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16 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 38 064   
Isabel Romero
Isabel Romero 39 minuter sedan
because I have nothing to play Fortnite on only on a broken mobile phone that is why
Strokz Guardian
Strokz Guardian 18 timmar sedan
I want to get a OnePlus bcoz I just started a yt channel and an OnePlus would help me a lot I am 12 xD
YEET Lord Dag sedan
i want the one plus 8 because i dont have a fone and a phone would be nice and i would like stealth reflex painted on it
dead man
dead man Dag sedan
I want it because I lag in fornite but not creative
Lisa Owen
Lisa Owen Dag sedan
I'm trying to get a phone but I can't afford one 😥😥
Jasbinder Singh
Jasbinder Singh Dag sedan
I really want to play fornte season 4cus I play on mobile and I never played season 4 only season 3
Amaze Facter
Amaze Facter Dag sedan
Turn on turbo boost in mobile
Sweet Playz
Sweet Playz 2 dagar sedan
I see grant the gout do better than this
Solomon pruteanu
Solomon pruteanu 2 dagar sedan
Not trying to be cocky bit l am better than probably everyone on mobile like l 1 v 1 my cpusin he plays since season 1 chapter 1 and l play since season 3 chapter 3 and l won one of the matchesand he was sweating
Solomon pruteanu
Solomon pruteanu 2 dagar sedan
Great cool l play on moblie with 30 fps and l hate it!
Frizzy Fn
Frizzy Fn 3 dagar sedan
could the iphone 12 run 90 fps🤔
MybayRiver 3 dagar sedan
My Xbox is 60FPS sad
Kavin Nylon
Kavin Nylon 4 dagar sedan
I wish mobile is back I can’t macro not really I just edit fast at mobile I deleted it accidentally I hate myself
Ultimate Gamers
Ultimate Gamers 4 dagar sedan
what r stark robots doing in freefortninte?
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 4 dagar sedan
OnePlus 8 is not the only mobile with fortnite 90 fps asus rog 3 . samsung s 20 and samsung tab 3
Amy Lienesch
Amy Lienesch 4 dagar sedan
How did he get to season 4 thoe
Had19hm 5 dagar sedan
Please that mobile i cant play fortnite at mobile bc im on apple🍎
Raveesh Bansraj
Raveesh Bansraj 5 dagar sedan
Raveesh Bansraj
Raveesh Bansraj 5 dagar sedan
Grant the goat is better than you on mobile
Samiya Guled
Samiya Guled 6 dagar sedan
黄富林 6 dagar sedan
I want the phone bc I have a blue tooth controler but no console
Otis jaylup
Otis jaylup 6 dagar sedan
Because I like cheese
playing with Angel
playing with Angel 7 dagar sedan
I know why I love you so much I love love you so much my favorite SElosk or
Irregular Gamer
Irregular Gamer 7 dagar sedan
fresh: who else do you see do this on mobile me: grantthegoat who else plays on mobile
Eesa Latif
Eesa Latif 7 dagar sedan
I want it
Pr0_player 6376
Pr0_player 6376 8 dagar sedan
Bentley Moon
Bentley Moon 8 dagar sedan
i hove no phone ples.
Josway 8 dagar sedan
Its just like putting womens rights in the fantasy section
Clxdz-szxツ 8 dagar sedan
Did people not know fortnite mobile was only banned on apple and not android,i get 30 fps on my galaxy a71
AishaMarCossigny bibi
AishaMarCossigny bibi 8 dagar sedan
Joey 9 dagar sedan
So you basically player controller not mobile
Humood Ali
Humood Ali 9 dagar sedan
HailedPlate5235 9 dagar sedan
Only thing is Oneplus has no presence in Australia
XyanKiller 10 dagar sedan
Plz let me have the phone, i would really appreciate it, i want it cuz i want to experience 90 fps for the first time in my life 🤗
Walden Oxceva
Walden Oxceva 11 dagar sedan
I want one because we are low on money 😢
Joseph Noguez
Joseph Noguez 11 dagar sedan
I want it
Jaythegod248_YT Ankle God
I want the one plus because i dont have a phone
Fortnite Gaming_25
Fortnite Gaming_25 11 dagar sedan
Fresh i'm playing mobile fortnite Right now and i want to play fortnite mobile season4 chapter4:(
Nath K
Nath K 12 dagar sedan
Is it just me or it’s not fresh playing it’s a ghost?!
Loggy Bruh
Loggy Bruh 12 dagar sedan
They need a one plus iPad
Aiden Farrell
Aiden Farrell 12 dagar sedan
I really want it because I want to play fornitne on phone
Grayson Olvera
Grayson Olvera 13 dagar sedan
I have a brother and he has a ps4 but he won't let me play so that is way i want one
Swift Yt
Swift Yt 13 dagar sedan
I want it please I have nothing to use and I get bullied
Jakorian Decker
Jakorian Decker 14 dagar sedan
Gloria Sandy
Gloria Sandy 14 dagar sedan
I use my moms phone
MrPlayz 15 dagar sedan
His hands are not even on the controller lol 😂
Uzma Riaz
Uzma Riaz 15 dagar sedan
Uzma Riaz
Uzma Riaz 15 dagar sedan
Fresh i need the one plus because i dont have a fhone and plus i have to play FORTNITE!!!!
Steve Herridge
Steve Herridge 15 dagar sedan
DryXtbs 16 dagar sedan
i think u can play fortnite mobile in keyboard and mouse.. Fresh: .-.
Abzaan Hashim
Abzaan Hashim 16 dagar sedan
Loserfruit was using auto-fire just like most of the mobile players do
ogiiben 21
ogiiben 21 17 dagar sedan
ive seen just regular mobile players crank better
Shane Henry
Shane Henry 17 dagar sedan
Because it is the most bases phone a round I love it that's why I wat it
Petrit Lekaj
Petrit Lekaj 17 dagar sedan
Plese i dont havw a phone i waqe you on my moms phone
lockdown gamers
lockdown gamers 17 dagar sedan
Can you give me one plus
Kaleth Martinez Leon
Kaleth Martinez Leon 18 dagar sedan
Grant the goet
Ninja Master
Ninja Master 19 dagar sedan
It's sad when even a phone can run Fortnite better than a Nintendo Switch😢😢😢
ROSHAWN FACEY 19 dagar sedan
i want the phone becuase i don't have one plz
Abdullah Habib
Abdullah Habib 20 dagar sedan
Hi freshaisain aka pikile man
Fer4les s
Fer4les s 21 dag sedan
Hello fresh well the reason I want the new phone I have a flip phone 👎but I really want a cell phone really bad but my mom cant afored a cell phone you are my favorite youtuber ever!! So please can I win or what ever you have to do to get it ohh and also I want midas on the back if I get the phone😀😀
king deadlock
king deadlock 21 dag sedan
I edited pretty quickly on mobile
Oscar Sanchez
Oscar Sanchez 21 dag sedan
Can I have one please I play on ios and we still can't play please please
kate 21 dag sedan
if your reading this you will one day be a billionaire (stay safe)😊😋🥳😀
Numzy Clapz
Numzy Clapz 22 dagar sedan
Daniel fish Sarceno
Daniel fish Sarceno 22 dagar sedan
Please 🥺 🙏 gif me 1 I live on u,s
Jahdiel Alfaro
Jahdiel Alfaro 22 dagar sedan
I want the phone because I’m on mobile
Olly Heale
Olly Heale 23 dagar sedan
i would want a paint of the argentian flag because my mum cant see her mum due to lockdown
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez 23 dagar sedan
So you want me to say why I want the phone so the reason is it’s that I’m actually worried the Fortnite isn’t going to win the trial because I don’t wanna be stuck back in time forever and me and my sister plan one account so if I can’t planet then even my sister can play on it and also my sister can’t play on her computer because it’s to lagy and my sister has two other computers but she needs both of them for her schoolwork so please I want the phone.
Charlie Hartman
Charlie Hartman 23 dagar sedan
i dont have phone and my parents cant aford a nother phone but it would help a lot if you did
kimjasper Cada
kimjasper Cada 23 dagar sedan
If i win your giveaway Mr.fresh your epic more than epic in your video If i win am I will to be crazy and I can play my cousin GodBless you and kept self FROM:Phillipines
Me The dude
Me The dude 25 dagar sedan
I was mobile and now I am Switch and I did not realize how much aim mobile had
Julian Burroughs
Julian Burroughs 25 dagar sedan
Bro you need to be on apple devices for the free Fortnite effect
Kenja Emzee
Kenja Emzee 25 dagar sedan
You know People from 1yr later of this comment are legen :D
If you get 1 kill you say your cracked
Lily Enbysk
Lily Enbysk 26 dagar sedan
WHy can he play the new season on Mobile?
abdul rokib
abdul rokib 26 dagar sedan
I would like to win it because im poor love your videos dont have consoles and i really want to play fortnite even if its on mobile please fresh itll mean the world to me
Dylan Cotton
Dylan Cotton 27 dagar sedan
I can get a 20kills on mobile
DEATHLY_DUDES 27 dagar sedan
Yea the only thing right now is seeing other people playing season 4 on mobile. I thought u were good fresh😞☹️😩😫😫🥺😭😭
Huzaifa Bin Taroq
Huzaifa Bin Taroq 27 dagar sedan
Where is your face
Huzaifa Bin Taroq
Huzaifa Bin Taroq 27 dagar sedan
Savitha Sandeep
Savitha Sandeep 27 dagar sedan
Fresh plz do a gaming setup vid
Clash royal Please like
How come morgz has more subscribers than fresh🤔🤔🤔
Chris Gamer1223
Chris Gamer1223 28 dagar sedan
If you can’t play fortnite on mobile do it the fresh way
Lilmtzbtw Gaming
Lilmtzbtw Gaming 28 dagar sedan
0:20 fresh the only mobile that has 90 FPS Me: play on iPad Pro and I get 120 FPS?
HammerfistSC _
HammerfistSC _ 28 dagar sedan
90fps phone meanwhile my switch capped at 30fps 😭😭
Ronald Perez
Ronald Perez 29 dagar sedan
Fresh have u chosen a winner yet
Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan 29 dagar sedan
Id like a phone but cant buy one myself
perveen sultana
perveen sultana 29 dagar sedan
Patpat 76
Patpat 76 3 dagar sedan
Android devices can play the new season
perveen sultana
perveen sultana 29 dagar sedan
if u use autofire u basically have aimbot fresh
Redden Boi
Redden Boi 29 dagar sedan
I mean my 200 pumps on mobile
Redden Boi
Redden Boi 29 dagar sedan
How are you in Sean 4 on Mobil
Alex and felicity Vlogs
Bruh I play on 20 FPS boom 🤯
felix larocque
felix larocque Månad sedan
Me i want the phone bc my family is poor so i cant get a phone and im typing you this on my grandmas laptop and if i get chosen i want pink skull trooper on the back of it love you fresh
S and T M and D
S and T M and D Månad sedan
Do the thickest Apple
Rex 8621
Rex 8621 Månad sedan
Actuallyit is easy to play on mobile without a controller
Sweeta Rego
Sweeta Rego Månad sedan
I want oneplus 8 because my iPhone can't play fortnite now😔
The_Elixtor Månad sedan
Fresh thinking he’s good Bc he’s on mobile controller but me on real Xbox can do retakes (Btw I love fresh)
Matias Flournoy
Matias Flournoy Månad sedan
That’s illegal
Ethan Torres
Ethan Torres Månad sedan
Who’s watching this during 2020 September 28
Rebecca Tamaariki
Rebecca Tamaariki Månad sedan
Playing on phone is pretty good