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30 jul 2020



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Fresh 3 månader sedan
Sorry for weird leaderboard screenshots, caryion wasn’t meant to be in them. They’re right placement and points tho!
kunsh ladla
kunsh ladla 18 dagar sedan
That's ok
ever hernandez
ever hernandez 28 dagar sedan
its ok
Jae on F4
Jae on F4 Månad sedan
@Rocco Anderson NO
adranpopin Månad sedan
It ok
Gamer C roblox
Gamer C roblox 2 månader sedan
Dillieboy 123 why no fresh
Benjelly Dag sedan
Happy to know that squeakz is officially fresh’s duo from now on. Rip rel tho
Father & Son Gaming
6:40 fresh kills x2jesse
Chill Man
Chill Man 2 dagar sedan
Why is fresh so fresh
Ali and Hassan Adventures
Why does he says yes in all of his intros
Mini man
Mini man 6 dagar sedan
This is how much people want huniing rifles back! 👇 👇
Moustache Dag sedan
you can edit comments
Mini man
Mini man 6 dagar sedan
The gaming Asteroid
The gaming Asteroid 10 dagar sedan
Fresh we know our pp’s Me yes that’s what she said
uri jagermann
uri jagermann 10 dagar sedan
THE KILLER 11 dagar sedan
Fresh: What's up guys, and yes Muselk: what's going on guys? James charles: HEY SISTERS!! Lazarbeam: YEET!
Azerkyy 12 dagar sedan
Can someone tell me y my yt is getting hacked
dodn 13 dagar sedan
You killed s2 jessie on like 4th or 5th game
dodn 13 dagar sedan
Boo Boo
Boo Boo 18 dagar sedan
Fresh: Come on we moved from 1st to 2nd Epic games: you take the dub Fresh and Squeaks cause they were hacking
Fortcraft 18 dagar sedan
click bait
JayBee Crownshot
JayBee Crownshot 20 dagar sedan
Hey fresh I got a difficult challenge for you, only eliminate players using the opposite gender of the skin you're using during the game.
Shaashwat Halwawala
Shaashwat Halwawala 23 dagar sedan
Title: I beat HACKERS for FIRST PLACE! Thumbnail: #1 Hacker #2 Fresh
Rekt OCE
Rekt OCE 25 dagar sedan
Bridger Ardinger
Bridger Ardinger 29 dagar sedan
anyone else notice at 6:44 he killed x2jesse
Paresh Aayush
Paresh Aayush 29 dagar sedan
he littarlly killed x2jesse and was calm about it
Nolan Garrabrant
Nolan Garrabrant Månad sedan
Paris urbois struggling
Not beat hackers but they got banned basically
I Cay
I Cay Månad sedan
What pc do you have umm thinking of getting get
Dark Side
Dark Side Månad sedan
Fresh should have played with lachy in this tournament bcs this is like a throwback to the og days and in the og days lachy and fresh were a duo
sennahfn Månad sedan
Oce lobbys looks like open league in eu fortnite arena...
Logan Burns
Logan Burns Månad sedan
Nice bro
Mrclipz 2912
Mrclipz 2912 Månad sedan
At 6:43 fresh killed x2jesse
Darragh Russell
Darragh Russell Månad sedan
Is it just me who realised fresh killed x2 Jesse 6:45 minutes in
AJ_R40 Månad sedan
Lathryx Månad sedan
What'd they do though?
theexecutionerda Månad sedan
Who thought he would kill the hackers
Fortnite But It’s
Fortnite But It’s Månad sedan
F-Friends to Everyone R-Rightly cracked E-everyday new vid S-Sweat 2000000000000000000 H-Highly rated
Cowgirl Hessa_Gamergirl
Bro can you add me and my brother my name is cowgirl Hessa and my brother is dxb_mohamed
Khail Gaspar
Khail Gaspar Månad sedan
He killed x2jesse at 6:43
Nick Ponomarenko
Nick Ponomarenko Månad sedan
So he lost
Vidvan 28
Vidvan 28 Månad sedan
Squeaks wasn't a good teamate
Xx.Isak.x X
Xx.Isak.x X 2 månader sedan
9.43 ?
PhoenixMyro YT
PhoenixMyro YT 2 månader sedan
Tbh you didn’t beat hackers they just got auto last bc they were cheating
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 2 månader sedan
Fresh you inspired me to win a contender tournament for cash ty I’m better than I was
Msca muhammad
Msca muhammad 2 månader sedan
Fresh Saying am not a Seat me o fu**
Yassin Mahfouz
Yassin Mahfouz 2 månader sedan
Crypticcized 2 månader sedan
6:44 No one noticed he killed x2jesse?
Envoid FN
Envoid FN 2 månader sedan
Anyone else see fresh kill x2jesse
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc 2 månader sedan
Your goaded at fortnite fresh
Ethan Rasmussen
Ethan Rasmussen 2 månader sedan
fresh invite rexrider32 or anybody
Jaedon Chua
Jaedon Chua 2 månader sedan
You were not first the x2twins were first
Samarth Gupta
Samarth Gupta 2 månader sedan
Really a pp king 😂
Mohd Firas Na'il Mohd Khairuddin
Who just realise that fresh killed x2 jesse
kivashen aboo
kivashen aboo 2 månader sedan
" Too easy "
Lloyd Hardie Calgas
Lloyd Hardie Calgas 2 månader sedan
2:44 GAY!!!!!!!
twelvezzY 2 månader sedan
The among us Guy
The among us Guy 2 månader sedan
Every time fresh looses he donates to charity
Funnel Boy/Jonathan
Funnel Boy/Jonathan 2 månader sedan
Yayyyy nice you guys sweats pro
scatchnana thx
scatchnana thx 2 månader sedan
Fresh:my brain isn't in the Right place Me:of course your not your using the chaos agent your brain is all over the place Chaos agent:hmmm
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 2 månader sedan
Cracked or on crack
Marc 2 månader sedan
We're doing giveaways then I really want one I like the White Stripes I use your code so can I get bubble bags stop
RTV Flamingo
RTV Flamingo 2 månader sedan
3:35 What song is this
Sharon Sandhu
Sharon Sandhu 2 månader sedan
Sus thing btw
ggluckygamerxz2live 2 månader sedan
Tom Verstraelen
Tom Verstraelen 2 månader sedan
Your one of the best fortnite youtubers 👍
John O’connor
John O’connor 2 månader sedan
you killed X2Jesse haha
Coen Andren
Coen Andren 2 månader sedan
At 6:46 he killed x2 jesse
Rasita Tantayanurak
Rasita Tantayanurak 2 månader sedan
Ngl I’d be annoyed if I had a partner like squeakz. I’m not trying to be rude just my opinion
Georgia Hewson
Georgia Hewson 2 månader sedan
He killed x2jesse
Musa Chisangowerota
Musa Chisangowerota 2 månader sedan
Petition for face cam at 6.5 million subs
Drew High
Drew High 2 månader sedan
there's no hacker
Ricardo Polath
Ricardo Polath 2 månader sedan
You killed 2xjesse at 6 min 44sec
Michael T. Dice
Michael T. Dice 2 månader sedan
They aren't hacking
Wyatt Ensor
Wyatt Ensor 2 månader sedan
How many people realized the background song and had nostalgia for og lazarbeam when he scored a touchdown in madden
GG 2 månader sedan
Afk_Detrox 2 månader sedan
You killed x2jeese
SVG _N04H 2 månader sedan
Fresh should do face cam at least once
Nizaiah Gibson
Nizaiah Gibson 2 månader sedan
He killed Jesse
Fred Griffiths
Fred Griffiths 2 månader sedan
Joel Pratt
Joel Pratt 2 månader sedan
Joel Pratt
Joel Pratt 2 månader sedan
I learned how to do retakes from the start of this video:/
Lycxn 2 månader sedan
Psycho Aladi
Psycho Aladi 2 månader sedan
Riley Is here
Riley Is here 2 månader sedan
Riley Is here
Riley Is here 2 månader sedan
AT 6:44
Enderman Mox
Enderman Mox 2 månader sedan
We all know our pps that kinda sus
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 2 månader sedan
pizza rolls
pizza rolls 2 månader sedan
for people who wan to get to the hacker part 10:41
Luiz Fasting
Luiz Fasting 2 månader sedan
Am i the only one who saw the he killed x2jessie😂
Unknownrr ._.
Unknownrr ._. 2 månader sedan
I swear squeakz griefed fresh's FNCS how are they friends again?
Moustache Månad sedan
because they're mature adults and they moved on, unlike you guys. And Fresh doesnt give 2 fucks about FNCS he makes more money off content than competing
Wavyg 2 månader sedan
yh but it was a few days after this video
Caleb Groom
Caleb Groom 2 månader sedan
Why aren't you playing with looter
Vaulte ARTX
Vaulte ARTX 2 månader sedan
u killed x2jesse
Justin Kar
Justin Kar 2 månader sedan
6:45 did anyone else realize he killed x2jesse
WEDIBUDOHO 2 månader sedan
he killed x2 jesse at 6:45
GamingPersons 2 månader sedan
How were they hacking
Joseph Tau
Joseph Tau 2 månader sedan
Epic games
Mekhi Cain
Mekhi Cain 2 månader sedan
Jill Salt
Jill Salt 2 månader sedan
Fresh oce is so sweaty eu am i a joke to you
The Abhiram
The Abhiram 2 månader sedan
Freshyboy should be ur username
Maxim S0449
Maxim S0449 2 månader sedan
Did anyone else notice that Squeakz was level 83???
RaidTheOfficials 2 månader sedan
u killed x2jesse
GH2020 2 månader sedan
hi btw
hi btw 2 månader sedan
if u see this u have to sub to fresh
HUSHEDBLINK 2 månader sedan
To The real fans that are reading this: You're very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine💛 My Dream is to have 100 subs. I've been struggling to get there not a bot but im friendly. I love making videos of Fortnite and if you like The content im posting Subscribe like the video and share it would mean A lot Road To 100 SUBSCRIBERS.
Finn Piesing-Wood
Finn Piesing-Wood 2 månader sedan
is it just me or do all of fresh duos and trios sound the same
Krazzf 2 månader sedan
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Kasper Holm
Kasper Holm 2 månader sedan
soon fresh has more subs than lazarbeam and then fresh can say to lazarbeam i am your new dad
Viji Jackson
Viji Jackson 2 månader sedan
Fresh:we know our pp’s Me:kinda sus no cap ;-;