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29 aug 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
DaRedNinja Dag sedan
My favourite skin in Fortnite is The Reflex skin
Life With Hibba
Life With Hibba 2 dagar sedan
Fresh: we need to keep the bandage basooka 30 seconds later Fresh: drops the bandage basooka
Jayde Brooks
Jayde Brooks 3 dagar sedan
Only default Challenge
young park
young park 4 dagar sedan
B Z’s
B Z’s 4 dagar sedan
What if final player is not a marvel or avengers skin
NXS 45
NXS 45 4 dagar sedan
Awwwwww... why wont fresh use his outro! I love his outro song
Self Playz
Self Playz 5 dagar sedan
How is fresh in frenzy farm at 4 52
XXxx_Amazingness_xxXX 6 dagar sedan
You should’ve said the thickest supervillain
Halina Nalborczyk
Halina Nalborczyk 9 dagar sedan
I hsve the ffresh dragin I love it
Ratan Singh
Ratan Singh 12 dagar sedan
How did you go to frenzy farm
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 13 dagar sedan
do another video with mcreamy!!
Braydan Dwyer
Braydan Dwyer 14 dagar sedan
Hey boy I did
Fresh :0
Fresh :0 15 dagar sedan
Jakob Ringstad Aasmo
Jakob Ringstad Aasmo 16 dagar sedan
dude i was the she-hulk you killed at that destroyed house outside of slurpy swamps
Pancakes The Legend
Pancakes The Legend 17 dagar sedan
They should make a pickle skin
Jaden Jarquin
Jaden Jarquin 17 dagar sedan
rylan Flickinger
rylan Flickinger 20 dagar sedan
Imagine you log into the game and you're going to do this challenge but everybody was wearing a Noob skin
Jake 543
Jake 543 21 dag sedan
Thickest Wolverine
ToyBurger 22 dagar sedan
Lol this was when everyone was thor
Jcyrus h
Jcyrus h 23 dagar sedan
Jcyrus h
Jcyrus h 23 dagar sedan
SavageGucci1021 23 dagar sedan
Omen is a super hero u could’ve have killed him at 4:54
Camden Chee
Camden Chee 23 dagar sedan
I like the Idea
Ricardo Soto
Ricardo Soto 24 dagar sedan
AJ Bhogal
AJ Bhogal 24 dagar sedan
i just peeeeeeeee because you have a dragon
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc 25 dagar sedan
Love the content keep up the good work
Flinn Free build
Flinn Free build 26 dagar sedan
Hey fresh what’s up I’m in simp September
Dina G
Dina G 26 dagar sedan
Maria Kiprianidoy
Maria Kiprianidoy 26 dagar sedan
I already have him he is cracked
Lexi :]
Lexi :] 27 dagar sedan
Plot twist" 7:37 he said it was a default skin in that helicopter, but they could be wearing the Mystique skin if they didnt kill anyone. Mystique can do the emote to transform in to a default skin. So, Mystique is a marvel skin and what if he didn't know?!
Bo B
Bo B 28 dagar sedan
hassane haybi
hassane haybi 28 dagar sedan
katelyn ohashi
Leighton Marriott
Leighton Marriott 29 dagar sedan
Mladjana Pavlovic
Mladjana Pavlovic 29 dagar sedan
4:02 there was a lama
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez Månad sedan
dennis10 1
dennis10 1 Månad sedan
I am grut
Toys&Fun Månad sedan
Fresh is the next mavel villain lol
kan lim
kan lim Månad sedan
1:40 Now that's a lot of damage
Laser Gamer
Laser Gamer Månad sedan
No I missed the fresh dragon I even play this game
Dhruv Amin
Dhruv Amin Månad sedan
Why don’t u turn on your face cam
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Månad sedan
Props to fresh for making me addicted to fortnite
Jemuel Gracias
Jemuel Gracias Månad sedan
I got Ali A+ dragon and he's a ytr too like you
fruity smuthy
fruity smuthy Månad sedan
Lazarbeam has a dragon
Sonali B
Sonali B Månad sedan
They iron man mythics will come
Jamal Issa
Jamal Issa Månad sedan
Fresh I have 0 skins and 0 vbuks can you please give me some🥺 Beast78689 that’s my epic
Blord1408 YT
Blord1408 YT Månad sedan
Imagine eliminating a DC skin
ColdBee Månad sedan
omg stupid spammers
BananaBoiTTV Månad sedan
"Big D's" "PP" Why are always names penis related?
Monky Plays
Monky Plays Månad sedan
Fresh says ‘we need to protect the Civilians from their house getting destroyed at the same time breaking a house for mats Me: what that doesn’t make sense
Monky Plays
Monky Plays Månad sedan
Nickybuke 11
Nickybuke 11 Månad sedan
Oh so pay to lose
Zaldie De Guzman
Zaldie De Guzman Månad sedan
pp has evovled its not vanished pp became a big dick!
noooooooooooooooooooooooooo you ate a fish
Khendon Bell
Khendon Bell Månad sedan
Tobi Diaz
Tobi Diaz Månad sedan
I like how in the comics and movies they always blame the heroes who save at the entrie world from destruction but still get blamed for damage and lives lost that happened in that one place just pointing it out there Like if you agree
Mohammad Salem
Mohammad Salem Månad sedan
Because of your dumb challenges bruh
Krypto Månad sedan
1:12 Your welcome
KvNG WIZZ Månad sedan
Anyone notice reflex
Tatiana Bermudez
Tatiana Bermudez Månad sedan
mayra caceres
mayra caceres Månad sedan
Aww I love ur vid picture when u were protecting the defaults from the marbles skin
Mayan Shah
Mayan Shah Månad sedan
2:28 this bot is level 352 already epic what have you done
Cam the cameraman 4
Cam the cameraman 4 Månad sedan
Would you rather destroy a couple cities or the whole entire world
Jerome Brown
Jerome Brown Månad sedan
fresh to be onest your challnge had no groot
cassia ferreira
cassia ferreira Månad sedan
got the dragon
Taylor James
Taylor James Månad sedan
Dark bombers are to swetty
David Lujano Timbalero
Frazix Vrz
Frazix Vrz Månad sedan
i got your dragon fresh
Moshi Moto
Moshi Moto Månad sedan
Is it just me or has every tik tik emote they added only been bought for the music?
logan the beast at pubg
Fresh what would you prether the world to be destroyed or some cities broken they can't help it heroes they have to
mel Månad sedan
I play dragon city I love dragon city
Hossam Barhom
Hossam Barhom Månad sedan
selosk.info/class/video/j4qrs6CB14p8p3E.html h
Daniel C
Daniel C Månad sedan
I got fresh dragon it is so OP
Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis Månad sedan
I have a challenge idea! You can swap weapons until you get full invitory but no green,mythics,or lengendary Like for him to see
RO FAN Månad sedan
Fresh: I’m trying to make sure the superhero’s aren’t breaking all the building and stuff Also fresh: breaks the roof XD
Gunnar vlogs
Gunnar vlogs Månad sedan
i bet fresh would go back to school if jennifer walters was his teacher
LiMu Emu
LiMu Emu Månad sedan
R.I.P PHILLIP #fishyarmy
Squidy 2
Squidy 2 Månad sedan
Fresh: Don’t break the houses. Also Fresh: *breaks the roof and the floors to get loot*
Adam Talha
Adam Talha Månad sedan
He needs mats sometimes to poop on marvel skins
pixelpro 3033
pixelpro 3033 Månad sedan
Its true XD
Jean-pierre Coetzer
Jean-pierre Coetzer Månad sedan
I now how you look like you put your face in two vidoes so i now but eneyone dont now
Nonasalgame r
Nonasalgame r Månad sedan
I love pp
Ethan Wolf
Ethan Wolf Månad sedan
"i'm mssing all my shots!" Me: welcome to the club
StinkyCreeper Månad sedan
I have it to
look at this banana
look at this banana Månad sedan
I love fresh
Please help me get 507 Subs
Literally the 1% people who’s reading May your parents Live more than 100 years with good health ❤️
Andi Rozhgar
Andi Rozhgar Månad sedan
Why did I get banned for no reason
Tommythebomby The man
Vid idea Thiccist pickle in fortnite use your favorite weapons
Nicole Clancy
Nicole Clancy Månad sedan
Me same with emkay
Gavin Small
Gavin Small Månad sedan
Fresh is so good
Metlzin Ramirez
Metlzin Ramirez Månad sedan
* dragon city I play And fortnite*
Noah Clapz99
Noah Clapz99 Månad sedan
I did
The cool boy And his dad
That first skin was me :3
Greeny Wolf
Greeny Wolf Månad sedan
"7:17" fortnite money > fx8350.online It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
mc nugget
mc nugget Månad sedan
2:40 killing all marvel skins only cause they break houses breaks houses himself
Héctor Bautista
Héctor Bautista Månad sedan
I have the fresh dragon
Asreil Dreemur
Asreil Dreemur Månad sedan
I have an idea use lmg’s only
Reamer the Dreamer
Reamer the Dreamer Månad sedan
Fresh you should vs Lazar beam on dragon City
Fatty1D Månad sedan
I love Fresh
godly_ghost_ Månad sedan
How many times does he say BOI
Ghost Dayz
Ghost Dayz Månad sedan
U said ass!!!
Frome Town Robins weareBA11
fresh: being a bot when he doesnt know its a superhero.after: realizes its a superhero sweats 2:55
Erin Saunders
Erin Saunders Månad sedan
Me in
Liz De La Nuez
Liz De La Nuez Månad sedan
i just remembered i was that star lord in the lobby
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my new kill record...
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