I can’t touch the ground... 

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5 okt 2020



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reetika bali
reetika bali 20 timmar sedan
Floor is karma
Tsemaye Begho
Tsemaye Begho 23 timmar sedan
hi fresh pls can u give me a free skin my name in fortnite is king b-1108-
Charlene Mcphee
Charlene Mcphee Dag sedan
Ashley Snowdon
Ashley Snowdon Dag sedan
You are the best
Hansen Family
Hansen Family Dag sedan
Hey guys yes the floors is llama
Lazer meme dog
Lazer meme dog 2 dagar sedan
This us me acting stuiped
JTF346 Ball-Jones
JTF346 Ball-Jones 2 dagar sedan
I love you
JTF346 Ball-Jones
JTF346 Ball-Jones 2 dagar sedan
dead peel
dead peel 2 dagar sedan
When he so s a car when he gets out he will touch the ground du
Albidayer Stud
Albidayer Stud 2 dagar sedan
Yo could've used a harpoon to get the loot
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 3 dagar sedan
Can someone add me my epic is bean_jelly1
Angel ĀCG
Angel ĀCG 3 dagar sedan
Play wif me fresh
Joseph Hershfield
Joseph Hershfield 3 dagar sedan
When the music comes on you know hes gonna sweat
It izz what It izzz
It izz what It izzz 3 dagar sedan
Bro car is meata
Andrew Sapp
Andrew Sapp 4 dagar sedan
I want on fornite launchpad and no mythica
Jackson Zaring
Jackson Zaring 4 dagar sedan
I have a feeling you touched the ground
Aye_Jp 4 dagar sedan
PFITZ11 4 dagar sedan
Vid idea Tessa chose what color weapons you can you ex: if she chooses gray only like gray pistols and shotguns.
Jacky SDF
Jacky SDF 4 dagar sedan
I am a SEloskr
William King
William King 4 dagar sedan
not plzyd it nyet lol
Joshua K
Joshua K 4 dagar sedan
I love your vids fresh
Angel Villanueva
Angel Villanueva 4 dagar sedan
I love you
TheMagic J
TheMagic J 4 dagar sedan
what??? 🤨
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 4 dagar sedan
The floor is karma
Maria Scaravalle
Maria Scaravalle 4 dagar sedan
This is how many times fresh said boy
Seidy Rios
Seidy Rios 4 dagar sedan
Te froor Is water
Chioma Agbasi
Chioma Agbasi 4 dagar sedan
Fresh If you place a crash pad down and then fly with iron man gauntlets onto the crash pad you will go flying
Cheryl King
Cheryl King 4 dagar sedan
That was grass not lava
Sergio Chavez
Sergio Chavez 5 dagar sedan
My name in fortnight is freedhoya805
Sergio Chavez
Sergio Chavez 5 dagar sedan
Hi fresh can you please give me the battle pass
Default Gang
Default Gang 5 dagar sedan
What the fucking shit, you clearly touched the ground, and you said it’s not the hround
james burke
james burke 5 dagar sedan
my scroling through the comments also me god i wish i said that
james burke
james burke 5 dagar sedan
Wyette Cole
Wyette Cole 6 dagar sedan
Hi memenite I love you vidd
Almuzzammil Gador
Almuzzammil Gador 6 dagar sedan
10:06 he dies to a bot
I Don't Know
I Don't Know 6 dagar sedan
Wanted to watch netflix but this looked interesting
Shreesh Rao
Shreesh Rao 6 dagar sedan
The hot challenge pun landed perfectly
Nickolas Ketchum
Nickolas Ketchum 7 dagar sedan
nice ;)
Jace Paulette
Jace Paulette 7 dagar sedan
Trash at fortnight friend
logan doerfler
logan doerfler 7 dagar sedan
What’s the point of watching it u can’t get 2 llamas that spawned next to each other. WTF IM SO FRIKIN MAD😡😡😡
MonchuX 7 dagar sedan
6:30 that's true man!
ovex-1- 7 dagar sedan
Yeah nah this is why I don’t like watching this stuff bc he was on the ground he cheated
Poo Slide
Poo Slide 5 dagar sedan
When was he on the ground?
Zayra T
Zayra T 8 dagar sedan
Have you seen November pack joker,mids,ex
Fresh: You love to see it. Audience: We dont!!
not truegamer
not truegamer 8 dagar sedan
The floor is fresh
ewizo hanz
ewizo hanz 8 dagar sedan
Who hates china?
Huey Phung
Huey Phung 8 dagar sedan
Natasha 9 dagar sedan
Pushpa Patel
Pushpa Patel 9 dagar sedan
My user is galaxyfox14
Yvng Boii
Yvng Boii 10 dagar sedan
Food fight floor is lave
Yvng Boii
Yvng Boii 10 dagar sedan
minecraft with friends
minecraft with friends 10 dagar sedan
fresh u cheated that guys bouncers were on the floor and u killed him and next senen u had them
arsh Salam
arsh Salam 10 dagar sedan
Dude u where can use fishing rod
CJR4ven 10 dagar sedan
Nice job that's is a hard challenge.
TtvGem Jack18
TtvGem Jack18 10 dagar sedan
4RU 10 dagar sedan
fresh is a hypocrite: he complains that people r too sweaty, but he's the sweatiest of the sweatiest tho
CJR4ven 5 dagar sedan
@Poo Slide yh fare point
Poo Slide
Poo Slide 5 dagar sedan
@CJR4ven but it is his fault that he sweats
CJR4ven 10 dagar sedan
All youtubers say that. It's not Fresh's fault he's good
The king of Flight
The king of Flight 11 dagar sedan
Can I have a number 7 meal with extra cheese french fries diet soda?Can I have a Travis Scott burger?
Hossein242 11 dagar sedan
That mystique skin that pumped you was me soz
Mathias Goossens
Mathias Goossens 11 dagar sedan
clean pun at beginning fresh ;)
MatiGamin Yt
MatiGamin Yt 11 dagar sedan
With the thumb nail I thought that epic brought the floor is lava game mode
Hugo Perez
Hugo Perez 11 dagar sedan
Daud Atif Saleem
Daud Atif Saleem 11 dagar sedan
The floor is llamas
Riley Carter
Riley Carter 11 dagar sedan
I hate when people do take the l
JULIAN Simme 11 dagar sedan
minute 5:23 : he had no mats and no mats
Luke Borom
Luke Borom 12 dagar sedan
i love you
J Plays
J Plays 12 dagar sedan
i do not love you
Landon Ortiz
Landon Ortiz 12 dagar sedan
fresh cn you add me plz but im on na-east my account is sweatyboy215156
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 12 dagar sedan
This challenge is sick
Damian alvarado
Damian alvarado 12 dagar sedan
There’s a way to make iron man harmless first boogie bomb him when he does his unibeam
Clover 12 dagar sedan
When u watch fishes vids and want to do the challenges and u ask ur brother if he wants to do the challenges but he says no :0
Tammy Faulkner
Tammy Faulkner 12 dagar sedan
ooffffffffffffffffffff lol
WolfGamer Bolt
WolfGamer Bolt 12 dagar sedan
Fresh: touches ground wait this isn’t the ground next game literally still builds over it and still says that the loot burned Me:..... really
WolfGamer Bolt
WolfGamer Bolt 12 dagar sedan
Me: wait so if the floor is lava then how does the loot burn if in the volcano in season 8 the loot floats on lava? Fresh: 😐
Avacado toast
Avacado toast 12 dagar sedan
I love you fresh
Debucketz 12 dagar sedan
Lil Swayz
Lil Swayz 12 dagar sedan
Lil Swayz
Lil Swayz 12 dagar sedan
Aneri Brahmbhatt
Aneri Brahmbhatt 12 dagar sedan
The floor is llama
Aneri Brahmbhatt
Aneri Brahmbhatt 11 dagar sedan
Newcastle fan999
Newcastle fan999 12 dagar sedan
Hi fresh
Jaxon Jones
Jaxon Jones 12 dagar sedan
Who else loves fresh ❤️
Dale Parry
Dale Parry 12 dagar sedan
11:50how did he not hit the Mystique
Zahaan Kapadia
Zahaan Kapadia 12 dagar sedan
The challenge king
William Johannsson
William Johannsson 12 dagar sedan
Btw me and my friend found a glitch with aim bot where when you just build in the split second they shoot and it seems like it goes through your wall(s)
Jack And Andy Gaming
Jack And Andy Gaming 12 dagar sedan
Doesn’t wood burn
Me11o 12 dagar sedan
👏👏👏 how are you so good
Chris Lyons
Chris Lyons 13 dagar sedan
Wolf_tacos 123
Wolf_tacos 123 13 dagar sedan
No one: Fresh:I know itz not lava but...... Me:now that’s lava if I’ve ever seen it
Victoria Vazquez
Victoria Vazquez 13 dagar sedan
Lol meme
Yeet Bbooiii
Yeet Bbooiii 13 dagar sedan
Do you love how he found 2 llamas! In the same place!!!
Family H
Family H 13 dagar sedan
Challenge video Fresh can’t say “champ”
Parveen Khan
Parveen Khan 13 dagar sedan
Have you aimbot fresh???
Parveen Khan
Parveen Khan 13 dagar sedan
Fresh is best in fortnite 👍👍❤️
MyUsernamesNot This
MyUsernamesNot This 13 dagar sedan
Who remembers the game mode of floor is lava
Jeremiah Duncan
Jeremiah Duncan 13 dagar sedan
Brett 13 dagar sedan
9 thousandth
Gwiffy YT
Gwiffy YT 13 dagar sedan
fresh: these nerds the nerds: OMG THIS F*CKING NERD
Cameron 14 dagar sedan
I love killing bots that have a gold pump when I have a grey 😂😂 oh wait...
Liliane Hamed
Liliane Hamed 14 dagar sedan
The floor is Rama
APSxSpectic 14 dagar sedan
Fresh: can’t touch ground in fortnite Me: can’t touch ground in real life well I’m lazy so
Ghosti Toasti
Ghosti Toasti 14 dagar sedan
A Dragon can't touch lava?
Madison Buyno
Madison Buyno 14 dagar sedan
Why didn’t he just use a car😂
DJ Skely
DJ Skely Dag sedan
The car will burn
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 3 dagar sedan
That would probly work
Saffi_ Savage
Saffi_ Savage 4 dagar sedan
Yash Gupta
Yash Gupta 7 dagar sedan
Wow bro
Abdullah Alhajeri
Abdullah Alhajeri 14 dagar sedan
Hi fresh im a really big fan, i started trying fortnite on PC and it wasn't working out well with me, maybe you can help me improve?
Soumil Sheth
Soumil Sheth 14 dagar sedan
Fresh winning without touching floor Me barely has 5 kills ;-;
Angelo Medina
Angelo Medina 14 dagar sedan
Bruh fresh ur stupid 😂 the floor “FLOORRRRR IS LAVA” u literally touched it 💀
visningar 4,7mn
I 1v1’d the ENTIRE lobby
If Among Us was made by EA