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25 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 11 320   
Fup _ Yup
Fup _ Yup 11 minuter sedan
He found the vendetta flopper so many times
Rutva Rishi
Rutva Rishi 25 minuter sedan
I got the midas flopper without doing much fishing
Eric Tarbox
Eric Tarbox 8 timmar sedan
yes thars a good idea
Anthony Reynoso
Anthony Reynoso 10 timmar sedan
hi fresh
Eason C.
Eason C. 11 timmar sedan
Eason C.
Eason C. 11 timmar sedan
F in the chat dude
jayden hazelwood
jayden hazelwood 13 timmar sedan
i caught the mides fish 3 times and it is at atority
Vickie King
Vickie King Dag sedan
I have the Midas flopper and the vendetta flopper like if you have them to!
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran Dag sedan
i got the midas flopper on my second fishing hole when i new it existed
Beo Nguyễn
Beo Nguyễn Dag sedan
Midas flop flop🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Mania
Daniel Mania Dag sedan
This is how many times he said days 👇
Aidan Dag sedan
I found the midas fish for fresh
Haus Glass Ltd
Haus Glass Ltd 2 dagar sedan
Is that Lego Battle BUS
Zheer Tareq
Zheer Tareq 2 dagar sedan
I got my discover first try
Bzz Bumm
Bzz Bumm 2 dagar sedan
11:00 he said fisting trips
Daniyal Syed
Daniyal Syed 3 dagar sedan
I just found midas flopper yesterday, it didn't even take that much of time. It was inside 5 mins. Btw love your videos so much 💗
Bradley Biggerstaff
Bradley Biggerstaff 3 dagar sedan
Even though it’s impossible to get!!!
Tiktok original
Tiktok original 3 dagar sedan
dose fresh know that you can find the midas fish else where
Julia Azymi
Julia Azymi 3 dagar sedan
Fresh:I will never catch the Midas flopper ): Me: I caught the Midas flopper two times like
TippyTop5 Animator
TippyTop5 Animator 3 dagar sedan
Just find it in battle lab
NNG_Jayyy Jones
NNG_Jayyy Jones 3 dagar sedan
Fresh: I need the Midas flop Flop Me high as hell: haha Midas flop flop
XP3Z Dag sedan
Yeah youre totally high because watching a guy who says damn every 15 seconds is something that people that are old enough to get high would watch
Nehemiah Jacobs
Nehemiah Jacobs 3 dagar sedan
I guess the fish was TO DIE FOR
Karina Clarke
Karina Clarke 3 dagar sedan
Paul A
Paul A 3 dagar sedan
hi fresh
lamar hayes
lamar hayes 4 dagar sedan
i got it 5 times
Chance Samuel
Chance Samuel 4 dagar sedan
i love your viedos
Hamdi Yazıcı
Hamdi Yazıcı 4 dagar sedan
I like how did you taem that guy
Harry Orriel
Harry Orriel 4 dagar sedan
love your vids
Jimmy Navarro Veliz
Jimmy Navarro Veliz 4 dagar sedan
Gavin Horrell
Gavin Horrell 4 dagar sedan
I’ve caught six
Sk1llzFN 4 dagar sedan
I found 2 lol
tomas Singer
tomas Singer 5 dagar sedan
No your the idiot for baiting
Destroyer Speedy
Destroyer Speedy 5 dagar sedan
I already caught it lol
Krista Heckert
Krista Heckert 5 dagar sedan
I caution it in under 5 minutes
Ian Chong
Ian Chong 5 dagar sedan
Catch in battle lab
G pig squad 2020
G pig squad 2020 5 dagar sedan
I've got the midas floppr
Carly Corder
Carly Corder 6 dagar sedan
Densen Rosario
Densen Rosario 6 dagar sedan
Fresh ugley
Densen Rosario
Densen Rosario 6 dagar sedan
I now
SavageQueenKiko 6 dagar sedan
I found it near authority when i wasnt even looking for it 🤣😂🤣
Ayan z
Ayan z 6 dagar sedan
I found the Midas flopper 7 times not even lying
ima anime weeb
ima anime weeb 6 dagar sedan
i found the midas flop flop
Hazza 6 dagar sedan
It took me about 1 minute to get the Midas flopflop
Hex Jelly
Hex Jelly 6 dagar sedan
after wqatching this vid i started thinking that game in which i got midas flopper 3 in a row i am that lucky
Rocket Master80k
Rocket Master80k 6 dagar sedan
I caucht the midas flopper in like five minuets with a pro fishing rod and I was by the authoraty.
Joshua Faioli
Joshua Faioli 6 dagar sedan
I’ve gotten him 7 times
Dark Gaming
Dark Gaming 6 dagar sedan
What if someone does eat it and you don’t have it xdxdxd
Multi Gamer
Multi Gamer 6 dagar sedan
I've caught 7 midas floppers
JellyBeam YT
JellyBeam YT 7 dagar sedan
10:11 that was me you killed with your anger. I SAW THE MIDAS FLOPPER
OVarie Woodall
OVarie Woodall 7 dagar sedan
he has 6 million subs
Gael Vtz
Gael Vtz 7 dagar sedan
Harvey Mclennan
Harvey Mclennan 7 dagar sedan
It took me my first game to find the Midas flopper
cars0800 cars0800
cars0800 cars0800 7 dagar sedan
fresh you are gay
Animal Clan
Animal Clan 7 dagar sedan
i found it in team rumble on my 5th attempt so easy for me i was lucky
Yeetarate Gaming
Yeetarate Gaming 7 dagar sedan
He got a pump shotty and a scar and he still moaned BE GRATRFUL FISH GAVE THEIR LIV VES FOR YOUR GISHING TRIP
Bryson Hoover
Bryson Hoover 7 dagar sedan
Day 1905
Yeetarate Gaming
Yeetarate Gaming 7 dagar sedan
Who else watching because you didnt get it
Johanna Berg
Johanna Berg 7 dagar sedan
Onde i triad to kill Wolverine he was at 16 health When i died
NK Gaming
NK Gaming 8 dagar sedan
More like like match 32
August W
August W 8 dagar sedan
Who else cringed every time he said flop flop
Jaelyn Mcgleese
Jaelyn Mcgleese 8 dagar sedan
I got those dishes 2 times
HussLegends 8 dagar sedan
you got 2 vendettas and they are 1 percent chance of spam lol
Coofs 8 dagar sedan
lynsxiers 8 dagar sedan
The Midas Flopper is hard 5o get? I got it once with even trying and the vendetta
Keiden YT
Keiden YT 8 dagar sedan
I found the Midas flopper two times
Abdullah Bujbarah
Abdullah Bujbarah 8 dagar sedan
rayquaza 45
rayquaza 45 8 dagar sedan
I dont know how but my friend found so many midas floppers
Srishika Singh
Srishika Singh 8 dagar sedan
Aww I feel bad for him
Jean Germani
Jean Germani 9 dagar sedan
I’m not sure why it is going through my phone I think I’m just about the day of a game that you want for the weekend but you have no way you could be there and that it would come with a little time or you could play the other one and you can just call him when I come to you or something I can tell dad to stop by the office and come over to your dad to call you or dad to tell me if he can get you in there I don’t \think ima call you can you come and join him if he can I call me bye love bye hi I love dad to tell you I DONT was your last time we got the money we had the time and we got I’m
Mrgame play Hi
Mrgame play Hi 9 dagar sedan
its not in the game bro
Luis Charlie
Luis Charlie 9 dagar sedan
You could find it on the agency and the
Nuggihut2 9 dagar sedan
Yes that’s a good challenge
Ultra Instinct Sudev Gaming
I got it the first try
Toaster 17
Toaster 17 9 dagar sedan
I caught this fish I have proof to
Clux YT
Clux YT 9 dagar sedan
my freind caught like in 3 minutes
Francis Aggiao
Francis Aggiao 9 dagar sedan
Fresh i feel bad for you but u need to be sad for ME Story: Me and my friends which i will not list the names of. We were in a battle lab match and i found the midas flopper at the authority and my friend stole it and ATE IT. WTF
Fun Times
Fun Times 9 dagar sedan
I found the mixes fish 4 times
REGINA OCAMPO 10 dagar sedan
day __ of the fishing trip
paul reed
paul reed 10 dagar sedan
thats funny how mcreamy stuggles to find a vandetta fish and fresh gets 2 in a row
matthew marroquin
matthew marroquin 10 dagar sedan
comment on this if you also hate the Midas flopper
Enrique Diiaz
Enrique Diiaz 10 dagar sedan
Jennifer Huelsman
Jennifer Huelsman 10 dagar sedan
U could of did it in battle lab it way easier and ye spots last longee I couch 2 midas fish in a row
Jeanne Wall
Jeanne Wall 10 dagar sedan
there is a hack to get the Midas flopper more than ten times in a row
Donna Lattimore
Donna Lattimore 10 dagar sedan
I cout it my first time
Cruz Presents
Cruz Presents 10 dagar sedan
Did anyone see floating floppier at 9:15
Wolf The Gamer
Wolf The Gamer 10 dagar sedan
I got the midas flooper in 32 min
Cynthia Umeh
Cynthia Umeh 10 dagar sedan
Logan Baerga
Logan Baerga 10 dagar sedan
*the last fishing hole at the aathority*
Mr Fortnite
Mr Fortnite 10 dagar sedan
Yo I have caught the Midas flipper 3 times why am I so lucky
Rashs Badawy
Rashs Badawy 10 dagar sedan
Nondyebo Hlomza
Nondyebo Hlomza 10 dagar sedan
I found it
Mark Matela
Mark Matela 11 dagar sedan
wtf i got midas fish but i cant get vandetta
Decent sweat Gamer
Decent sweat Gamer 11 dagar sedan
Maggie Carden
Maggie Carden 11 dagar sedan
Fresh it spons every where
ari djajadi
ari djajadi 11 dagar sedan
Toby Rogers
Toby Rogers 11 dagar sedan
8:54 anyone see that ?
sophia ellis
sophia ellis 11 dagar sedan
Sorry for eating flopflop
sophia ellis
sophia ellis 11 dagar sedan
Blondblueterror 11 dagar sedan
flop flop lmao
Adam Saravia
Adam Saravia 11 dagar sedan
Adam Saravia
Adam Saravia 11 dagar sedan
lol i found jt in my second try😂😂
nielan 2
nielan 2 11 dagar sedan
I hate fresh