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10 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 9 586   
DKMaster5321 Dag sedan
At the part he was talking about the mythic’s his gameplay looked like a trailer 0:14
Samuel Vestal
Samuel Vestal 2 dagar sedan
"I'm silver iron man. I'm a sturdier metal."
TornadoTy 2 dagar sedan
When fresh has gold iron man before you even get mystique or doctor doom
Mi Mick
Mi Mick 3 dagar sedan
The amount of ppl landing there tho
Muhammad Mika Jefry Rizal
The best ikr!
Jonathan Fox
Jonathan Fox 4 dagar sedan
Rabah Barghouthi
Rabah Barghouthi 5 dagar sedan
Lol, I re gently started watching fresh and I realized he killed me in this vid
Connor Hutcheson
Connor Hutcheson 5 dagar sedan
SH Simon Harding
SH Simon Harding 5 dagar sedan
Fresh rules!!!
Jeppe Fruergård Simonsen
lazar stell a blue ar for you
Landon Scott
Landon Scott 6 dagar sedan
O how the days were good without ghost
Kevin Valle
Kevin Valle 7 dagar sedan
Me and my little brother got 35 kills with all the mythics
NuzMy 8 dagar sedan
He bad
NuzMy 8 dagar sedan
Shea McIntyre
Shea McIntyre 8 dagar sedan
Nan boy he thick
Audrey Cumpa
Audrey Cumpa 8 dagar sedan
What’s up guys yes😂
Noah Andebrhan12
Noah Andebrhan12 8 dagar sedan
the fact that he nearly died to storm with music and just made it in while leveling up makes it feel so special
Zane Rigsby
Zane Rigsby 9 dagar sedan
why is your intro hey guys whats up, yes
isaac esquivel
isaac esquivel 9 dagar sedan
i do not know why i said that
isaac esquivel
isaac esquivel 9 dagar sedan
use code fresh
Kiprijan Cekov
Kiprijan Cekov 9 dagar sedan
Heavy sniper:dose the same thing l. I\__/l. l. 👋(ب_ب)
Aarav Seksaria
Aarav Seksaria 10 dagar sedan
U could’ve done the super jump lol
Temimator 9000
Temimator 9000 10 dagar sedan
Fresh is mark 21 and lazarbeam is mark 2
Raphael Gershater
Raphael Gershater 11 dagar sedan
fresh with 150 fps: its so laggy!! Me vining with 45 fps
Grayson Grzybowski
Grayson Grzybowski 11 dagar sedan
Fresh do a roll play
Jenny Hamilton
Jenny Hamilton 11 dagar sedan
I use your creator code in the item shop
Bryce Defloria
Bryce Defloria 12 dagar sedan
Ha. Haaaagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Gracie Violet
Gracie Violet 12 dagar sedan
SElosk getting comfortable with 2 unskippabe ads tut
Dab Knight
Dab Knight 14 dagar sedan
Lannan should have the uni beam so he can become: "Laser beam". Worst joke ever.
Nano-Reaper 13 dagar sedan
Smart lol
Frosty Boi FN
Frosty Boi FN 14 dagar sedan
QS Vay
QS Vay 14 dagar sedan
“Don’t lie who else is a FAN" "¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ.
Blaine Scott
Blaine Scott 14 dagar sedan
Use code lazar in the item shop or use code fresh
Asiru Asiru
Asiru Asiru 14 dagar sedan
It has aimbot
Jordyn Mir
Jordyn Mir 15 dagar sedan
Watch his intro full speed omg.. it's great.
Grayson X
Grayson X 15 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard when you came out of the storm and leveled up
its jack
its jack 16 dagar sedan
So much people
Veer Sejwal
Veer Sejwal 17 dagar sedan
Pause at 8:41
Gaige Logan Kooistra
Gaige Logan Kooistra 17 dagar sedan
i wish they wod keeep freazss farm raps
jacob plays
jacob plays 17 dagar sedan
in one momnt you killed me lol
17-Abdullah Songor
17-Abdullah Songor 17 dagar sedan
AJ TING 17 dagar sedan
Bindu Abraham
Bindu Abraham 17 dagar sedan
Just imagine if mrfreshasain pins this comment🙄☺
frxstyy wrlds ツ
frxstyy wrlds ツ 17 dagar sedan
Pls help me its 3 in the morning and the subscribe button is outside my fcking door
Tiffany Soup
Tiffany Soup 18 dagar sedan
LOL i like hoe you let lannan take your blue ar then you just take his green one without complaining
Dragon master Dark viper
Me waiting for them to know that it has aim bot 😫
Dizzy Beam
Dizzy Beam 18 dagar sedan
Who is whacking this after 1 week of this POI being out
Cheryl King
Cheryl King 18 dagar sedan
Cheryl King
Cheryl King 18 dagar sedan
There’s a volt
Vicki Lander
Vicki Lander 18 dagar sedan
Your so good
Harry Vu
Harry Vu 18 dagar sedan
There’s five chests
hyp4 colten
hyp4 colten 19 dagar sedan
I'm not going to get my money and time
Shan Saeed
Shan Saeed 19 dagar sedan
Whats up guys and yes... every intro of Fresh
ninja Greener
ninja Greener 19 dagar sedan
Who else saw him miss the purple scar in the vault
Luca De Brito
Luca De Brito 19 dagar sedan
It was an aug
anne sedigo
anne sedigo 19 dagar sedan
the guantlets dos not have aim bot
ItzKeegz LOL
ItzKeegz LOL 20 dagar sedan
That’s actually a lot bigger than I thought😂
Toxic-boy36 20 dagar sedan
Mr beam i dont feel so good
tuck0200 tuck0200
tuck0200 tuck0200 20 dagar sedan
2:22 that's me
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 20 dagar sedan
He Sacrice His Life For Pakistan
fardowsa mohamed
fardowsa mohamed 20 dagar sedan
fardowsa mohamed
fardowsa mohamed 20 dagar sedan
Fresh is too good
Mara Barretto
Mara Barretto 22 dagar sedan
Hi fresh can we plz play duos together I need wins😂
Ant Games
Ant Games 22 dagar sedan
T K teo
T K teo 23 dagar sedan
The gauntlets are like The seaso 8 Avengers
Board Director
Board Director 23 dagar sedan
I am your favorite person please add me
Board Director
Board Director 23 dagar sedan
Wolverine is also in Fortnite and you die with a 24 seven
Mark Zender
Mark Zender 23 dagar sedan
Hoy did you do that
Yeetusmcfeetus Gamer girl
Go in battle lab and get all the myphics coz u can do that now
TEAM AREX 23 dagar sedan
Egg Kid
Egg Kid 23 dagar sedan
They are fake marvel fans they just no it from fortnite
Dylan Pearson
Dylan Pearson 24 dagar sedan
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 24 dagar sedan
Anyone Watching In October 2020?
Brandon Gonzalezayala
Brandon Gonzalezayala 24 dagar sedan
freshi boy
Josten O'Donnell
Josten O'Donnell 24 dagar sedan
Can you please play as og Runigade rader and if it does not wherk then do blaze plz
Brian Phillips
Brian Phillips 24 dagar sedan
Laserbeam and fresh I have hollow foil she hulk
Aduckbitmyfinga 24 dagar sedan
Yes use code fresh I did use code fresh my boy
Gillian Sevilla
Gillian Sevilla 24 dagar sedan
I hate the powers thats why i hate season 4!
Jabba The butt
Jabba The butt 25 dagar sedan
the best duo in fortnite hitory
Aiden Games
Aiden Games 25 dagar sedan
Theres going to be a she hulk boss in lazy lake called she hulks territory
Imagine if u can hack iron man
OpTic Rxil
OpTic Rxil 25 dagar sedan
Me: Clicks Lazarbeam:I aM glnGeRbReAd, Na na Na Nanina Nana na
Kelvin BlueOcean
Kelvin BlueOcean 25 dagar sedan
Techno Dragon
Techno Dragon 26 dagar sedan
Why do I think that fresh is not playing as good as he is
Bogdan Scripca
Bogdan Scripca 26 dagar sedan
I want to have you on my friend list fresh
Iceclo 26 dagar sedan
What’s up guys yes
HELLO Dee 26 dagar sedan
I am a. Fan
GOD_SLAYER760 26 dagar sedan
8:40 that animation tho
AJ Bhogal
AJ Bhogal 26 dagar sedan
no he is not
Mark 26 dagar sedan
First reaction: “OMG THIS IPDATE IS COOKED! 😱” A day later: “ oh wow someone has the Ironman mythics 😐”
gaming with finlay
gaming with finlay 23 dagar sedan
gaming with finlay
gaming with finlay 23 dagar sedan
Why do I always spell wrong on phone
Dancing Dino
Dancing Dino 23 dagar sedan
gaming with finlay mythic
Dancing Dino
Dancing Dino 23 dagar sedan
gaming with finlay
gaming with finlay 23 dagar sedan
Ye like he was like this seasons broken then he is like these mithics are over powered
C0SM0S YT 26 dagar sedan
Did anyone else see that fresh changed his blue ar for a green one
Tonya Phillips
Tonya Phillips 26 dagar sedan
He is a swet
Tonya Phillips
Tonya Phillips 26 dagar sedan
Fresh is the best
Stephanie Natttle
Stephanie Natttle 27 dagar sedan
You a sweat fresh. Keep up the good work. Lets get to 8,000,000 subscribers
Aiden Diaz
Aiden Diaz 27 dagar sedan
I’m just loving the new background
Aiden Diaz
Aiden Diaz 27 dagar sedan
Seb stopmoshon Lego
Seb stopmoshon Lego 27 dagar sedan
Laser beam ahold ahah the beam becos ita a lazerbeam
Infinite fun And games
Infinite fun And games 27 dagar sedan
7:04 perfect timing
Nick Brooks
Nick Brooks 27 dagar sedan
one time i was at risky and i shot the unibeam at authority and got the kill :O
Mother Russia
Mother Russia 27 dagar sedan
It is so ez to kill iron man
Roxanne Dawson
Roxanne Dawson 27 dagar sedan
Can you add me on Fortnite my name is bootstrapbill13
Peter spiteri
Peter spiteri 28 dagar sedan
Small boy Robertson
Small boy Robertson 29 dagar sedan
0:35 lazars intro
Stacey Guizar
Stacey Guizar 29 dagar sedan
But surprisingly you didn't die