my hardest challenge yet... 

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21 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 10 404   
Shay Dube
Shay Dube 13 timmar sedan
I Love fresh
Jack Digenan
Jack Digenan Dag sedan
Video idea: fresh needs to turn of all his key binds besides w a s d
Moh`d Nur
Moh`d Nur 2 dagar sedan
2:50 Fresh: This is so bad Me: The driver is so bad
Kyler Newsome
Kyler Newsome 3 dagar sedan
That’s how I always play fortnite
Case Lawson
Case Lawson 4 dagar sedan
to easy
Khang N
Khang N 5 dagar sedan
Fresh died like12
Augie Parkins
Augie Parkins 8 dagar sedan
that looks hard
Scorpion_ boy
Scorpion_ boy 9 dagar sedan
Would have made it a good daredevil video
Max Cowie
Max Cowie 9 dagar sedan
I mean 23
Max Cowie
Max Cowie 9 dagar sedan
You can tell fresh is the best player in astrayila two head shots with no hit box
Kayne Tui
Kayne Tui 10 dagar sedan
Lol heres fresh with no HUD getting more kill than I do when I try my hardest and yet he complains about missing shots but give him a shotgun and he dont miss
Mahbir Ali
Mahbir Ali 11 dagar sedan
That is what happens if you play to much fortnite😂😂😂
Pedro Chavez
Pedro Chavez 12 dagar sedan
Who saw Noah’s Noah do this
L&E Plays
L&E Plays 13 dagar sedan
Now do the same thing, but with the daredevil challenges included
Isaac the Hedgehog
Isaac the Hedgehog 14 dagar sedan
It looks like fresh is in a live event
Jessica Aguilar
Jessica Aguilar 15 dagar sedan
Mccreamy mau
Gacha Life
Gacha Life 15 dagar sedan
I can do that challenge Bc I’m controller... I don’t use aim assist I swear I turned it off but I know my controller off by heart but I can’t get win by my self 😅 but if you ever want to learn controller I can teach anyone in the comments I’m kinda a fortnite teacher Edited: lol just read that I said but to much times I think😂
iSteelixo 18 dagar sedan
Anyone Thought That Fresh Was In A Replay?
Usman Shah
Usman Shah 18 dagar sedan
No the hardest challenge is simp September legend says that fresh never won that challenge
Logan_JLO123 YT
Logan_JLO123 YT 19 dagar sedan
Being back your intro
Zak YT
Zak YT 20 dagar sedan
He won the hardest challenge fresh no simp September can’t do it me: bro
Debucketz 20 dagar sedan
eXoZ Jackel
eXoZ Jackel 20 dagar sedan
If I’m being honest I like playing with no cross hair it’s fun
avator playz
avator playz 20 dagar sedan
Looks the live event is starting
ellieplayz _1398
ellieplayz _1398 20 dagar sedan
Video idea:fresh can only use wepons from quinjets
isaa Mukri
isaa Mukri 20 dagar sedan
The hardest challenge is killing only female skins
Liam Yager
Liam Yager 21 dag sedan
Looks like there's a live event going on ngl .
jackie kent
jackie kent 21 dag sedan
i know one u cant build for a whole round
1k subs with no vids?
1k subs with no vids? 22 dagar sedan
video idea: fresh puts his skins on random and can only kill the skin that he gets from the random skin
Dijohn Bahena
Dijohn Bahena 22 dagar sedan
More like 100% accuracy
Dijohn Bahena
Dijohn Bahena 22 dagar sedan
The hardest challenge huh hitting like all head shots with the pump shotgun and the video is 9 minutes
gooey cheeses
gooey cheeses 22 dagar sedan
Plot twist: he had a dot in the middle of his monitor the whole time
Aaron Ryburn
Aaron Ryburn 22 dagar sedan
Idea no sound
Cameron Waling
Cameron Waling 22 dagar sedan
5:25 that’s what happened to my grandma
Austin W Hetherington
Austin W Hetherington 23 dagar sedan
What skin do you use
Danny Andrei Radulescu
Danny Andrei Radulescu 23 dagar sedan
Stop saying yes at the intro
Aiden Meow
Aiden Meow 24 dagar sedan
Only real Ogs remember when credit did this
Space Core
Space Core 25 dagar sedan
Fresh says this is gonna be hard but I decided to do this for an intire season. It's fine if you don't believe me but ok.
Lynn Smith
Lynn Smith 25 dagar sedan
Me: wins 100 games using this Fresh: How you do that?
FireManager9713 26 dagar sedan
Video idea normal game but every kill you play an ad
Holly Donnelly
Holly Donnelly 26 dagar sedan
Fresh I’m sorry 😐 Wolverine is coming
Justin Wright
Justin Wright 27 dagar sedan
I am going to get hate comments but people who play halo have been doing this for years as a built in feature
Rage Monster
Rage Monster 27 dagar sedan
All controls players weakness
the Coolio bub
the Coolio bub 28 dagar sedan
Lazarfan1157 28 dagar sedan
he gets more elims in hardest fortnite challenge than I can get in a normal game
Siletreo 28 dagar sedan
fresh said this was hard but he didnt even get to finish the strom challeng so ha
Albertfan124 29 dagar sedan
“What’s up guys yes today we will be destroying epic games whole sever with one wall”
A Human
A Human 29 dagar sedan
Lazar already did this more than a year ago
Alpha Ryze
Alpha Ryze 29 dagar sedan
Ceeday did it
Jhon Crafty
Jhon Crafty 29 dagar sedan
Its not really, otherwise he wouldn't be able to complete it like othernchallenges
YT.QuadGod 29 dagar sedan
Video idea: you can have the hud but you can’t see the amount of damage your doing
Taisei Yamada
Taisei Yamada Månad sedan
fresh plays better with no HUD then i ever could
Jonas Torpman
Jonas Torpman Månad sedan
You kopied your dad you now if you look at his videos so he did it before you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hes good lazar
AIDEN BRITT Månad sedan
The new update is a great game
Lacy Dobra
Lacy Dobra Månad sedan
Lazar’s has already done this challenge
Aliyu Mustapha
Aliyu Mustapha Månad sedan
Wassup guys yes
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith Månad sedan
If this was the hardest challenge how come fresh could get a win but couldn’t on the only female challenge
Maribel Gregorio
Maribel Gregorio Månad sedan
I played like that before
B Savvv
B Savvv Månad sedan
It looks like your looking at replay
Javier Vargas
Javier Vargas Månad sedan
Fresh imagine me I didn’t have my aiming for at least a year
Sarvajit H.A.W
Sarvajit H.A.W Månad sedan
btu ur dad did this like 1 year ago i guess
Coolman Månad sedan
You should have inverted your controld
Boi Loi
Boi Loi Månad sedan
Imagine this challenge mobile!
direct wise
direct wise Månad sedan
I think lazarbeam did it
Shiva Ayalasomayajula
Freash is laser beams son
The Reaper boys
The Reaper boys Månad sedan
Lands at stark industries during the hardest challenge ever
Peely da banana
Peely da banana Månad sedan
Idea:Only allowed to kill food skins
Lazi Månad sedan
They vaulted the rpg R.I.P
Ella Axelson
Ella Axelson Månad sedan
i did a head shot with a gold pump and it did 10 damage ur lucky harley
Shiva Ayalasomayajula
Yaaaaaa meeeee toooooo
Ayodeji Atunrase
Ayodeji Atunrase Månad sedan
I love how it’s his “hardest” challenge and it’s his shortest video😂
Harrison Graham
Harrison Graham Månad sedan
Anyone else noticed that he can see the kills in the top right corner
JackieChui427_YT Månad sedan
Ceeday did it first
Myst Dragon
Myst Dragon Månad sedan
If I did this I’d loose to an AI
Taveon Schwab
Taveon Schwab Månad sedan
Now you know what real life fortnite is
qwveyツ Månad sedan
4:45 dr.doom fr said:😐
Crazy family UwU
Crazy family UwU Månad sedan
What about the girl Challenge :p
toasty Månad sedan
Lmao ceeday did this in like season 4 and he’s a bot and he didn’t sort his inventory
Oliver Richardy
Oliver Richardy Månad sedan
Øhm do you guys remember the gamemode like this challenge Like if you do
Lorenzo Pena
Lorenzo Pena Månad sedan
Look at the top right corner like this if you see it
Ayden xDrippySaiyan
Ayden xDrippySaiyan Månad sedan
i aint gonna lie uve done harder fresh like WOLVERINE, MIDAS FLOp FloP, NO simp september
Meager Giant
Meager Giant Månad sedan
fresh this isn't your hardest challenge just wait
dio brando
dio brando Månad sedan
Fresh: THE HARDEST CHALLENGE Ceeday: hold my vodka
Gregory Kaw
Gregory Kaw Månad sedan
Bruh Lanan did this already lmao
Nebulapullz Månad sedan
if you look close enough you can see that he can see his map and the kill feed and his health its just cut out
Shilpa Vadlamudi
Shilpa Vadlamudi Månad sedan
Looks like a movie
Lucas Liu
Lucas Liu Månad sedan
do lazarbeams face as your crossair
Ardax Månad sedan
For some reason, I feel like he’s in replay mode! 😂😂
Landyn Phillips
Landyn Phillips Månad sedan
The hardest challenge ever is actually all the challenges combined
Brayden Vidana
Brayden Vidana Månad sedan
Video idea fresh can only kill superhero skins
AlertBlood Månad sedan
The hardest challenge and does a hotdrop
10ksubs_with_no videos??
Hope u all have a good day check my name,thanks for ur time 💜
Cole Lefebvre
Cole Lefebvre Månad sedan
love your vids
Flippie Blignaut
Flippie Blignaut Månad sedan
Video idea: rusty can only
B345T_LEGACYBOI Månad sedan
2:58 why did his shotgun shoot like that?
Gacha LIfenoob
Gacha LIfenoob Månad sedan
Video idea : if fresh gets shot once he has to leave the game no questions asked
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
1st like Remember your a goat.. haters just think negative.. gotta be positive 🦍💨 ( also I’m so close to my goal 🥺)
Samarth Agarwal
Samarth Agarwal Månad sedan
How on earth will he see the storm without the minimap
Ash Gaffey
Ash Gaffey Månad sedan
Can you stop say boy when ever your about to kill people
RJ_ Goat
RJ_ Goat Månad sedan
Yo u make it look so ez