playing catch with my dad in fortnite 

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22 jul 2020



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Xx bk-unbroken xX •_0
My dad said the same thing when lazer said I gonna go get milk and he hasn’t come back in 10 years
Jiyan Games
Jiyan Games 2 dagar sedan
Fresh= you are so trash at this game mod lannan= ok Fresh = y u so use less Fans= 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
mr.slimerboy 5 dagar sedan
Fresh my biggest dream is too play Fortnite with you
Yong Le
Yong Le 8 dagar sedan
"u can't run away like my real dad"
Despacito Frog
Despacito Frog 11 dagar sedan
Fresh : hey this isn’t real life don’t leave Me:😢
Seth Harteneck
Seth Harteneck 11 dagar sedan
bat boy
bat boy 14 dagar sedan
the day i am watching this lannan is lvl 185 and im lvl 185
Game Gamerz
Game Gamerz 19 dagar sedan
Ur dad meets your biological dad. Hmmmmm
Keaton Hermus
Keaton Hermus 21 dag sedan
Fresh did you not see that guy editing really fast in the lobby when laser laser went to get milk and Pokémon cards
Cass Lindsey
Cass Lindsey 24 dagar sedan
Cass Lindsey
Cass Lindsey 24 dagar sedan
Kaiden Waldock
Kaiden Waldock 24 dagar sedan
Is fresh s dad LAZARBEAM
ThE_b0T_01 24 dagar sedan
WHY I you call lazar beam mr beam?
Sher 25 dagar sedan
Is he your real father
The Nolans
The Nolans 27 dagar sedan
Ojaswi Dixit
Ojaswi Dixit Månad sedan
We love code fresh but not lazar lazar
Derrick Patten jr
Derrick Patten jr Månad sedan
LazarBeam you better take care of that sweaty boi but I do know that feeling when your dad goes to get milk lol
Bryxe Hall
Bryxe Hall Månad sedan
nick walker
nick walker Månad sedan
4:30 the kid macroing xp
CNTH Gaming
CNTH Gaming Månad sedan
Catch was a game mode a year ago...
Ylli Hyseni
Ylli Hyseni Månad sedan
Youz cot fresh
Raising Star
Raising Star Månad sedan
*sniff* father and son!
Sam Boynton
Sam Boynton Månad sedan
fresh pro lachy sweat lazerbeam memes muselk cocky
Empowerment With A Purpose
both of them are bad
Aesthetic StayArmy
Aesthetic StayArmy Månad sedan
The moment he said 'I already had 1 dad leave me' hit hardddd
Intaj Saif
Intaj Saif Månad sedan
Fresh is the real dad lol😂😂😂
Rithvik Raghuraman
Rithvik Raghuraman Månad sedan
oof catch
Areeb Butt
Areeb Butt Månad sedan
If lazarbeam is the dad to fresh doesn’t that make ilsa the mother
Kaiomg Evans
Kaiomg Evans Månad sedan
Cod fresh
MarkClear Månad sedan
10:01 this is what every games i expected it to be hectic
BorusDaTurtle Månad sedan
If lannan is fresh’s dad then does that mean ilsa is fresh’s mom
crazý lakìa
crazý lakìa Månad sedan
Catch wasnt a new gamemode it was in deason 6 i think
Lizard Twins
Lizard Twins Månad sedan
You like Pokemon cards? I love em. I got a 1000
Dimitri The Wolf
Dimitri The Wolf Månad sedan
How does it feel to have a dad
road to 100k
road to 100k Månad sedan
I swear that black skin keeps getting in your game
Liam onze
Liam onze Månad sedan
Who watched it in lazars live stream
ezavyy 2 månader sedan
Lusten at 9:34 with your eyes closed
Son of Blaze
Son of Blaze 2 månader sedan
Fresh, go to 4:24 in the video, and the guy on your right I’m pretty sure is using macros.
Diabetic Gamer
Diabetic Gamer 2 månader sedan
I haven’t laughed this hard in so long, I love when fresh does a video with lannan
Rudi 620
Rudi 620 Månad sedan
You have earned a like
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 2 månader sedan
Catch but make it ✨d e a d l y ✨
Rylin Smith
Rylin Smith 2 månader sedan
The game mode should have been called YEET! #Fresh
Lil_Carlitos 25
Lil_Carlitos 25 2 månader sedan
4:25 the nerd sweating his edits😂
Oscar Browne
Oscar Browne 2 månader sedan
Love this this is how many people love this 👇🏻
Oscar Browne
Oscar Browne 2 månader sedan
Love this this is how many people love this 👇🏻
Gaming With Fluff
Gaming With Fluff 2 månader sedan
The way to get rid of him is to move to China that’s where all h The COVID 19 is
Fishy 2 månader sedan
Fishy 2 månader sedan
Fishy 2 månader sedan
Pizza 🍕
Fishy 2 månader sedan
Don’t say what is up guys YES
Emma Logan
Emma Logan 2 månader sedan
Did Lazar really adopt fresh?
SLA .ACRIL 2 månader sedan
Imagine if he pulled a David dobrik and married freshs mom and actually become his dad
Aleksandra Ristevska
Aleksandra Ristevska 2 månader sedan
Cool tag vid
Kerwen Deller
Kerwen Deller 2 månader sedan
That's nice
Dream Plays
Dream Plays 2 månader sedan
Wait he’s your dad
EDOG Brawl Stars
EDOG Brawl Stars 2 månader sedan
We need to se fresh and lannan play catch in real life
Dyly64 2 månader sedan
U know that you are a good youTuber when SElosk comments on yr video!
Geordieboy Playz
Geordieboy Playz 2 månader sedan
Is lazarbeam really your dad?
MR IKONIK 2 månader sedan
It was lannon
Filip Stolarczyk
Filip Stolarczyk 2 månader sedan
Nicholas Hem
Nicholas Hem 2 månader sedan
Hydra 2 månader sedan
A storm flip is just a bigger fart that in comparison to the storm mells "less* bad so it stops you from taking damage in it
DJbou 2 månader sedan
Might as well call me daddy lol
Roland Aung
Roland Aung 2 månader sedan
Wait wait wait Is lannan Fresh's dad?
Inayah Arshad
Inayah Arshad 2 månader sedan
03:59 I was about to cry, that breaks my heart 💔 🥺 “ I have already had one dad leave me”
hale7710 hale7710
hale7710 hale7710 2 månader sedan
Please stop turning off the truck I want one like before 2021
yt Rafzoz
yt Rafzoz 2 månader sedan
can anyone check out my new montage?
Denden Comendador
Denden Comendador 2 månader sedan
Starcrafter Augustine
Starcrafter Augustine 2 månader sedan
Fresh:do you have any meds Lazarbeam:no I don’t I HAVE EXPLAINED THIS TO YOU, WHY DO YOU THINK I WANT TO LEAVE XD
Starcrafter Augustine
Starcrafter Augustine 2 månader sedan
Fresh:why did you throw a storm flip Lazarbeam:why did you-WHEN DO YOU THINK I GOT A STORM FLIP Me:XD
Skye 2 månader sedan
Lazar said its a banana with a pp?
Ella Griffin
Ella Griffin 2 månader sedan
are they actually father and son?
Ella Griffin
Ella Griffin 2 månader sedan
are they actually father and son
Galaxy Wolfy
Galaxy Wolfy 2 månader sedan
Lazarbeams your dad??
SNK Games
SNK Games 2 månader sedan
I love how he doesn't have a problem with calling Lazar his dad
Ben Gardner
Ben Gardner 2 månader sedan
Lazar crying "I threw a clinger at a dude and he ran after me"
Cryptic 2 månader sedan
We not gonna tLk about that editor
Soccerplayer18 2 månader sedan
It’s not new
no one likes me lol
no one likes me lol 2 månader sedan
wait remeber when muselk used to call fresh son on deathruns but lazars his dad but lazar kissed cray but cray said he loved muselk so fresh has 3 *_dads_*
Sqxxrtle 2 månader sedan
WhOs ThE bEtTeR pLaYeR
Cryptic 2 månader sedan
The guy that’s had macro in the vid when lazer went to get Pokémon cards
Pancho Lancho
Pancho Lancho 2 månader sedan
Breaking news Fresh is adopted
Bob B Bnz
Bob B Bnz 2 månader sedan
Fresh's mother: OMGGGGGGGGGGG
Jack Moharter
Jack Moharter 2 månader sedan
Bring it back every one needs to start a chant
David Cross
David Cross 2 månader sedan
fedi chalhoub
fedi chalhoub 2 månader sedan
hello addmeonfortnite
hello addmeonfortnite 2 månader sedan
I dont have a dad he went to go get milk
CallMeSnowyy 2 månader sedan
Lazarbeam: However I try I cant abandoned my child so we will have to plat catch.. Fresh after first match: Right I'm not playing with you anymore.
Lebron James
Lebron James 2 månader sedan
The true story is lazerbeam adopted a pickle and try’s his best leave this pickle.
Abel Castillo
Abel Castillo 2 månader sedan
11:58 you can here fresh sad
Aklaid 2 månader sedan
It’s a banana with a penis Lazarbeam 2020
Supreme_Alwyks 2 månader sedan
Is it just me or are they so funny
MARVEL MASTER PLAYER 2 månader sedan
"Fetch son!" - LazarBeam 2020.
Isaac Moscoso
Isaac Moscoso 2 månader sedan
Wait lazarbeam is fresh is dad then who banged lazarbam
Hadley Reynolds
Hadley Reynolds 2 månader sedan
Pokemon Master Greninja
Pokemon Master Greninja 2 månader sedan
I like when Lazar said that he will by fresh pokemon cards
XS-Storm 2 månader sedan
I wish i could play catch with my dad. He went to get get milk at the store 14 years ago so i have had dry cereal. Maybe he went to go find a ball too.
ishak geleleeuw
ishak geleleeuw 2 månader sedan
00:00 lol lazerbeam does the same intro as him here
Recon Rade
Recon Rade 2 månader sedan
congrats on6 mil
full power001
full power001 2 månader sedan
J-T-Rex 920
J-T-Rex 920 2 månader sedan
Only people that had their dad get the milk and never came back can like this comment😭😭
Alana Rauch
Alana Rauch 2 månader sedan
H3RO_YT GAM3R you dont have to im fine now lol
RAGERGAMER 2 månader sedan
@Alana Rauch I feel bad for you
Alana Rauch
Alana Rauch 2 månader sedan
i liked it anyway cause my dad cheated and is an alcoholic and is very narcissistic
Jackson Phan
Jackson Phan 2 månader sedan
Is the mother ilsa?
Devaki Sinnian
Devaki Sinnian 2 månader sedan
People who like fresh 👇👇
TheWolfzz 2 månader sedan
Hi fresh