lazarbeam controls my game 

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19 jul 2020



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Kommentarer 8 767   
Demi Anagnostopoulos
Demi Anagnostopoulos 10 minuter sedan
I command u to shut up-lazarbeam 2020
Andrew Crossland
Andrew Crossland 9 timmar sedan
That Kid 81
That Kid 81 17 timmar sedan
Bro I sent him this idea lit fucking yrs ago. Ano its been 3 months since the video but fuck no credit or anything lit I said this at the very start of this game and on insta it says (seen) 😂I just checked
Isaac Espinoza
Isaac Espinoza Dag sedan
Serena Santillan
how did he win omg
Rory Campbell
Rory Campbell Dag sedan
Rory Campbell
Rory Campbell Dag sedan
Sandra Chamas
Sandra Chamas Dag sedan
Jim Ko
Jim Ko 2 dagar sedan
lazerbeam is evil
The Amazing Zebra
The Amazing Zebra 2 dagar sedan
lazaream: i didint say you could loot mats but ill allow it literally 10 seconds earlier: "you can loot mats but not weapons, ive decided"
hassan lari
hassan lari 2 dagar sedan
I feel bad for freash
Austin Bermea
Austin Bermea 2 dagar sedan
Star Kids
Star Kids 2 dagar sedan
My friend :who’s better Typical gamer or Fresh Me:looks at sub count what FRESH dur who cares about subs
Dominic Sylarr Carilo Malacca
lazarbeam is noob
Izza Lacanilao
Izza Lacanilao 2 dagar sedan
Lazar: “i love you son” Fresh: “if you love me then why are you torturing me?” Lazar: “thats true love” Fresh: *cries cutely*
Michaela McIntyre
Michaela McIntyre 8 timmar sedan
Henryb0t 3 dagar sedan
poor poor fresh
Billy Needs Subs Plz
Billy Needs Subs Plz 3 dagar sedan
When He Jumped Down Onto The Supply Drop Was SICK BRO!
Johnny Hopkins
Johnny Hopkins 3 dagar sedan
Fresh should punish Lazardeam
BENNYB00Z Gaming
BENNYB00Z Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Billy Needs Subs Plz
Billy Needs Subs Plz 3 dagar sedan
He already did
Jeremiah Osha
Jeremiah Osha 4 dagar sedan
freand me freash plz user name smash0076
Mr Flibble
Mr Flibble 4 dagar sedan
the most soul-destroying thing ever: ad in 5
ROBLOX_MEMES. 6 dagar sedan
LifetimewithColt 6 dagar sedan
Billy Needs Subs Plz
Billy Needs Subs Plz 3 dagar sedan
Hahahhaha lol
Toneve Smithen
Toneve Smithen 7 dagar sedan
Jerry PL2YZ
Jerry PL2YZ 8 dagar sedan
Lazarbeam is strictly strict
Cherie Nelson Jones
Cherie Nelson Jones 9 dagar sedan
No it’s the worst idea ever
Marko Savikj
Marko Savikj 9 dagar sedan
Do simon says but if you do something wrong, you drop 1 gun
Billy Needs Subs Plz
Billy Needs Subs Plz 3 dagar sedan
Ooohhh yeah thats a good video idea
Adi Trivedi
Adi Trivedi 10 dagar sedan
Fresh: wins a game with a green pistol Me: can’t even win a game with a scar. Lol 😂
Ruella Dlima
Ruella Dlima Dag sedan
I don't think I can even win with all mythics
Woodlings Family
Woodlings Family 5 dagar sedan
me to
Madhav Nerlekar
Madhav Nerlekar 6 dagar sedan
George D
George D 10 dagar sedan
Fresh: - Sees XP Coins - Lazarbeam: - Doesn't Allow Him To Get Them - Me: Now This Is An Avengers Level Threat
Yeet 11 dagar sedan
Use code lazar it’s better, I love u fresh
ari djajadi
ari djajadi 11 dagar sedan
use code lazar i use it (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
Chinna Phuma
Chinna Phuma 12 dagar sedan
Lazarbeam is the best
Victor Burgos
Victor Burgos 13 dagar sedan
7 mil soon
sam saunders
sam saunders 13 dagar sedan
you are the best in the world
Augie Parkins
Augie Parkins 13 dagar sedan
Amanda Goreham
Amanda Goreham 14 dagar sedan
Kingston 14 dagar sedan
Code fresh for live
FaZe LANDON 14 dagar sedan
There was a blue tak
Lisa Wilgosz
Lisa Wilgosz 15 dagar sedan
What’s up guys yes?
Ravi Gajanayake
Ravi Gajanayake 15 dagar sedan
Good vid
Bill Singh
Bill Singh 16 dagar sedan
I wach you video
Farida Khan
Farida Khan 16 dagar sedan
what the frick fresh is soo good i swear he is the best everyone use code FRESH!!!!! and stay on the thick side like lazerbeem and fresh lol but fresh how how how????? u are just to good realy u are just to good
NinjaEvan 17 dagar sedan
4:34 it should be "i like the taste of smoldring pickles"
Xy3fort 17 dagar sedan
Fresh your my favourite SEloskr my name on fortnite is Xy3bish
UniKittyYT 1234
UniKittyYT 1234 17 dagar sedan
Idea for next video. Read more please 1. Change keybinds to Fresh 2. Win with no meds ✅ 3. Win with lazarbeams girlfriend 4. Hide and only battle the last other player Sub to my channel if you love fresh
Tristan Wolf Gustavsen
Tristan Wolf Gustavsen 17 dagar sedan
next part is gonna be a JOI for sure right?
umutplayz 18 dagar sedan
Daegan Eddy
Daegan Eddy 18 dagar sedan
Lazar's constant grunts and 'UH UH's have me dying
Luca Fendinge
Luca Fendinge 19 dagar sedan
the biggest packer fan
the biggest packer fan 20 dagar sedan
this is my 3rd time watching this video again
Benjamin Lozada
Benjamin Lozada 20 dagar sedan
Thank god fortnite is fun again
Sheila Crowley
Sheila Crowley 21 dag sedan
Fresh:use code fresh Lazarbeam: F off sonny
Ayman Adi
Ayman Adi 22 dagar sedan
Rip fresh
Harrison Snazel
Harrison Snazel 22 dagar sedan
laser shut up
ZapAttackLearner 22 dagar sedan
Lieyer 28 days ago
Kevz 22 dagar sedan
11:00 I hope my dad will say this
Leah Woyciechowski
Leah Woyciechowski 23 dagar sedan
That default in the beginning lmao
mcOple10 TheGamer
mcOple10 TheGamer 23 dagar sedan
Yes mwahaha
Hydro 6366
Hydro 6366 24 dagar sedan
0:39 youtube snitch
Leveled Sim
Leveled Sim 24 dagar sedan
This is funny vid 😂
Mason Williams
Mason Williams 25 dagar sedan
Joey 25 dagar sedan
Did lazerbeam actually adopt you
Greg Pedder
Greg Pedder 26 dagar sedan
The picture of lazerbeam on the thumbnail make me wanna laugh
Krista R
Krista R 26 dagar sedan
Hi lazer beam and frseh can you be my friend its keira_havanan i only got 5 friends
hildawg13 26 dagar sedan
Fresh: Legendary scar Lazarbeam: nah nah nah nah
Advik Sharma
Advik Sharma 27 dagar sedan
Advik Sharma
Advik Sharma 27 dagar sedan
Sub to fresh
Desean Brown
Desean Brown 28 dagar sedan
You are not a man who can do this for us
Varad Sagparia
Varad Sagparia 28 dagar sedan
swifty pxmpz
swifty pxmpz 29 dagar sedan
SElosk: Im gonna snitch on yall and tell fresh how much percent haven't sub yet Fresh Fans: WHY YOU GOTTA SNITCH SElosk?!!!!!!!?
Joshua Curtis
Joshua Curtis 29 dagar sedan
I can’t believe SElosk Snitch
XPLAYER 29 dagar sedan
please shout me out and subscribe
Deadly Jo
Deadly Jo 29 dagar sedan
Someone call cps please 6:25
Alex Davis
Alex Davis Månad sedan
Coochie man
Hamed Yahya
Hamed Yahya Månad sedan
Lazarbeam say fresh server is bots if lazar was fresh he was going to die
Kingston Barranco
Kingston Barranco Månad sedan
Fresh: lazarbeam controls my game Lazar: as soon as you touch the ground leave the match
jacob benbow
jacob benbow Månad sedan
when i saw this i half expected it to be lazarbeam conTROLLING my game😂😂😂
Chris Douglas
Chris Douglas Månad sedan
Cannot stop watching thi shit😂🤘🤘
Jupiter Månad sedan
Congrats on 6.5 mil subs
veronica jones
veronica jones Månad sedan
And lazarbeams to
veronica jones
veronica jones Månad sedan
Good grief fresh Lazar beam made it hard and I love freshes that'll and lazarbeams to
veronica jones
veronica jones Månad sedan
Haha Lazar is the funniest so sub and hit the like button on ever video
EASTON PRICE Månad sedan
Will you add me in fortnite
Skye Månad sedan
Its so sad that your being compared to creamy.
Andrew Davis-Smith
Andrew Davis-Smith Månad sedan
Is that your real son
Henry Denahy
Henry Denahy Månad sedan
LazerBeam obviously is a high school dropout “B1”
Sebastian Tamayo
Sebastian Tamayo Månad sedan
pracheth agasthya
pracheth agasthya Månad sedan
that thumbnail though 😂😂
xd Hound
xd Hound Månad sedan
What’s up guys and yes
Konnor Casemore
Konnor Casemore Månad sedan
77_savage Mobile
77_savage Mobile Månad sedan
really lazer beam you suck at the game that you need to control his game
Amanjit Singh
Amanjit Singh Månad sedan
its so funny when lazarbeam says aaaa
Mr.Gladiator Månad sedan
I command you to shut up 😂😂
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Månad sedan
NO APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xd Ohhh
Xd Ohhh Månad sedan
Gerrit Boer
Gerrit Boer Månad sedan
4:44 anyone else notice the blue SMG
multiply_ mohamed
multiply_ mohamed Månad sedan
lazer said all the players in his freshes game are so bad that is why lazer is always playing with him
lockasons gaming
lockasons gaming Månad sedan
ItsFishies Månad sedan
Alternative Title: Lazarbeam does what he does best
Cesar Roman
Cesar Roman Månad sedan
Jack sparrow in his ship like always.
Virginia Joan Perez
Virginia Joan Perez Månad sedan
old fortnite with midas and sky