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7 okt 2020



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Kommentarer 8 150   
Zuri Gabriela
Zuri Gabriela 9 timmar sedan
Your the best Fresh
TWB Blaze
TWB Blaze 13 timmar sedan
How much did he pay pickle man for this
Ivan leopard gecko
Ivan leopard gecko 17 timmar sedan
"Go to 30 fps" Switch players:lol ok
omar hany
omar hany 2 dagar sedan
Fresh: 30 fps is a punishment Low spec gamers: you guys are getting 30 fps?
Liam Abbruzzese
Liam Abbruzzese 3 dagar sedan
Why do you do whey bad chalanis
Steamy Weamy
Steamy Weamy 7 dagar sedan
its spoopy season and fresh has 6.66 million subs
Caleb Strong
Caleb Strong 8 dagar sedan
Just how Did fresh win
Scopez 8 dagar sedan
I play about 17 fps or less on all low settings and sometimes my games don't work so stfu about the 30 fps shit but love you
leandro aragona
leandro aragona 9 dagar sedan
Can we get a shout out pickle man
Cooper Todd
Cooper Todd 9 dagar sedan
That’s what I play on switch 30fps
Reem Lakis
Reem Lakis 10 dagar sedan
42 Catz Gaming
42 Catz Gaming 10 dagar sedan
Fresh needs a face cam
Sahil Kotar
Sahil Kotar 10 dagar sedan
I like how fresh is not good with 30 ping and im on 160 ping and im fine with it
wyndchild1 11 dagar sedan
I love how he says bring in the pickle man when he doesn’t know if he’s going to get the elim🤣🤣
Sirwolf 9383&
Sirwolf 9383& 11 dagar sedan
popspro 1
popspro 1 11 dagar sedan
I play 30 fps
Lisa Wilgosz
Lisa Wilgosz 12 dagar sedan
The vikroy!
Oliver Massey
Oliver Massey 12 dagar sedan
btw we cool with you just playing normal fortnite, don't torture yourself.
Shaka Puu
Shaka Puu 12 dagar sedan
That’s her Mobile play
Ahmed Kahled
Ahmed Kahled 12 dagar sedan
Hell tatto you brothernfresh
Lux 13 dagar sedan
Does fresh know what double means?
landon cohen
landon cohen 14 dagar sedan
U gotta do new content no hate
EZ_DarkYT 14 dagar sedan
Fresh: omg 30 FPS is sooo bad Me: play at 10 fps
J5 14 dagar sedan
The one the only the fresh pickle
Kacen Barnhardt
Kacen Barnhardt 14 dagar sedan
Fresh:30 fps is Horrable Me: with 60 fps :(
Charlie 14 dagar sedan
Loving Enschway in the vids. I mean PickleMan😂
Naa. Gee
Naa. Gee 14 dagar sedan
I play on 30 FPS so shut up
Fry Banshee
Fry Banshee 14 dagar sedan
Every day 5 FPS
Imas 23
Imas 23 15 dagar sedan
30 fps isn't that bad... I play on nintendo switch btw
ツItz Luminous
ツItz Luminous 15 dagar sedan
Fresh is so good
Anthony Eptaminitakis
Anthony Eptaminitakis 15 dagar sedan
Fresh: This FPS is terrible! Nintendo switch players: Am I a joke to you?
The Inevitable Emu
The Inevitable Emu 15 dagar sedan
lol i average about 20 fps its a miracle if i get 30
Papuna Koridze
Papuna Koridze 15 dagar sedan
imagine beying a pickle man parents would be disapointed
Puppy Man
Puppy Man 15 dagar sedan
The FPS is normal for me that’s my FPS
Toogoodatfortnite 15 dagar sedan
He changed it
Laith M
Laith M 15 dagar sedan
No one noticing his hair???
•Caramel Ocean •
•Caramel Ocean • 15 dagar sedan
Me preparing myself to read pickle man in the comments
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 16 dagar sedan
Pickle boy
Noah Bordak
Noah Bordak 16 dagar sedan
Noah Bordak
Noah Bordak 16 dagar sedan
Woow pickleman is
Fortnite montage Miles
Fortnite montage Miles 16 dagar sedan
1v1 me
GFG_Kremlin 16 dagar sedan
Pickle Man Getting Fitness While Fresh is Losing to Game Over.
Josh Willisms
Josh Willisms 16 dagar sedan
2.50 rip pickle man's phone
Miscellaneous Acid
Miscellaneous Acid 16 dagar sedan
That pickle man is so cute 😁😁
Coby Lyons
Coby Lyons 16 dagar sedan
Am I the only one tht hates tamato bck to season 1 fake ass videos
BiscuitBrawn 16 dagar sedan
Challenge: Fresh plays a game of Fortnite and cannot use the aim keybind until he wins.
BiscuitBrawn 16 dagar sedan
Now you know what it's like to play like me (on 30 FPS).
GumKid 16 dagar sedan
plz do your intro again
jaden smith
jaden smith 16 dagar sedan
Bro you are too good, you don't fail challenges 10 time in a row. 3 losses is a lot for you
Biscuit •-•
Biscuit •-• 16 dagar sedan
XD content
Dorian Ryce
Dorian Ryce 17 dagar sedan
30 FPS!?!??! THIS IS TERRIBLE! me on switch: get used to it.
It's toy's or nothing 12
30fps is normal fortnite for me I play on swich
Barry Brown
Barry Brown 17 dagar sedan
you like wird Fresh/64801836/char
Ashley Gasper
Ashley Gasper 17 dagar sedan
M. S.
M. S. 17 dagar sedan
Poor pickleman
Jonathan Matthews
Jonathan Matthews 17 dagar sedan
Why don't you use a face cam???
Dyl An
Dyl An 17 dagar sedan
Name one time euro has not commented on a fresh or Ali a vid
Tt Rr
Tt Rr 17 dagar sedan
What skin is that
Tt Rr
Tt Rr 17 dagar sedan
@Oliver K The one he was wearing during the challenge
Oliver K
Oliver K 17 dagar sedan
Millen Jhaveri Salopek
Millen Jhaveri Salopek 17 dagar sedan
best SElosk, use code Fresh
Sn1p3z 17 dagar sedan
I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life. and sub to me
MSG SUPER GAMING 17 dagar sedan
shut up fresh we consle player play on *60* freaking fps
Henry Farrell
Henry Farrell 17 dagar sedan
Nice job fresh
Ray Mallouhi
Ray Mallouhi 17 dagar sedan
Me as a mobile playa🤣
The Dino 5
The Dino 5 18 dagar sedan
I guess I'm used to 30fps cuz it looks like his fps didn't change
Joe A jr
Joe A jr 18 dagar sedan
Me playing on switch..... 30fps yeah looks good!
Nash Bentler
Nash Bentler 18 dagar sedan
ever whow wants to add me my name is nash da goat fortnite name
jose dejesus
jose dejesus 18 dagar sedan
I play on 30 fps so get on my level
Reezilla *rawr*:D
Reezilla *rawr*:D 18 dagar sedan
You should’ve made so that if you die you get a punishment
Darrion Brooks
Darrion Brooks 18 dagar sedan
Nooo we can see your sense
Micmanmiggle GR
Micmanmiggle GR 18 dagar sedan
Pickle men 2secs later pickle men
Who else paused the video to read the challenges
Skip Raven
Skip Raven 18 dagar sedan
Fresh I would love to watch the vidio but I am in school
Aslivano Sg
Aslivano Sg 18 dagar sedan
Ya switch player have to play 30 FPS on the daily my guy
Luke Felsted
Luke Felsted 18 dagar sedan
I play on mobile on the reduced frame rate was still more frames than I have ever gotten
Kushal Jhunjhunwala
Kushal Jhunjhunwala 18 dagar sedan
the way pickle man laughs when fresh got game over is so cute
Kushal Jhunjhunwala
Kushal Jhunjhunwala 18 dagar sedan
broooooo i luv pickle man
Muthana Yunus
Muthana Yunus 18 dagar sedan
pickleman litterally taking laps 😅
XxRubu _JjxX
XxRubu _JjxX 18 dagar sedan
Imagine he replied
MickelthePickel 12
MickelthePickel 12 19 dagar sedan
I honestly can't tell the difference with the FPS
exotic_flame og
exotic_flame og 19 dagar sedan
your my favorit you tuber
Tristan Vessel
Tristan Vessel 19 dagar sedan
Does Fresh have a Mullet??
GOONIE_LOONIE 1 19 dagar sedan
I would stay away from players 😂😂😂😂
MARYAM 011 19 dagar sedan
That was the first time I see fresh’s face 🙂
Worldlyberry 19 dagar sedan
pickle man so cringe
GaviGamer Gaming
GaviGamer Gaming 19 dagar sedan
Jayden lindsay
Jayden lindsay 19 dagar sedan
Xxall the gamesxX
Xxall the gamesxX 19 dagar sedan
Gage Downie
Gage Downie 19 dagar sedan
Haha now you know what it deals like to play mobile 😈😈😈
Windy City Futsal
Windy City Futsal 19 dagar sedan
Fresh is so good
Steve Cha
Steve Cha 19 dagar sedan
I didn't know no ads was a punishment Skip ad am I right?
Jaydan Kanhai
Jaydan Kanhai 19 dagar sedan
He post this already
Nigel gangadin
Nigel gangadin 19 dagar sedan
do face cam
Summer And brooke
Summer And brooke 19 dagar sedan
99% of the comments:about pickle man... 1%random crap like:30 FPS what season did you start in? And 99% vs 1%
راشد علي
راشد علي 19 dagar sedan
Omar Shawky
Omar Shawky 19 dagar sedan
👇This is how much people love you Fresh
Raven Flame
Raven Flame 19 dagar sedan
Fresh you need a haircut
Harper Simpson
Harper Simpson 19 dagar sedan
Do this but the challenges stack rather than remove for the new one but safe clears everything
Gabriel Simper
Gabriel Simper 19 dagar sedan
Fresh on 30 FPS: this is horrible me on mobile: ):
Joe on a boat
Joe on a boat 19 dagar sedan
3:30 is his sens note to self 🙃
Juice WRLD
Juice WRLD 19 dagar sedan
bru i always play on 30 fps on my pc