scaring gamers in fortnite... (and lazarbeam office) 

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14 okt 2020



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Lacey Lobetta
Lacey Lobetta 6 timmar sedan
Laden trying to punch him
Zayden Edwards
Zayden Edwards 12 timmar sedan
Julio Camacho
Julio Camacho 12 timmar sedan
every one saw Jelly xD 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Amanda Moore
Amanda Moore 15 timmar sedan
Ik ur not gonna see this bu i got a pickle also
Admin Playz
Admin Playz 23 timmar sedan
9:51 succsexfull
Connor Irving
Connor Irving Dag sedan
My fortnite name is literary pickleman
Nugget Noob
Nugget Noob Dag sedan
Wow there are so many comments already who agrees
Team Variant
Team Variant Dag sedan
I wanna see fresh in my game
RedDidIt L
RedDidIt L Dag sedan
I actually hate fortnite right now even fresh is dying by these dam nerds they’re literally 95% of the play base now and I don’t think it’s getting any better
Stan Nobody._.
Stan Nobody._. Dag sedan
Fresh r u ok?...
Cwc Fan forever
Cwc Fan forever Dag sedan
If you just posted this how is there comments from 3 days ago
Ava Hayward
Ava Hayward Dag sedan
Im mad you didnt make muselk shit himself
Fortnite Gamer girl
I love ur vids so I gonna. Write a book, whith only your name
Fortnite Gamer girl
Watch my vid
Half.Asian.Who? 2 dagar sedan
Lannan is not scared at all he barely moved 😂
corrupt3dgamer 1010
corrupt3dgamer 1010 2 dagar sedan
Why is everybody a robot
corrupt3dgamer 1010
corrupt3dgamer 1010 2 dagar sedan
I want to meet fresh
Baconguy 99
Baconguy 99 2 dagar sedan
Just report these stupid comments and u will feel better, trust me!
Music Gilding
Music Gilding 2 dagar sedan
The person that was Dr doom in the vault that was me why do you have to do that fresh?.
Music Gilding
Music Gilding 2 dagar sedan
King Killas
King Killas 2 dagar sedan
How you go from 20 heath to 100 cheater
Brigamsbros W
Brigamsbros W 2 dagar sedan
me kinda
Physic Playz
Physic Playz 2 dagar sedan
Faux-Hawk 2 dagar sedan
i love your ranodm challenges fresh, i respect the work you put into comment, it would mean a lot if you would respond to this comment!
WaXimus 2 dagar sedan
"No one: Not even Fresh: Random comments: “Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Fresh 2020“ only for real fans 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗴𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀: 𝗺𝘆𝟳𝟳𝟴𝗰𝗼𝗱𝗲.𝗰𝗹𝘂𝗯" STFU FRICKING BOTS
Max Porter-Jones
Max Porter-Jones 3 dagar sedan
Repper Parra
Repper Parra 3 dagar sedan
Just show them your mullet lol
Dillon Nelson
Dillon Nelson 3 dagar sedan
Hey what’s up guys thickest pickle in fortnite
Palm Tv
Palm Tv 3 dagar sedan
On new years do a xhallenge where you can only loot for 12 seconds because it is 12 seconds in a year
Anne Cotterell
Anne Cotterell 3 dagar sedan
My birthday is on Halloween 👻
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 3 dagar sedan
what is going on guys, yes there is no comment other than thesse type of comments "No one: Not even Fresh: Random comments: “Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Fresh” only for real fans"
Not AdrianJhay
Not AdrianJhay 3 dagar sedan
Who else didn’t know mully was in the office
Ronan Devenish
Ronan Devenish 3 dagar sedan
Fresh: ....Because Halloween is on the 31st Me: Will there even be a Halloween
Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez 3 dagar sedan
That was my idea to loot for 31 seconds and he stole it!!! I even did that challenge.
Hugo Lopez
Hugo Lopez 3 dagar sedan
Yeah we did it together
Oliver Kennett
Oliver Kennett 3 dagar sedan
Do the no meds challenge
Eddie Sanchez
Eddie Sanchez 3 dagar sedan
Now people are gonna think I copied u
Eddie Sanchez
Eddie Sanchez 3 dagar sedan
I was just editing it right now
StealthyButters 3 dagar sedan
How did fresh go from Grey pump to a blue charge
CraZZy 01
CraZZy 01 3 dagar sedan
The dislikes are 911 oh my 😉
adsu 3 dagar sedan
When the dislikes are 911 😳
Douglas Sand
Douglas Sand 3 dagar sedan
I want to see fresh face
Douglas Sand
Douglas Sand 3 dagar sedan
Who want ps to see freshes face
QS Vay
QS Vay 3 dagar sedan
“Don’t lie who else is a FAN" "¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ.
X_x Narks
X_x Narks 3 dagar sedan
I eat a fishy😔😔
supersquirtle78 fan 69
You should use the reaper until November
TheSquasher 3 dagar sedan
10:50 Fresh being a hypocinte
Max Pfeiffer
Max Pfeiffer 3 dagar sedan
Happy picklewing
zahil asif
zahil asif 3 dagar sedan
Why is there jelly in the intro
Arnav Bala
Arnav Bala 3 dagar sedan
I liked Lazarbeam when he was younger
AMONEY 123 3 dagar sedan
Wait did I see mr.beast!!
Besian Bejko
Besian Bejko 3 dagar sedan
0:12 jellys poster is just stading there
Maddox Byars
Maddox Byars 3 dagar sedan
you killed my dad fresh :(
Wavmx death22
Wavmx death22 3 dagar sedan
Why land salty if ur doing a challenge it has Ned's but trash loot always
animae poki 79
animae poki 79 3 dagar sedan
halloween is my birthday
Tariel on mobile
Tariel on mobile 4 dagar sedan
Is the a James Charles portrait
Matthew Timmons
Matthew Timmons 4 dagar sedan
my subscribe button is grey
Omar Berdouni
Omar Berdouni 4 dagar sedan
Ayaan Zaman
Ayaan Zaman 4 dagar sedan
How do comments get so many likes
Ethan Blanchard
Ethan Blanchard 4 dagar sedan
5:45 you had a fire trap .-.
At the start i see jelly
Jean Maamo
Jean Maamo 4 dagar sedan
Fresh: he is a nerd But Fresh is a bigger nerd
To Sacrifice My own life for Pakistan
No one: Literally no one: Fresh u need to fix ur outro
Tropiqxz On 30 FPS
Tropiqxz On 30 FPS 4 dagar sedan
Who has been a fan before September? Gifting everyone who likes and subs to me
Mona Shoucair
Mona Shoucair 4 dagar sedan
Ur so good
Ivan Favian Hasan
Ivan Favian Hasan 4 dagar sedan
Hey its me someone from amongus
Botz AtFortnite
Botz AtFortnite 4 dagar sedan
Fresh can u give any tips for leveling up bp,I want to at least get all the gold foils
Kelby Cifuentes
Kelby Cifuentes 4 dagar sedan
Hmmmmmm fresh somehow got a blue charge instead of a grey one.......
ali arshad
ali arshad 4 dagar sedan
no one everyone in the comments whose bees a fan of fresh since 2020 or whatever like bruh
OfficialAntwan 4 dagar sedan
lol jelly in the background
Brogio Wijns
Brogio Wijns 4 dagar sedan
Fresh cheated look at 9:20 hé is 20 hp , now look a bit further hes back to 100 hp in the bush
Maur 2x
Maur 2x 4 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to just randomly see fresh and take a pic with him
AUS CLAN 4 dagar sedan
Day 54 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.
Israel Estanislao
Israel Estanislao 4 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does lannan look like Freddy Mercury?
Prachet Sau
Prachet Sau 4 dagar sedan
Can someone explain why they have a Jelly merch poster thingy in their office.
Rage Gamer
Rage Gamer 4 dagar sedan
Whoever is reading this: Your skin isn’t a paper don’t cut it Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it Your heart isn’t a door don’t lock it Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it Be you…stay safe (Btw small SEloskr just looking for your support) I did not create this quote Just wanna spred positivity
MAKE OUT HILL 4 dagar sedan
I’ll be scared to scare lazerbeam and that’s faxs
Rainbowtoyreviews 4 dagar sedan
I was gunna report some scam but holy scroll down jesus
James Parker
James Parker 4 dagar sedan
Why didn’t u let them loot the vault then kill them? But still love ur content
Cam's WildVidz
Cam's WildVidz 4 dagar sedan
That sub button thicc boy
Nicole cousins
Nicole cousins 4 dagar sedan
I hope you win😏😅🤩
Skeleton 4 dagar sedan
This man buying comments look at the bots 😂
Darth Stepdaddy
Darth Stepdaddy 4 dagar sedan
Why are there so many dam bots in the comments like cmon
Evan Tumi
Evan Tumi 4 dagar sedan
No one: Not even Fresh: Random comments: “Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Fresh 2020“ only for real fans 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗴𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀: 𝗺𝘆𝟳𝟳𝟴𝗰𝗼𝗱𝗲.𝗰𝗹𝘂𝗯
Aaron Brookhouse
Aaron Brookhouse 4 dagar sedan
Why is the comment section full of bots making fun of bots 😂
suryamani garimella
suryamani garimella 4 dagar sedan
My Birthday is on October 31 who others
Saif Abdul-Hadi
Saif Abdul-Hadi 4 dagar sedan
Hussein Almuslimawi
Hussein Almuslimawi 4 dagar sedan
Wait in salty he was on 20 hp then when he went in the bush he was on 100 hp
Vision 4 dagar sedan
The classic: What's up guys Yes
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 4 dagar sedan
Fresh if u go to ant mans house there’s tennis balls and u can move them like a soccer ball u should try to kick it to the win it has 800 health
Connor Hunt
Connor Hunt 4 dagar sedan
I miss dumb shit science
Chapter Man
Chapter Man 4 dagar sedan
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 4 dagar sedan
Why is everyone commenting that
Ethan Negroe
Ethan Negroe 4 dagar sedan
Why did you take the scar
Janco Van Rooyen
Janco Van Rooyen 4 dagar sedan
Love jour chanel
Dxjunaid 4 dagar sedan
11:27 LMAO
Noah Fakes
Noah Fakes 4 dagar sedan
I think it’s funny how he uses lazarbeam in every video so he gets more views
Chance Wendell
Chance Wendell 4 dagar sedan
imagine playing gaynite
Snakeless Gaming
Snakeless Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Who else realised there was a jelly cardboard board of jelly
シdazoroki 4 dagar sedan
these bots....
toxic lightningyt
toxic lightningyt 4 dagar sedan
I was in your among us game I was jarvis
toxic lightningyt
toxic lightningyt 4 dagar sedan
Yoo fresh ideas in your anomg us game
Fortnite WTF Moments #267