girlfriend picks my drop spot... MARVEL EDITION 

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29 sep 2020



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Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 8 timmar sedan
Tjjsbis a video idea aswell kill skins that you have
Erez Goldsmith
Erez Goldsmith 15 timmar sedan
who remembers the moew moew pow pow like if you do
Brody D
Brody D Dag sedan
I love you
Evan Keeper
Evan Keeper Dag sedan
4,000 xp whats that
Evan Keeper
Evan Keeper Dag sedan
Im as lucky as you i found 3 llamas in a game
Kate Lewis
Kate Lewis Dag sedan
When Tessa said the *robot butt*she could of said *the robutt*
Tiko fan
Tiko fan Dag sedan
Chris Tetreault
Chris Tetreault Dag sedan
You are at 6.69 Million subs wow
Screw Dag sedan
if i was in click screw me and freesh will get along sooo well
Annabelle Aldred
I love this vid like if u agree
Aiden Heuck
Aiden Heuck 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: the final kill fresh got was a marvel skin
Not_Niska 2 dagar sedan
Tessa always be eating or drinking
LeejaJacob 2 dagar sedan
lazarbeam is agay bit**
Sabina Serej
Sabina Serej 3 dagar sedan
Jessica Allen
Jessica Allen 3 dagar sedan
What’s your real name
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell 3 dagar sedan
Fresh gets three lamas i try but I can’t get any I bet fresh girlfriend is better then me lol
Kotopoulakis 4 dagar sedan
You have so beautiful girl
Joe Lea
Joe Lea 4 dagar sedan
christian felan
christian felan 5 dagar sedan
A hahahaha hahahaha 😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆
Manya Bavishi
Manya Bavishi 6 dagar sedan
Who all just waits for fresh saying 'whassup guys,yes.....'
Gotta GoFast
Gotta GoFast 6 dagar sedan
Fresh there is also a chest in one of the sentinel’s skulls :)
Gotta GoFast
Gotta GoFast 6 dagar sedan
Tessa is just too adorable
Gillian Thomas
Gillian Thomas 7 dagar sedan
is lazer gay
Alfie Noonan
Alfie Noonan 7 dagar sedan
Hi fresh
Kenichi Sasaki
Kenichi Sasaki 7 dagar sedan
I once saw 2 lamas right next to each other just off stark industry
Kanishka Azizi
Kanishka Azizi 8 dagar sedan
Fresh show your face
Arianna T
Arianna T 8 dagar sedan
Good idea
RevalTX 8 dagar sedan
jellye is my favorite skin
Sunshine Taddeo
Sunshine Taddeo 8 dagar sedan
She is britite
Christine teen
Christine teen 8 dagar sedan
Fortnitemares boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christine teen
Christine teen 8 dagar sedan
I edit this message if anybody is excited for fortunate mares
Wendy Deems Sugg
Wendy Deems Sugg 9 dagar sedan
Yea fresh
Ryan Ritchie
Ryan Ritchie 9 dagar sedan
You do realise the top of the skull DA2 chest
MADDEX MORALES 9 dagar sedan
epic should make a gun thats is higher than mythic and its called unreal red
Janice Pringle
Janice Pringle 9 dagar sedan
Fresh i want to see your face
Christian's Crew
Christian's Crew 10 dagar sedan
Do a face reveal
Jordyn Milligan
Jordyn Milligan 10 dagar sedan
There are “little boogers” at coral castle
Jennifer Timko
Jennifer Timko 10 dagar sedan
rip coral budes
Muhammad Alhassamah
Muhammad Alhassamah 10 dagar sedan
the blobs are not dead they are near the area
Tanya Cox
Tanya Cox 11 dagar sedan
Idea fresh can only build status and floors/and use only gray weapons and meds no shield
Shotuboy 38
Shotuboy 38 11 dagar sedan
You killed a llama and it’s not a marvel skin how dare you lol love your vids man
speedy wax
speedy wax 12 dagar sedan
Those are called sentinels
ItZWyvernZ 12 dagar sedan
Fresh you should a do a challenge where u can’t stop spraying a gun. Plz do this I love your content and hope your doing good in these fricked up times ❤️
Kwistenn 12 dagar sedan
You didn’t land on the correct cauliflower
Bryant Montgomery
Bryant Montgomery 12 dagar sedan
R.i.p blobs
Zero Ayala
Zero Ayala 13 dagar sedan
Hamad Almetiri
Hamad Almetiri 13 dagar sedan
Why does Tessa eat and drink in your videos all the time ?
Bear Carriere
Bear Carriere 13 dagar sedan
How did you kill meeee I was the groot
The red ghOst vloGs
The red ghOst vloGs 13 dagar sedan
He found all the lamas in the game
Marcus Guajardo
Marcus Guajardo 13 dagar sedan
You cheated your were supposed to use a green charge but you picked up a green pump 😱
Alyssa Clopton
Alyssa Clopton 13 dagar sedan
Joelle Bin-Saris
Joelle Bin-Saris 13 dagar sedan
Fresh: I thought that was a stark robot Me:that was The Stark Robot: I cant believe you’ve done this
Kaden Barima_Twum
Kaden Barima_Twum 13 dagar sedan
Kaden Barima_Twum
Kaden Barima_Twum 13 dagar sedan
Mark Barnes
Mark Barnes 14 dagar sedan
That’s gay WOOOOOO AYO
Andy Joe
Andy Joe 14 dagar sedan
I have a gf named Tessa
Sam Wilbanks
Sam Wilbanks 14 dagar sedan
RedMustard 14 dagar sedan
10:45 that is actually the play against getting boogiebombed deal self damage to stop them from gettting a free high dmg hit preferably lower dmg than what fresh took here that strat won me a match that i would've lost otherwise.
Katie Griffin
Katie Griffin 14 dagar sedan
There was a blue pump
gamer tips and tricks
gamer tips and tricks 14 dagar sedan
Its the sentinal graveyard
Surpreme Edits
Surpreme Edits 15 dagar sedan
There are only three lama’s per game u found all the lama’s in that whole game
Michael Rose
Michael Rose 8 dagar sedan
Surpreme Edits there is five bot
Nooboi 85
Nooboi 85 15 dagar sedan
Sinthu Sutha
Sinthu Sutha 15 dagar sedan
Fresh why does your girlfriend show her face but you don't
k2,2lwk2kwknazneen nadkar
You can see his face on pro am
katrefil 15 dagar sedan
There at coral castle
Ashleigh Egan
Ashleigh Egan 15 dagar sedan
Ashleigh Egan
Ashleigh Egan 15 dagar sedan
Fred K
Fred K 15 dagar sedan
Fresh if you happen to have iron mans repulsors and crash pads then throw a crashpad on the ground and use the repulsor jump to land in the middle of the crashpad. Note:dont look at the storm while this. This is a glitch witch is used to get to the circle
DOOMslayr gaming
DOOMslayr gaming 15 dagar sedan
I haven't seen your vids in a long time
CananAmerica 16 dagar sedan
Have a great day
CrypticXD 16 dagar sedan
the boogers were on your backbling
Asorsixdash on60fps
Asorsixdash on60fps 16 dagar sedan
Wait he was supposed to only hqve the charge shotgun not pump
Erica Uriarte
Erica Uriarte 16 dagar sedan
my user name is UriarteEv pleas add me
Erica Uriarte
Erica Uriarte 16 dagar sedan
fresh can you add me in fortnite pleas because i want you to teach me
Erica Uriarte
Erica Uriarte 16 dagar sedan
fresh you are the best youtuber
Lucas Da silva
Lucas Da silva 16 dagar sedan
Why does he say GAMER DOWN when he kills someone
MacaitheCOOLGUY 17 dagar sedan
The robutt
joven barozo
joven barozo 17 dagar sedan
sleepzzzy ψ
sleepzzzy ψ 17 dagar sedan
Fortnitekid 17
Fortnitekid 17 17 dagar sedan
Go coral castle the little blobs live there
Toxic fork25 You’re trash
Lol sorry
TikTok Kid
TikTok Kid 17 dagar sedan
Controller Edits
Controller Edits 17 dagar sedan
I've found 3-4 llamas in the whole season (I play everyday ) And then there's fresh getting 3 llamas in one game🦙🦙🦙
Controller Edits
Controller Edits 17 dagar sedan
Who thinks tessa looks cute in her hair style 💇‍♀️ I'm a girl so no need of fbi btw😂
BitOfGodz2 17 dagar sedan
Theory: the blobs in blob island used all the wood that the players gave them in order to create Coral Castle and at first they snuck into the games files to call it Carl until Epic Games inevitably saw it and change it to Coral Castle.
K.X Twilp.
K.X Twilp. 17 dagar sedan
Just me or is that SteelSeries Apex pro tkl in the background exciting
Alec Richman
Alec Richman 17 dagar sedan
Fresh has more passions for fortnites global warming than when the world has serious global warming issues
Younis altobi
Younis altobi 16 dagar sedan
Seamus McCall
Seamus McCall 17 dagar sedan
Video idea, let muselk pick your drop spot
Macker Packer
Macker Packer 17 dagar sedan
I didn’t know freshes real name is Harley
Unstoppable Beast
Unstoppable Beast 18 dagar sedan
There are still boogers in the game
Torah Day
Torah Day 18 dagar sedan
yo harly big fan but i have to reveal your secret you use macro bruh
Espen Romero
Espen Romero 18 dagar sedan
wow you a big simp
Andrew Weise
Andrew Weise 18 dagar sedan
At first, I thought she was eating the bag...
Boy Dad
Boy Dad 18 dagar sedan
I used your code fresh
Fuzion 18 dagar sedan
Omg Emily ur such a crackhead
Adam Ortiz
Adam Ortiz 18 dagar sedan
You're gf is cute take care of her
Aylah Hill
Aylah Hill 18 dagar sedan
i like your girlfriend
Jiro Comendador
Jiro Comendador 18 dagar sedan
Fresh you killed your girlfriend in fortnite
tiktok I'm a clock
tiktok I'm a clock 18 dagar sedan
tiktok I'm a clock
tiktok I'm a clock 18 dagar sedan
Outcast Slam
Outcast Slam 19 dagar sedan
Haha is real name is Harley
Matt Rodriguez
Matt Rodriguez 19 dagar sedan
Did she call you Harly