I 1v1’d the ENTIRE lobby 

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22 sep 2020



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Jennifer Ringleb
Jennifer Ringleb 5 timmar sedan
6:01 ...........
Solar Jynxz
Solar Jynxz Dag sedan
He doesn’t realise that he killed a pink goul trouper
Gaber Amir
Gaber Amir Dag sedan
5:49 he had 6 kills B R U H
Gusty 2 dagar sedan
like for fresh and fe4rless to do duos
Bonnie T.
Bonnie T. 2 dagar sedan
there trash
Bonnie T.
Bonnie T. 2 dagar sedan
HexicGaming 2 dagar sedan
If I saw a reflex skin wanting to 1v1 I would do it right away even tho I would get clapped
FMK 1317
FMK 1317 2 dagar sedan
The people calling fresh a sweat are probably the true sweat's 🙄
Andy Lopez
Andy Lopez 2 dagar sedan
“Good man, this guy accepted the 1v1 he’s not like the other-“ Gets sniped YOU MOTHER-
ប៊ុន អែនដា- Annda bun
I use code fresh but my sis keep changing it to code tiko
niklinkX Nibba
niklinkX Nibba 3 dagar sedan
Moment of respect for those who accepted
Jack Dare
Jack Dare 3 dagar sedan
Sweat accepts 1v1. Kills Fresh as soon as it started. Shows off his creative building. Me: WTF is wrong with this b****?
Weeb Exterminator
Weeb Exterminator 3 dagar sedan
Ah yes, 182,750 vbux...
Rishxb Gameplay
Rishxb Gameplay 3 dagar sedan
1:00 deadpools pants?
Augie Parkins
Augie Parkins 4 dagar sedan
dude i hate swets
Easy J
Easy J 4 dagar sedan
Tiger Tobeck
Tiger Tobeck 5 dagar sedan
go to 9 minute 18 seconds to hear him make the weirdest noise ever. ;)
Xavier Mendoza
Xavier Mendoza 5 dagar sedan
Wait.... Fresh your a sweat wdym just ask your keyboard 😬
RNGmrQaisAsian XD
RNGmrQaisAsian XD 5 dagar sedan
Bro i was the gloul trooper the pink one no way I died bye my own idol
Nick Walton
Nick Walton 6 dagar sedan
I just realised he has 182 thousand v bucks
missy norris
missy norris 6 dagar sedan
fresh is the best no question asked
Eduardo 6 dagar sedan
At 6:00 you can here a donkey laugh
Tobias Crocker
Tobias Crocker 7 dagar sedan
micz Emflorgo
micz Emflorgo 7 dagar sedan
Sometimes i want fresh to have a facecam so i can see his reactions
Red Gloves
Red Gloves 8 dagar sedan
Ur the Best
Kasra Meesaq
Kasra Meesaq 8 dagar sedan
9:18 HuHuHuuuu
Pikachu 8 dagar sedan
Here’s my username if you want add me fresh I’m your fan so here:username:ProICELY
Ian Chong
Ian Chong 9 dagar sedan
1:35 made me laugh so hard
Dorian Ryce
Dorian Ryce 9 dagar sedan
Imagine being fresh saying: “no one likes a sweat”
RANDUMB S 9 dagar sedan
Anyone notice how this man has 100,000 v bucks
Keora Hogan
Keora Hogan 9 dagar sedan
I’m never unsubbing to you because you play fortnite all the time whereas the others have kinda stopped
Aprotic Xeno
Aprotic Xeno 9 dagar sedan
Bro that kid at 4:00 is probably the kid that has no friends, you always hear him breathing in his mic, and no girl ever wants to talk to him. It took him like 3 minutes to kill fresh and fresh wasn't even trying💀
bmx for life thekid2
bmx for life thekid2 9 dagar sedan
Nathan Byrd
Nathan Byrd 9 dagar sedan
Are we not gonna talk bout that pink ghoul
G43L Cortez
G43L Cortez 10 dagar sedan
I Don't think he knows that's an ai
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 10 dagar sedan
No imagine being u that pissed me off
Cap- Fiction
Cap- Fiction 10 dagar sedan
gaming with krissy
gaming with krissy 10 dagar sedan
If we dont like sweats we dont like you jk
Cringey content
Cringey content 10 dagar sedan
This is the only vid I seen fresh do a 90
TIME LORD Games 10 dagar sedan
fresh : im not a creative nerd freshs keyboard : are you sure about that
Sibtain Raza
Sibtain Raza 10 dagar sedan
heyy can i get a gaming pc..
Charlie dog
Charlie dog 10 dagar sedan
That’s why I quit fortnite
TTV_ STONNEY 11 dagar sedan
fresh yhu could kill the people who don’t wanna 1v1
yt strex12
yt strex12 11 dagar sedan
Do a pt2
Lucas Calavita
Lucas Calavita 11 dagar sedan
6:00 voice crack
Kushal Singhania
Kushal Singhania 11 dagar sedan
Man I love the outro
Makhi Emanuel
Makhi Emanuel 11 dagar sedan
When u said u eliminated everyone at salt springs me seeing shooting
Lucas Faturoti
Lucas Faturoti 11 dagar sedan
Some people are such sweats like for real. Just have some fun....
bluberri 11 dagar sedan
Try not to get annoyed challenge
Derek Barrows
Derek Barrows 12 dagar sedan
Are you going to talk about his v bucks
Derek Barrows
Derek Barrows 12 dagar sedan
Don’t worry guys he isn’t sweating 😉😉 His keyboard is soaked
Amin N
Amin N 12 dagar sedan
Bruh at 5 38 when da guy sniped him 😁😁😁😁😁
Mils Frog
Mils Frog 12 dagar sedan
Yes please do a part 2🥺🥺🥺
Mthokozisi Zwane
Mthokozisi Zwane 12 dagar sedan
Fresh is to nice eliminate people who don't want to 1v1.
Mustafa Taskin
Mustafa Taskin 2 dagar sedan
No cap
Mustafa Taskin
Mustafa Taskin 2 dagar sedan
He the best youtuber
Debucketz 12 dagar sedan
TTV Jibjab
TTV Jibjab 12 dagar sedan
Pls 1v1 me fresh my epic is bicster75 btw I follow you on twitch and I am subbed on SElosk
Sharp Baller
Sharp Baller 12 dagar sedan
These kids who 1v1d Fresh were probably so triggered until they found out it was real fresh
Cr7 Air
Cr7 Air 12 dagar sedan
Rip fresh
Bryan Charcopa
Bryan Charcopa 12 dagar sedan
This why I hate Fortnite
ttvsweat_fn 12 dagar sedan
Am I cracked I was the bunny brawler
Skepto! 12 dagar sedan
Video idea. Reacting to player killing you
Malachi's World of Gaming
That's how it feels being stream snipers you just kill them now you know how it feels to be a stream sniper
Hul Sauce
Hul Sauce 12 dagar sedan
Honestly those kids who didn’t want to 1v1 are always bots bro 🤦‍♂️
Fade Clan
Fade Clan 13 dagar sedan
Fade Clan
Fade Clan 13 dagar sedan
Gacha Harvey
Gacha Harvey 13 dagar sedan
When was the last time you guys saw people dancing in Spawn
RA1D3N 13 dagar sedan
The person at the beginning that killed you is the type of person to say get claped when they kill you and you do nothing
Ambia Khatun
Ambia Khatun 13 dagar sedan
Anyone notice he was 1v1ing a og ghoul trooper
Josh Does Magic
Josh Does Magic 13 dagar sedan
His v bucks
chix 13 dagar sedan
can u gift me a skin
Luke Brzuchowski180z
Luke Brzuchowski180z 13 dagar sedan
3:40 This kid is so sweaty like lol
Zain Iqbal Y5
Zain Iqbal Y5 13 dagar sedan
i like you best youtuber bro
Snipercut !
Snipercut ! 13 dagar sedan
4:00 imagine being this sweaty nerd (I hate to say it but your sometimes that sweaty nerd who kills people when they give up)
Jason 07
Jason 07 13 dagar sedan
This is the reason I don’t play fortnite anymore
Haroon Ur-rehman
Haroon Ur-rehman 13 dagar sedan
The second 1v1 was a og ghoul troooer
Danny Lane
Danny Lane 13 dagar sedan
Cause u aint no sweat right
CHERRI Lim 13 dagar sedan
That was so funny when he got spinted
Jake Koschnik
Jake Koschnik 14 dagar sedan
This is fake he 1v1d a pink ghoul trooper 3 times
Wolf guy
Wolf guy 14 dagar sedan
Marcus MILLER 14 dagar sedan
7:47 the vbuck count
SWZY 14 dagar sedan
I hate kids who play like nerds
Vhyrxx 14 dagar sedan
Lucas Cox
Lucas Cox 14 dagar sedan
Stop doing the thickest it aboying
ali almutiry
ali almutiry 14 dagar sedan
I usally dont say this but fuck who play sweat only not playing the game for fun. Who's with me!!?
Ahmed Yagoub
Ahmed Yagoub 14 dagar sedan
Why was it mostly the Jennifer Walters that will deny the 1v1
Jack a Boi
Jack a Boi 14 dagar sedan
No one likes a sweat fresh being a sweat so nobody likes fresh I guess
Yuvraj Jindal
Yuvraj Jindal 14 dagar sedan
bruh you have 100000 v biucks omg im not asiki g for a single won i just dumbfounded by the amount
Bull Plays
Bull Plays 14 dagar sedan
Fresh:You Dam nerd Me:Fresh You Play as Bakugo or something
Kaleb Wright
Kaleb Wright 14 dagar sedan
Minor Burgess
Minor Burgess 14 dagar sedan
i wouldnt be like dat mate i live in Australia he should box a roo mate.
Davz 14 dagar sedan
Finally something different for a change
alvis lobo
alvis lobo 14 dagar sedan
that reaction when he found out the bunny was a full on sweat
Saeed Mirza
Saeed Mirza 14 dagar sedan
Is anyone gonna talk about fresh's vbuckes
DarkPlayz 15 dagar sedan
I can’t even watch this.. it pisses me off so much that a bunch of 9 year old bastards ruined this game
Muffet Undertale
Muffet Undertale 15 dagar sedan
Imagine the fortnite community but it wasn’t 99 percent clowns who don’t play the game for fun
Flakoe 15 dagar sedan
nice glizzy stand fresh
pena pena
pena pena 15 dagar sedan
3.38 u motha
Fearsomeshadow10 15 dagar sedan
fresh u said noone likes a sweat your a sweat .
Parker bloedorn
Parker bloedorn 15 dagar sedan
When u said that don’t be a sweat I said u are lol
Mister Batman
Mister Batman 15 dagar sedan
Hey fresh to get the slurp struck in under a second hit the actual truck and it moves and it breaks instantly.
Jesal Patel
Jesal Patel 15 dagar sedan
Fresh: this guy is clearly a nerd Also fresh: I dropped out of school and play fortnite 24/7 for a living.
SPORTS highlights
SPORTS highlights 13 dagar sedan
And probably has more stuff than u will in ur life
visningar 4,2mn
Fresh becomes a BOOMER...