SPACESHIP LOOT ONLY! (most insane game) 

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2 aug 2020



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Kommentarer 7 704   
Splash - Brawl stars
Splash - Brawl stars 2 dagar sedan
Sava raoluf
J MYTHIC 2 dagar sedan
3:53 why was that chest fresh opened in the ground?
Life With Hibba
Life With Hibba 2 dagar sedan
Fresh: am I about to get this win first try Me: (sees how long of the video is left) yes Btw its at 9:13
Solomon pruteanu
Solomon pruteanu 3 dagar sedan
That qasnt actually 1 try remember
GeneralRalph YT
GeneralRalph YT 4 dagar sedan
"One flare caused all these trees to go on fire" Well that's basically California you.
WOLFXPRO - 7 dagar sedan
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 8 dagar sedan
u broke my kill record with a sniper XD
Tina Huang
Tina Huang 9 dagar sedan
Fresh does all this stuff and I can not ever get a victory Royale
Miong Cruz
Miong Cruz 11 dagar sedan
why do you like tiktok
Miong Cruz
Miong Cruz 11 dagar sedan
Cameron Mahn
Cameron Mahn 12 dagar sedan
Why isn’t my subscribe button thic
vibe police
vibe police 12 dagar sedan
R179 X train Gaming Productions
Fresh: Astronauts love apples! 6:19 Me: because they start with A!
Benny moez
Benny moez 17 dagar sedan
How can fresh get more elims than I can with my own chosen loot
UniKittyYT 1234
UniKittyYT 1234 17 dagar sedan
Idea for next video 1. Change keybinds to Fresh 2. Win with no meds 3. Win with lazarbeams girlfriend 4. Hide and only battle the last other player Sub to my channel if you love fresh
Am G
Am G 21 dag sedan
Justis Riggs
Justis Riggs 21 dag sedan
Why doesn't he upgrade his pistol????????
Pro Streamer BTW
Pro Streamer BTW 21 dag sedan
This is how many challenges Fresh has on shot! Plz subscribe to my SElosk channel cuz I’m tryna hit 1,000 Subscribers😃!!!
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 22 dagar sedan
congratulations on 6.58m subs
Courtneyplays_ 123
Courtneyplays_ 123 26 dagar sedan
When u have launched the ship once u cant lanch it again
Skek-Fortnite 27 dagar sedan
SEAKRED 27 dagar sedan
It was so easy for him that he has not even called it a challenge in the title
adrik montano
adrik montano Månad sedan
He kept using the pistol and he said spaceship loot only
Samuel Raker
Samuel Raker Månad sedan
This is the amount of times he said Instant reload 👇
stephanie sotelo
stephanie sotelo Månad sedan
Notice how he keeps dropping the sniper every time he shoots like if you noticed. 👇🏻
Chloe Chang
Chloe Chang Månad sedan
he can win with only a sniper and me with a good stuff i can't win lol
zezo King
zezo King Månad sedan
You chatting
Charlie Morris
Charlie Morris Månad sedan
Well done fresh
Martha Pattinson
Martha Pattinson Månad sedan
That what happens when fresh uses snipers
Fishy Nibbles
Fishy Nibbles Månad sedan
Nicholas Guzman
Nicholas Guzman Månad sedan
drop the pistol
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc Månad sedan
Your so good fresh
Owl Ninja11
Owl Ninja11 Månad sedan
You mean a smiper
Arthur Plays
Arthur Plays Månad sedan
Press that big boy real quick
nancy cornelius
nancy cornelius 2 månader sedan
Yesterday me and my friend we got a 21 elimination game in duos
Geo Attar
Geo Attar 2 månader sedan
Framed 2 månader sedan
Here’s a drinking game: drink every time he says “instant reload”
Fishinglord Gaming
Fishinglord Gaming Månad sedan
I already did that challenge way before you put it out sooooooo to bad
Nolan Scott
Nolan Scott Månad sedan
Weeblox Games
Weeblox Games 2 månader sedan
Fresh ne like ima lose next minute kills 14 freaking player
bushra alhalmi
bushra alhalmi 2 månader sedan
How many times he said instant reload
Gl!tch 2 månader sedan
Kan you play normal
emil andersson
emil andersson 2 månader sedan
Why does he always speak like he ran a mile straight
Kaelin Bonenfant
Kaelin Bonenfant 2 månader sedan
You killed me I was that black version of yellow jacket
Geekertron YT
Geekertron YT 2 månader sedan
The pistol wasn’t from the cheats tho
Quinn Lai
Quinn Lai 2 månader sedan
fall out boy
Koltisn 2 månader sedan
I legit knew this was gonna be a challenge and I finally found out that it was made a challenge.
skylil morgan
skylil morgan 2 månader sedan
STOP SAYING GD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raul Gonzalez Jr
Raul Gonzalez Jr 2 månader sedan
Fresh out on facecam
Juda Is Bad
Juda Is Bad 2 månader sedan
To the 1% Of you seeing this, I hope u and ur family stay safe and have a blessed rest of ur day 💝 ( Also Read my name 🔔 )
Matt Berry
Matt Berry 2 månader sedan
Daniel Ormond
Daniel Ormond 2 månader sedan
Anthony Maher
Anthony Maher 2 månader sedan
Husseiniscool 2 månader sedan
This is how many times he said instant reload
when u killed that Jules skin it was me lol
KAPIL BHASKAR 2 månader sedan
fresh :all he needs is a bolt-sniper me: have every mythic and still can't win
Elite Frugal
Elite Frugal 2 månader sedan
yeah. “first try?” hmm 🤔
Liliana Rodriguez
Liliana Rodriguez 2 månader sedan
Fresh kills me that was me the one that you killed like right now
Laila لیلا
Laila لیلا 2 månader sedan
I love the thought that fresh just got lazarbeams kill record with a gold bolt and grey pistol
Geoff Sample
Geoff Sample 2 månader sedan
your insane
B L O O N S 2 månader sedan
Fresh said gg to an bot. Respect.
raelea 2 månader sedan
Talks shit on the sniper then gets the victory
Zach Peta
Zach Peta 2 månader sedan
Gold boat
mester yde
mester yde 2 månader sedan
Your so god at the game Kari me ples im not god My name is master-yde add me plese 👌
MAY GUGU 2 månader sedan
Notyme xX
Notyme xX 2 månader sedan
Like that he calls the shark Bruce like from Nemo. Fish are friend not food.
MrJellyBean 2 månader sedan
What’s up guys yes
Miranda 2 månader sedan
Wait how did I not know it was there
Bacons Brother
Bacons Brother 2 månader sedan
Are we going to get the boys going
knot 2 månader sedan
**Fresh** Aw I got a sniper! Guess it’s sniper only! **Fresh** - Uses a grey pistol.
Lucas van der Dussen
Lucas van der Dussen 2 månader sedan
How many times did fresh said: GREY PISTOL, GOLD BOLT AND INSTANT RELOAD
Lucas Van Der Dussen
Lucas Van Der Dussen 6 dagar sedan
@Joshua King hi
REAPER Gamer 7 dagar sedan
Too many
Joshua King
Joshua King 25 dagar sedan
Brian Burdick
Brian Burdick Månad sedan
alternate title fresh exploiting sniper reloads for half the game
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 2 månader sedan
Head goated
Reyan Aggarwal
Reyan Aggarwal 2 månader sedan
A Random Kid
A Random Kid 2 månader sedan
Hi fweshy boiii
Tate The Viking
Tate The Viking 2 månader sedan
What's up guys yes
Lucienne Lockett
Lucienne Lockett 2 månader sedan
Stary 11
Stary 11 2 månader sedan
7:36 fresh blue charge does around 120 to 180 damage so ye
blubunnie 2 månader sedan
Lizord-x 2 månader sedan
you mad
0xelk lxvce
0xelk lxvce 2 månader sedan
After breaking a few laptops in my life I finally decided , I know what I’m gonna do for a living!!!........... watch youtub3 videos on Fortnite and gta. That’s my final decision
Martin Alger
Martin Alger 2 månader sedan
This just gave me nostalgia cuz i just remembered how i camped in season 3 in a bush with a blue bolt good times cuz no one knew haw to build back then
fortnite bot
fortnite bot 2 månader sedan
Your so gooooood at fortnite!!!!!
OMS2025 GraceS
OMS2025 GraceS 2 månader sedan
When I get a pistle it is hard to kill people when fresh gets one he is cracked
Jack Jansen
Jack Jansen 2 månader sedan
freshy boy is insane
Jack Jansen
Jack Jansen 2 månader sedan
that is so true
TrickenChicken 2 månader sedan
whos watching in 2019
LINCOLN R HOWES 2 månader sedan
You should do this again
David and Jerimiah Jewells
It is proofin he is a better sniper than me
Sreedhanvi 2 månader sedan
0:24 the astronaut man is still there he didn’t go away with the space ship
Blake Nelson
Blake Nelson 2 månader sedan
9:57 you can see the gamers red outline through stuff
Mega Muffin
Mega Muffin 2 månader sedan
I'm kinda jealous fresh gets so many bots in his game
The Darkest One
The Darkest One 2 månader sedan
You know he is lonely when he says GG to a bot
LV Fernando
LV Fernando 2 månader sedan
Focus Ascend
Focus Ascend 2 månader sedan
Machi been quiet after this
J.R. Morrison
J.R. Morrison 2 månader sedan
Yeah because the freaking people but I was watching the ship they fucking shit girl so cookbook we dropped it off for me I’m so mad right now
chris king254
chris king254 2 månader sedan
Safwan Ahmed
Safwan Ahmed 2 månader sedan
At least it's something
Jhoana Comendador
Jhoana Comendador 2 månader sedan
Our life is a lie
Abiam Aguirre
Abiam Aguirre 2 månader sedan
Two weals ago ?
Jackson C
Jackson C 2 månader sedan
Luid claps
Luid claps 2 månader sedan
Yeet day 39
Preston myrtil
Preston myrtil 2 månader sedan
Just because you called it thick I’m not gonna press it gay ( I don’t hate hay people it’s just kinda weird)
John Johns
John Johns 2 månader sedan
I remember I was playing duos with my friend and I got 20 kills all by myself just by dropping at pleasant park like how did I even manage