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17 aug 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Tobias Valmonte
Tobias Valmonte 16 timmar sedan
No one: Lannan:"Thanks man I needed some new Toilet Paper"
Mr.Specialist 2 dagar sedan
Flare gun is actually a gun as it has gun in its name 🤣🤣🤣
adam chaplin
adam chaplin 5 dagar sedan
Pp r.i.p
Alyssa Clopton
Alyssa Clopton 5 dagar sedan
Braxton 🦶🦶🦶🥺👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👣9
Little Doggo
Little Doggo 5 dagar sedan
Stream sniping...
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 6 dagar sedan
It should be the other way around fresh should coach ninja because fresh is better than ninja
rach 7 dagar sedan
Ninja and fresh
emma o connor
emma o connor 7 dagar sedan
Ninja is crap you are better
KVNG FMM17 7 dagar sedan
who thinks fresh is better than ninja in fortnite ?
Sai Raghavendran a
Sai Raghavendran a 7 dagar sedan
i just got clickbaited
Unspeakable122 0
Unspeakable122 0 8 dagar sedan
I thought he would be actually playing with him
Mike Katrina
Mike Katrina 9 dagar sedan
Didn't muselk do this book
mama dukez
mama dukez 10 dagar sedan
Yo fresh if your reading this your mama is better at fortnite than ninja
mama dukez
mama dukez 10 dagar sedan
Ninja is ok but fresh is way better
mama dukez
mama dukez 10 dagar sedan
Fresh is better than ninja
NickPlays 10 dagar sedan
With the losing fight into a win that tip helped me save 7 solo games pretty much all those games I just got low and ran and built, but I survived to the last the whole time they bring their guard down and I can sneak in some winning shots that kills them
Adhiraj Jaiswal
Adhiraj Jaiswal 11 dagar sedan
TapGamePlay 12 dagar sedan
Thats the chapter 1 book
Colton Petersen
Colton Petersen 13 dagar sedan
Who new fresh could get more sweaty
Challenge danger2
Challenge danger2 17 dagar sedan
Why is fresh is using ninga tips if he won him with lanan I am not being toxic it is just facts😂😂
george joshi
george joshi 18 dagar sedan
ninja is a bot
The cat master Barbosa
The cat master Barbosa 19 dagar sedan
Search for the cat master Barbosa
The cat master Barbosa
The cat master Barbosa 19 dagar sedan
Guys I’m a SEloskr
The cat master Barbosa
The cat master Barbosa 19 dagar sedan
And what if ninja is in the game and his friends is playing and fresh kills him and his friends say how did he kill you? And he says he learned that from me
The cat master Barbosa
The cat master Barbosa 19 dagar sedan
What if ninja watch’s this video do you think he will friend him in fornite
samantha 21 dag sedan
The hell
Joseph Burns
Joseph Burns 23 dagar sedan
needs indirect fire.... looks around picks up flare and fire fly's. "ok perfect"
OmegaLava666 23 dagar sedan
Shouldn't you coach him?
Kir_Jay 25 dagar sedan
Wait, Who else heard the "fuck you" in the backround at 7:26 - 7:27
Maciek Paluszek
Maciek Paluszek 25 dagar sedan
I have this book and ninja skin. l0l
Kiersten Surette
Kiersten Surette 26 dagar sedan
And your bater then ninja
Kiersten Surette
Kiersten Surette 26 dagar sedan
Ninjas a bot
Alaska White
Alaska White 26 dagar sedan
fresh you killed me you bic
Mihir Gaming 611
Mihir Gaming 611 26 dagar sedan
When Fresh releases a book on how to fortnite: ima make a vid on it
Axtro_Hayden 27 dagar sedan
ninja will be so happy seeing this
Nathan Henriques
Nathan Henriques 28 dagar sedan
It’s funny cuz fresh is so much better
Mandy Lorenzon
Mandy Lorenzon 29 dagar sedan
But is the book better than Jason's
Luckystork Månad sedan
tristan casianan
tristan casianan Månad sedan
100 percent Imposter
Great coach fresh
XxfirexX Banana
XxfirexX Banana Månad sedan
The way I combine my armory is by double pumping
Thomas The notable
Thomas The notable Månad sedan
Your better then ninja
Astro_Yeeter Månad sedan
Rip pp
[drippy zxmmy]
[drippy zxmmy] Månad sedan
I bet you that the ninja book Is good at clyninng that ass
Andres Del Billar
Andres Del Billar Månad sedan
Did any body notice that he got all of the mythic items
Mateo Redondo
Mateo Redondo Månad sedan
Frick you fresh lazar is not a bot you a bot
Ellzz Månad sedan
What’s that at 0:37😂
Kymbo2062 Månad sedan
Use code fresh in The item shop
Grayson Friend
Grayson Friend Månad sedan
Grayson Friend
Grayson Friend Månad sedan
Sharkiplayz Fortnite master
13:16 he’s just dead in the corner
Joris Penterman
Joris Penterman Månad sedan
He sais alot of damn dont you thinck?
Youna Radwan
Youna Radwan Månad sedan
Add me plz
Greer McDevitt
Greer McDevitt Månad sedan
nah read jasons get good book to make some covered bridges
Exo Tech
Exo Tech Månad sedan
7:36 its name is literally flare gun
Sentric Månad sedan
should be other way round
the controller wimps
fresh: i got u a book lazarbeam: thanks man i needed new toilet paper
Kendall Lindsay
Kendall Lindsay Månad sedan
Help fresh
Joshua Penton
Joshua Penton Månad sedan
Who else clicked on the vidro thinking that ninja would actully be in a call or somehing
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Månad sedan
I needed new 🚽 paper
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc Månad sedan
Love the content keep up the good work
Ludvig N
Ludvig N Månad sedan
Ninja is not poopin on peapole
Reuben Dsouza
Reuben Dsouza Månad sedan
i killed a guy with a flare gun in a icy mountain
Miguel Carlos
Miguel Carlos Månad sedan
Fresh is so good
Crxnky clue
Crxnky clue Månad sedan
Ur already wayyyyyy better than him
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez Månad sedan
Do it
Bruno J
Bruno J Månad sedan
You should us not lazer lazer youse code ninja
Ellen Bouweraerts
Ellen Bouweraerts Månad sedan
fresh is 10 times beter dan ninja
neha pawan
neha pawan Månad sedan
Why does fresh need that book lol
Joe Rutledge
Joe Rutledge Månad sedan
Did he really feel the need to show off a pic of him making out with someone? Like that’s a little cringey 😬 especially the “yeeet” sound effect to try and cover up the fact that he intentionally put the photo there and started throwing books on his couch....
gamer yt
gamer yt Månad sedan
I can ez beat ninja
Mr. Pokenis
Mr. Pokenis Månad sedan
"Use tracking aim to take down a moving target" means keep your crosshair as long as u can and wait until u have an advantage to hit him in plain sight. And, keeping ur crosshair at the target for a long time gives u a chance to aim straight at the enemy player like aim training.
Perfect Shadow
Perfect Shadow Månad sedan
is lazarbeam kissing a man or a woman?,SO MANY CONFUSING FEELINGS!!
The Fake Default
The Fake Default Månad sedan
Rudra GamerX
Rudra GamerX Månad sedan
The thing is my game lags I have a bad pc
Hardik Kumar
Hardik Kumar Månad sedan
This is how many times freshman said damn in this video I I V
LLettie67 Månad sedan
When Tessa sees this freshs finger excerise 🤤
James Cross
James Cross Månad sedan
Youre literally better than ninja ....not dumbing down his abilities but its true
Lost_ Spiral
Lost_ Spiral Månad sedan
Play Fortnite with controller and pc switch between them
PWR broncorich76
PWR broncorich76 Månad sedan
I’ve been confused on how that a scar headshot can do more damage than a choppa blowing up
Kishnani Simran
Kishnani Simran Månad sedan
Is it just me or fresh’s hands looked like a woman’s hand
Gaming with cross
Gaming with cross Månad sedan
Aidan A
Aidan A Månad sedan
1:30 lol
Emon Online Help
Emon Online Help Månad sedan
my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
icysunset fox❄🌄🦊
Lazercorn Månad sedan
Fresh 1v1ing ninja lol
Mohammad Ahmed Jan
Mohammad Ahmed Jan Månad sedan
Imagine ninja seeing this
Muhammad Shaql P2 Da Vinci
lasarbeam : toilet paper
Joshua D'Monte
Joshua D'Monte Månad sedan
Cindy Shum
Cindy Shum Månad sedan
This entire video is me not knowing whether Fresh is joking or not
Adam Channells
Adam Channells Månad sedan
Ninja watching fresh do exercises:Why you bully me? HAHAHAHA
Mel Månad sedan
6:48 "I have the high ground anakin"
Flor Berrio
Flor Berrio Månad sedan
Janice Stonebraker
Janice Stonebraker Månad sedan
Ninja is bad tg plays is bender
Martinez Family
Martinez Family Månad sedan
Can Mr Fresh plz send me a friend request my name is Bulldog Sabres
Sunabe TV
Sunabe TV Månad sedan
Wow he reaserched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Månad sedan
60 FPS is bad for fresh Me:laughs in 30fps switch
Lakshay Gupta
Lakshay Gupta Månad sedan
can you friend me
Ben Gregory
Ben Gregory Månad sedan
ninja sucks
galaxy dog
galaxy dog Månad sedan
fresh is gay look at tke pickcher
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