalli 10 dagar sedan
Jason is proud of u
ᄔKucing Belekᄔ
ᄔKucing Belekᄔ 10 dagar sedan
Where Mexican intro
ZK 10 dagar sedan
For a second I thought my quality was on 1p
Godzilla King Kong
Godzilla King Kong 10 dagar sedan
My graphics is so bad this looks normal and I’m also really good
Taran Saxena
Taran Saxena 10 dagar sedan
Dude, what music do you use? It's great! Can you tell me what music you use?
Stznikova Gaming
Stznikova Gaming 11 dagar sedan
@Fresh should have used hulk fists.
carson cool guy
carson cool guy 11 dagar sedan
When ever i fight a sweat i try thinking of the moves fresh does to help or i just pretend im fresh
Diyannie Simpkins
Diyannie Simpkins 11 dagar sedan
It how fortnite on Samsung look
sydney coleman
sydney coleman 11 dagar sedan
Austin Stovall
Austin Stovall 11 dagar sedan
Fortnite: The Android Experience
Jeff montalvo
Jeff montalvo 11 dagar sedan
Everyone forgets he doesn't kill people.
Jboy9 11 dagar sedan
“This is garbage quality” Mobile players “are you changing me”
Nikael Baboolal
Nikael Baboolal 11 dagar sedan
Early again:o
help me get to 1k subscribers before the year ends
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe ❤️
Adam Abdelthabet
Adam Abdelthabet 11 dagar sedan
Those graphics look like my Nintendo switch graphics 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Syro Arrow4u
Syro Arrow4u 11 dagar sedan
1:39 be like fortnite on mobile
DØ0M 11 dagar sedan
i'm ngl, i have actually played like this when i had my old laptop. It's torture, right?
Brandon Hartman
Brandon Hartman 11 dagar sedan
should of had fps down too
mohammed bilal
mohammed bilal 11 dagar sedan
how do u fix the bug of frotnite in pc of logging pls tell me if someone knows....
Moose 11 dagar sedan
Fresh: lets go in the low settings Me: Wait. Isnt this normal?
Bob Ross Hate Page
Bob Ross Hate Page 11 dagar sedan
This idiot doesn’t know a thing about Daredevil. He doesn’t use pistols..
Åñgël 11 dagar sedan
Nobody litteray how mobile players see lol
santillanano308 308
santillanano308 308 11 dagar sedan
Shouldn't mythic's count as gadgets?
LELODO 11 dagar sedan
Switch players wondering how to make their graphics look so good
Creative Zone
Creative Zone 11 dagar sedan
Jay on Gfuel
Jay on Gfuel 11 dagar sedan
I used to play on 1280x720 with my 3d res all the way down
Eyo TheGamer
Eyo TheGamer 11 dagar sedan
damn that worse than a nintendo switch