epic broke fortnite again... (glitches) 

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6 aug 2020



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Kommentarer 9 897   
Purushotham Thadituri
Purushotham Thadituri 4 dagar sedan
Fresh is hacker
Minki Gwak
Minki Gwak 4 dagar sedan
Fresh: this is the way you drive trucks, man me: I guess he doesn't have a license
Warrick Weiss
Warrick Weiss 9 dagar sedan
Fresh: “What’s up guys, yes, epic broke fortnite again. Epic: “It’s a minor gli...” Fresh: “Shut it epic.” Epic: “Well your rude.”
Samuel BARRY
Samuel BARRY 9 dagar sedan
its the season one battle bus!!! lol
NinjaEvan 15 dagar sedan
9:12 lol tnt in minecraft but in fortnite
KVNG FMM17 17 dagar sedan
is this clikbait ?
The super secret spy guy Code Name:bob
nobody: nobody at all: Kim Jong Un: 7:37
ganon demon king
ganon demon king 25 dagar sedan
I died after every "LAZARBEAM'S DISCOUNT FUELS" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Youtube Crew
The Youtube Crew 28 dagar sedan
Lmfao!!! Laser beams discount fuel ! Nice comedy & awesome finale!
Ash Månad sedan
I was the first one too find that glitch 🤪 and another one
Reny Jojo
Reny Jojo Månad sedan
I love how Fresh is like use code fresh and then his flying truck is a Tipacal truck
Happy_ fb9
Happy_ fb9 Månad sedan
He placed 37 2 times
Combat Shogun
Combat Shogun Månad sedan
Everyone knows gas can glitch
Combat Shogun
Combat Shogun Månad sedan
Well most people
Ace Myers
Ace Myers Månad sedan
He didn’t notice he placed 37th twice
Kemal Kaya Han
Kemal Kaya Han Månad sedan
try to get a gas can on your loot and and get on a boat go to the land and you will have infinity loot but dont win the match so dont get banned
Chicopunk 1969
Chicopunk 1969 Månad sedan
I don’t get anything you said
Gamer 736
Gamer 736 Månad sedan
he did the flying truck by puting the gasoline can on the bottem of the ladder
SNZ_Trilez Månad sedan
why does lazerbeam remind me of trevor from gta5
Crystx _
Crystx _ Månad sedan
You just put the ⛽️ at the back
Divineψ Månad sedan
You used to be able to do that by putting a gas can next to the truck's stair
Zoey A
Zoey A Månad sedan
Can someone please explain to me what fresh’s profile picture is
Dj Ritz
Dj Ritz Månad sedan
The gas glitch yeah, theres an ad bout it so we know how to do it , lol
sharky 55
sharky 55 Månad sedan
I know has can glitch but u need a whip lash
Yt_ Clarify
Yt_ Clarify Månad sedan
can you do this with a race car cause that would be more easy
Austin Bennett
Austin Bennett Månad sedan
Carl Peterman
Carl Peterman Månad sedan
Fly away Stanley be free
XxGold king bossxX
XxGold king bossxX Månad sedan
0:50 isn’t anybody going to talk about how fresh has 69 health
Brady Snodgrass
Brady Snodgrass Månad sedan
he was talking about the truck
Graham Walsgrove
Graham Walsgrove 2 månader sedan
Vvvvvvvvvvvvv. V
MaxwellGaming 2 månader sedan
Anyone realize that he is still knocked when he got the victory?
Jessie Bryan
Jessie Bryan 2 månader sedan
What up guys YES
king kazma
king kazma 2 månader sedan
I do not recomend doing that u will be banned
Dai Quarius Butler
Dai Quarius Butler 2 månader sedan
Simpafiy 2 månader sedan
Fresh sould use the gas can glich to make a store selling them but in fortnite
luigi2000ZG 2 månader sedan
Comment if you want to know how to do the flying truck glitch. Ik how.
Provoke Reflex
Provoke Reflex 2 månader sedan
Do this on a sky base and edit them down
Sander Tellas
Sander Tellas 2 månader sedan
I mean you can see that you put a gas can on the truck
Samurai 23
Samurai 23 2 månader sedan
Like how fresh starts very video “what’s up guys, yes “
calipau 07
calipau 07 2 månader sedan
Hi fresh I subscribe to you
Fionn Moran
Fionn Moran 2 månader sedan
Andrei Alexiu
Andrei Alexiu 2 månader sedan
Hi fresh I haven't missed anything of your videos I have subscribed and your videos are really entertaining Good job (Andrei)
Gaming With Fluff
Gaming With Fluff 2 månader sedan
I love how he has 69 health the whole time when he’s flying lol
Mille Watkins
Mille Watkins 2 månader sedan
There is another gas can glitch where all you have to do is lag then throw a gas can
0lmpQ Gt Allu
0lmpQ Gt Allu 2 månader sedan
Ik know thta Truck glitch was fun
Scarz Frigid
Scarz Frigid 2 månader sedan
Gas up a vehicle at Catty corner collect metal at hydro campfires camp cod
Daniel Le
Daniel Le 2 månader sedan
Do the gas can duplication glitch with a full squad
BROCK 2 månader sedan
You should place fuel cans all around the fortnite map and then blow everyone up😯
Sean Huff
Sean Huff 2 månader sedan
He should have try d to make a nuke wiht them
SageIn24Years 2 månader sedan
if you can do you can do it with a sports car it would of been faster anyone agree?
Eugenia Merida
Eugenia Merida 2 månader sedan
My name is B_I_G_B_O_Y_1_5
Eugenia Merida
Eugenia Merida 2 månader sedan
Add pls
Goatedjrj 2 månader sedan
Freshes second match everyone NO CLICHING aso freshes fingers hurt me just switch it to the mouse
ROBLOX GAMER 2 månader sedan
11:57 damn that looked sick
Logan Mize
Logan Mize 2 månader sedan
Did anyone see Kanan in the back of the intro
Yaboichuck 69
Yaboichuck 69 2 månader sedan
Fresh: memes on 69 hp Me: nice
Super Association of Durr Burger
Just make a macro to switch really fast
MND Gaming
MND Gaming 2 månader sedan
Hi I just started YouTubing a few months ago and I’m looking to become something big. Right now I’m starting to get serious on my channel and it would be nice if I can get some early support from you guys. Thanks.
king amb
king amb 2 månader sedan
When somebody's like 99% of you won't see this but It is the top coment
Arush dikay
Arush dikay 2 månader sedan
1:42 800 Meters is the height the battle bus flies
Yeet Man
Yeet Man 2 månader sedan
6:48 talk about Kamikaze
抹茶 2 månader sedan
Just Destan
Just Destan 2 månader sedan
#Unban jarvis #jarvisfree
Ex. sway
Ex. sway 2 månader sedan
Lazar beam using a macro
Michael Sheehan
Michael Sheehan 2 månader sedan
Umm a bit hard
Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips 2 månader sedan
Did anyone else notice on the first two attempts to jump onto spawn island he died at 37
YRNdevn 2 månader sedan
Make a trail of gas cans and light it up
Jesus Ruiz
Jesus Ruiz 2 månader sedan
im on the school computor
locaaz1 2 månader sedan
locaaz1 2 månader sedan
shit UEFA ys Sussex's has eye 🔑
Fortnite Frenzy
Fortnite Frenzy 2 månader sedan
Nice video
William Lynch
William Lynch 2 månader sedan
He s using the truck truck gear
Adam Hassan
Adam Hassan 2 månader sedan
I thought this was a laser beam video XD
Milky Wilson
Milky Wilson 2 månader sedan
Btw I no hw to do the truck trick. Put the gas can where the ladder is. Try tho it’s a 00.01 chance of doing it tho so try but if not don’t blame me
F1 Gaming
F1 Gaming 2 månader sedan
For the flying truck it’s as son as u jump out it kills u
Dayton734 Noob
Dayton734 Noob 2 månader sedan
Totallylegalbois TLB
Totallylegalbois TLB 2 månader sedan
k m
k m 2 månader sedan
Rainfall_the 2 månader sedan
What an ending
Hagwags FNM
Hagwags FNM 2 månader sedan
Fresh: make more bombs His FBI agent: hmmmmm
Juni0r V
Juni0r V 2 månader sedan
Do you guys see in the back of the truck there is a gass can thats how you fly yhe truck
Drexmz_ Hopez
Drexmz_ Hopez 2 månader sedan
First person look cool can’t lie to you 🤷🏽‍♀️
Rayan Daoud
Rayan Daoud 2 månader sedan
Best quote of the year: What’s up guys yes
Liam Marko
Liam Marko 2 månader sedan
You weren’t close to Spohn island then got first person
XD WES DE GOAT 2 månader sedan
🤗 i love ure vids
XD WES DE GOAT 2 månader sedan
Brvkon 2 månader sedan
imagine if you can explode the gas can in someones hand
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 2 månader sedan
"1:13" If anyone wants Renegade Raider skin or other skins just try ▶️▶️ 𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙨𝙛𝙤𝙗𝙨.𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 It`s intended on all platforms! σδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Skully Gaming
Skully Gaming 2 månader sedan
Code Lazar
ordinary_fax 2 månader sedan
Tony Casola
Tony Casola 2 månader sedan
4:22 and fresh is looking at his pp
nicholas auditore
nicholas auditore 2 månader sedan
FULLSENDForLife 2 månader sedan
He died on 37th place twice
Karter White
Karter White 2 månader sedan
Just put a gas tank behind the truck
Lyndsey Cook
Lyndsey Cook 2 månader sedan
Fresh is a bot lazarbeams better
Gavin DeMoss
Gavin DeMoss 2 månader sedan
CeeGeeTee 2 månader sedan
sub to ceegeetee
Otto Siegfried
Otto Siegfried 2 månader sedan
its the the battle truck lol
Altijd Sam
Altijd Sam 2 månader sedan
No one: Lazarbeam: i wanna make a nucelear warhead
Cun1sl4v 2 månader sedan
Music at 0:33 ?
Michal Ciesielski
Michal Ciesielski 2 månader sedan
Epic repair ur game
I Am Mr. Soup
I Am Mr. Soup 2 månader sedan
Honestly if everything there going to break epic should just put a mode where you can do anything
pewpewboss87 Yt
pewpewboss87 Yt 2 månader sedan
Explode gas cans and through the entire map