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13 sep 2020



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Lizzy Heintz
Lizzy Heintz 5 timmar sedan
I wonder how many times he plays Fortnite in a year.
Lizzy Heintz
Lizzy Heintz 5 timmar sedan
Probably everyday lol
Seth LaRue
Seth LaRue 6 timmar sedan
Also known as Abyss Fresh by those who got cucked by Fresh's scuffedness
Seth LaRue
Seth LaRue 7 timmar sedan
Fresh just became final dark souls boss "Mythic fresh"
Noah Lowe
Noah Lowe 12 timmar sedan
u didnt see the kid who sniped u from 20 meters away and u lazered a kis FROM 160 MTERES LOL
Siyabonga Sibia
Siyabonga Sibia 19 timmar sedan
I love fresh
William Cross
William Cross 19 timmar sedan
What your favourite mythic
Adan Isaak
Adan Isaak Dag sedan
Roses are red violet are blue fresh is better than you ohhhhhhhhhhh
Colin Spawn
Colin Spawn Dag sedan
Fresh who misses 3 shots:god damn Me who misses 57 rounds of bullets and hits one shot:LETS GO IM INSANE
Irvin Gustavo
Irvin Gustavo Dag sedan
that laptop though
Kathy Bruce
Kathy Bruce 2 dagar sedan
Robert O’Brien
Robert O’Brien 2 dagar sedan
I love the way he just rage quit at the end🤣
Richard Lawrence
Richard Lawrence 2 dagar sedan
Richard Lawrence
Richard Lawrence 2 dagar sedan
Gamer Games
Gamer Games 2 dagar sedan
Wha up
Gamer Games
Gamer Games 2 dagar sedan
Lourdes Barba
Lourdes Barba 2 dagar sedan
I love your videows
Amani Fadzli
Amani Fadzli 2 dagar sedan
hahahhaahah he get a spiner is so funny
Ivan Escatel
Ivan Escatel 2 dagar sedan
Get tour intro back
JUAN LUCAS ALMAREZ 2 dagar sedan
pickling people
Khusshal Ghosh
Khusshal Ghosh 2 dagar sedan
when this vid was posted that was my birthday
stevie moore
stevie moore 2 dagar sedan
that laptop has better specs than my pc Sadge
Madara 3 dagar sedan
Ken Quigley
Ken Quigley 3 dagar sedan
There’s only two people who got blest by the the Fortnite gods fresh and fearless
2ksavage62 4 dagar sedan
Maxchillax 4 dagar sedan
It should be supper pickle
MrDonute 4 dagar sedan
Can you friend me my username beba_raf
Hasan Shoukr
Hasan Shoukr 4 dagar sedan
The problem is that your already super
Mankunwar Singh dhillon
Can you gift me the Galaxy outfit in fortnite my name in fortnite is manku24
Brady Gleason
Brady Gleason 4 dagar sedan
You should do another super fresh
Luigibrmario Gaming
Luigibrmario Gaming 5 dagar sedan
You’ve always been thiccc super Fresh
Princess Lemar
Princess Lemar 5 dagar sedan
do i use code fresh and starcode fesh
Md Sadi
Md Sadi 6 dagar sedan
Pickle pickle
landocraft 6 dagar sedan
Fresh can you stop saying damn
Fire Blaster
Fire Blaster 7 dagar sedan
Dang you lookin super fresh now??
Gurveer Walia
Gurveer Walia 7 dagar sedan
Everyone: Watching Fresh’s video Me: Listening carefully to the groove jam background music
Alexander Franco
Alexander Franco 7 dagar sedan
Super fresh Quirk: *cracked*
Garlina Hall
Garlina Hall 8 dagar sedan
Fresh you’re my hero😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Bader Nasir
Bader Nasir 8 dagar sedan
Roses are red violets are blue as long as friends suffers he gets a vue
Isaac Ochoa
Isaac Ochoa 8 dagar sedan
Nice video picture fhotshop
Dave Goodwin
Dave Goodwin 8 dagar sedan
Josiah Hill-Perry
Josiah Hill-Perry 9 dagar sedan
11:52 👁👄👁
Vanessa Mejia
Vanessa Mejia 9 dagar sedan
Regulations for winning a shout out on goals this video literally good job and I like what’s the cost I don’t remember good job man you’ve worked so hard for that I need you to join
Blake Roeper
Blake Roeper 9 dagar sedan
Downtown - Thunder_
Downtown - Thunder_ 9 dagar sedan
The amount of times he said “ Mythic “ 😂😂
ThePinkKing PinkKing
ThePinkKing PinkKing 9 dagar sedan
11:51 :/
Andrew C
Andrew C 9 dagar sedan
I love you chanol
Dj_nyce 21
Dj_nyce 21 10 dagar sedan
Fresh the fortnite gods sent you Thor's hammer and you fail to succeed😔LOL
WhyCantYouHurtMe 10 dagar sedan
im fresher then fresh.
GailTT 10 dagar sedan
Your super power is officially called.... PICKLE POWER
GailTT 10 dagar sedan
Not super fresh but pickle man
Cameron MiltonHall
Cameron MiltonHall 10 dagar sedan
7:40 IM telling @tiko
Thento 10 dagar sedan
Me: watching fresh thanking he’s going to do a challenge Fresh: I want five of em
vidun dasanayake
vidun dasanayake 10 dagar sedan
Daania Shaban
Daania Shaban 10 dagar sedan
U are the best fortnight player I know
Gabriel Swiney
Gabriel Swiney 11 dagar sedan
I love your videos thanks for making them and lazer beam
This is my YT user
This is my YT user 11 dagar sedan
11:57 Freshes girl friend at night with him
Leo Le
Leo Le 11 dagar sedan
When the car came through your building it looked as if there was so much action!!
shubhada kulkarni
shubhada kulkarni 11 dagar sedan
why did he end the game without completing challenges ??
Jeremy Fernandez
Jeremy Fernandez 11 dagar sedan
For a second I thought he was talking about rng
Jacob Smoot
Jacob Smoot 12 dagar sedan
Fresh please add me on fortnight my username is Smootfamily2019 please send me a friend request
Nicholas Guajardo
Nicholas Guajardo 12 dagar sedan
My mom said why are you watching fresh I’m like you watch fresh she said of course
dave joyce
dave joyce 12 dagar sedan
Pleas jam you add me my name is Euanjoyce-2010
dave joyce
dave joyce 12 dagar sedan
Agneevo das
Agneevo das 12 dagar sedan
Lol, fresh said superman instead of iron man. If you noticed it, | | | |
L&E Plays
L&E Plays 12 dagar sedan
You should do this again with black panthers powers and wolverines powers
joanna44120 12 dagar sedan
I feel bad
Kelly McQueen
Kelly McQueen 12 dagar sedan
Bwo you da best
Monstar Virus07gamez
Monstar Virus07gamez 13 dagar sedan
Can we get a mythics counter
Please 10,000 subs
Please 10,000 subs 13 dagar sedan
Thicc boi brutis
AmberAlyse102 13 dagar sedan
Iron man doctor doom and Thor what about wolverine
music 13 dagar sedan
Hey umm I want to play with you on footnote what is your gamer tag
music 13 dagar sedan
I mean fortnite
Lux 13 dagar sedan
Ayy Fresh got a Fresh cut
Marisa Billips
Marisa Billips 13 dagar sedan
Fresh do the no builds challenge
Joelle Bin-Saris
Joelle Bin-Saris 13 dagar sedan
I know who will kill Galactus
Harry Beats
Harry Beats 13 dagar sedan
He has no luck
Jonathan Provo
Jonathan Provo 14 dagar sedan
omg simp 4 super fresh -,- he so THICC
PAIA. C 14 dagar sedan
1v2v1t. hgewfc3rc 4
Callen Ceyssens
Callen Ceyssens 14 dagar sedan
On my otter iPad i subd too you fresh
Metin Saied Mohammedi
Metin Saied Mohammedi 14 dagar sedan
He was alredy super fresh but now he is the oltimot fresh
TheJay Gamer
TheJay Gamer 14 dagar sedan
5:44 Fresh : I don’t need Thor’s hammer Few seconds later Where’s Thor’s hammer
9 Among U
9 Among U 14 dagar sedan
Lol when Fresh said he got the big Doom Mythic he said he got Doom's Balls
RyZe 14 dagar sedan
Wow even I saw that person
RyZe 14 dagar sedan
Thor’s mythic is in authority
neda zaman
neda zaman 14 dagar sedan
Tommy Jeannotte
Tommy Jeannotte 14 dagar sedan
Who else saw that guy that sniped him
Max Blake
Max Blake 14 dagar sedan
What about wolverines claws that’s a mythic that does damage
Matthew Duran
Matthew Duran 14 dagar sedan
you didn’t even recognise that you went in circles bruh
King_henry69 15 dagar sedan
Groot: just vibin Fresh: YOu mEsseD wITh ThE wrOnG GamER
Armaan Singh
Armaan Singh 15 dagar sedan
5:16 "We got Doom's Ball" that sounded a bit weird...
guccixx yt
guccixx yt 15 dagar sedan
11:50 I feel your pain
Harry Vu
Harry Vu 15 dagar sedan
He has da claws
Mobile Warrior
Mobile Warrior 15 dagar sedan
11:57 fresh ASMR video
Nathan Salas
Nathan Salas 15 dagar sedan
Only if the had a pickle emote
Jay Diaz
Jay Diaz 15 dagar sedan
Shortly after fresh became a green screen for lazarbeam
Caroline W
Caroline W 15 dagar sedan
pickle power fresh is a leg
Zack Bennett
Zack Bennett 15 dagar sedan
I love u freash
leosupergamer -_-
leosupergamer -_- 15 dagar sedan
You mean super villan cuz you are killing people
xX LilyPoston Xx
xX LilyPoston Xx 15 dagar sedan
Doom’s ball?? Are you gay? 😂 love the videos btw you must put so much effort in them! ❤️
Sarah Capstick
Sarah Capstick 15 dagar sedan
please add me fresh
Nave Nesneros
Nave Nesneros 15 dagar sedan
That ending tho