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26 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 5 322   
Louis Gilbert
Louis Gilbert 3 dagar sedan
sub to him
LemonLazer 6 dagar sedan
From PP to Big Dees
Optionalcrowd3 6 dagar sedan
The first skin he used (calamity) was my crush when I started fortnite
Treasa Lane
Treasa Lane 11 dagar sedan
Challenge use projectile myithic iron man and double d
Candelario ramos
Candelario ramos 14 dagar sedan
Lol that’s so true it’s so Interesting 🍆
MN - 06RD 778323 Tribune Drive PS
Is it me or does he swear more
Epicc 17 dagar sedan
Dude with everybody being wierd and creepy fresh had to change the title from "the king of big D's" to "the king of big DEEZ".
Sheridan Jones
Sheridan Jones 17 dagar sedan
Hi fresh I ordered your merch and will take a photo on Insta and tag you I love your vids
Yasin Uddin
Yasin Uddin 19 dagar sedan
i wanna get honey the app but the thing is that they always talk about it so annoying
Ruth O'Driscoll
Ruth O'Driscoll 23 dagar sedan
Hi. fesh. I. Spent.
Ruth O'Driscoll
Ruth O'Driscoll 23 dagar sedan
Hi frasl
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza 23 dagar sedan
now there's only bigdeedz
Cristo Nevarez Bajo
Cristo Nevarez Bajo 25 dagar sedan
No shit
Julian du Toit
Julian du Toit 25 dagar sedan
He changed the titld from Bid D to dees
Sourbigbubba 25 dagar sedan
Deez nutz
David Glover Jr
David Glover Jr 26 dagar sedan
I am a Bot at the game so I just got my first skin and I use code fresh so everybody else use code fresh 😋
S H A N 26 dagar sedan
Wait, the name changed
Nidgeoran 1
Nidgeoran 1 26 dagar sedan
Like the way he changed the name of it now 😂🤣
Ben Rasmussen
Ben Rasmussen 26 dagar sedan
Fresh is cracked but also why are these lobby's so dead on Nae its surge every lobby in opens. Maybe its because nae has more top teir players and has more players?
Lisa Wilgosz
Lisa Wilgosz 26 dagar sedan
Not in marvel game modes
Lisa Wilgosz
Lisa Wilgosz 26 dagar sedan
The bramble shield has been vaulted
Lisa Wilgosz
Lisa Wilgosz 26 dagar sedan
Big dee
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 27 dagar sedan
Challenge Idea: Wolverine Challenge, you have to kill him, get his claws. You can only use the claws to kill people and you can only stay around Weeping woods. Like so he can see this!!
OhShostak-Brawl Stars
OhShostak-Brawl Stars 27 dagar sedan
The title changed I think
Devin LeBlanc
Devin LeBlanc 27 dagar sedan
(changes title because of demonetization)
xd jayden
xd jayden 27 dagar sedan
u should play with lachlan more
JagonNotFound 27 dagar sedan
Why did I just get a notification that this was just uploaded tf
Caleb Reyes
Caleb Reyes 28 dagar sedan
lol deez
Alex Soto
Alex Soto 28 dagar sedan
Courtney Jimison
Courtney Jimison 28 dagar sedan
Terell Loyd
Terell Loyd 28 dagar sedan
Nihar Deo
Nihar Deo 28 dagar sedan
Petition for fresh to use facecam
XD -Uplift
XD -Uplift 28 dagar sedan
Why does the title sound like a pørn title
Zack Brewer
Zack Brewer 29 dagar sedan
Did you know most girl fortnite players who post naked shots get lots of v bucks from friends
KingLeeko -_-
KingLeeko -_- 29 dagar sedan
King of big Deez 🥜
Craig Von Naldoza
Craig Von Naldoza 29 dagar sedan
Stacey Guizar
Stacey Guizar 29 dagar sedan
How do I keep messing this up when you float down after going into the air
Stacey Guizar
Stacey Guizar 29 dagar sedan
I meant the new float down it will send you flying
Stacey Guizar
Stacey Guizar 29 dagar sedan
There's this little secret where when you use the Iron Man Repulsor than you slow down if you land on a crash pad it was send you flying you could probably get from the authority to Misty Meadows island with it I think you should do a challenge where you can only use those this Crash Pad secret to move but if you don't have any just I guess walk
B2sRyguy23 29 dagar sedan
You know someone's good when your laptop can't even handle these edits or plays and keeps pausing!
vDeAndre 13
vDeAndre 13 29 dagar sedan
nice title change .
jamal rozier
jamal rozier 29 dagar sedan
Fresh it's my birthday im 13
Joel MURRAY 29 dagar sedan
Who here after x2 are contesting big d
omar beez
omar beez 29 dagar sedan
You still play gaynite wow
Leon Drawz
Leon Drawz 29 dagar sedan
He edited the title...
OOGA BOOGA 29 dagar sedan
Big deez!
SP7CE Månad sedan
I hate that he calls it big d’s because dirty docks is still a thing!
XD Zouzi
XD Zouzi Månad sedan
Big d
Gloder Månad sedan
Puroom Kim
Puroom Kim Månad sedan
Had to change the name of the title XDD
Cxtrol Månad sedan
Did anyone realise he changed the title lol
Imitation_butter Månad sedan
It’s crazy how he plays this like a normal pub match and still pops off I mean I would be sweating like hell and die to a llama
Student Ty Cole
Student Ty Cole Månad sedan
MRJAYBOI OA Månad sedan
Fresh my boi chill out with the storm battles I remember the lazarbeam arena video jk do what you want I suck at the game.
CK_360 Månad sedan
Big d's ball😆😆🥺😂😂😂
Infernal Knight38
Infernal Knight38 Månad sedan
I wonder if Big D has any other big things, if you know what I mean
SK Sno
SK Sno Månad sedan
He changed the title
APOCALYPSE Månad sedan
bro how r u still playing w/ squeakz after he griefed u?
HMKD PlayZ Månad sedan
Lol he changed the title
zayvion corner
zayvion corner Månad sedan
Stop cursing my mom said I’m banned from your channel
King Cwasont
King Cwasont Månad sedan
I fractured my foot and your videos are really making me feel better thank you
Dawaanda Månad sedan
So sweaty in here
Bts Bts
Bts Bts Månad sedan
Bts Bts
Bts Bts Månad sedan
Jake Burr
Jake Burr Månad sedan
Enough of 2020 Fortnite subscribe to mr beast
ebruhmoment 00
ebruhmoment 00 Månad sedan
is it just me or is he playing with the biggest a hole
Hans Månad sedan
Who just came here from a noti
orangesharkboy108 Månad sedan
Robert Gericke
Robert Gericke Månad sedan
Fresh:"King of Big Deez." Dr.Doom:"Bruh...No.
Mr Gibbon
Mr Gibbon Månad sedan
And he changed the title.....
Wyatt Gerry
Wyatt Gerry Månad sedan
He only died one time
JackGG. Månad sedan
When these 3 do creative fresh usually gets steam rolled but in game his play style is so strange and it works so well
DaNTè WhiTtAkEr
DaNTè WhiTtAkEr Månad sedan
On all levels except physical, IM MARY POPPINS B*TCH
Soloman Alexander
Soloman Alexander Månad sedan
They would have won if they weren't late
tiffany tate
tiffany tate Månad sedan
You know pp now dd
Go Away
Go Away Månad sedan
Well, you better 45 minutes late next and you'll easily be first XD Thank you for another great vid and take care of yourself, Mate
ghufran tariq
ghufran tariq Månad sedan
i like to think that epic games is one of the heros to bring ]back my favorite guns
student 10
student 10 Månad sedan
Bro Just were your god dam green skin and you will win every roulnd
Abdullah Sajid
Abdullah Sajid Månad sedan
Make a video about The King of Big Teez
Falco Månad sedan
rip old name :(
dinoboi _
dinoboi _ Månad sedan
I’m king of big deez in na west
Coltcalivn laxr
Coltcalivn laxr Månad sedan
Since i heard that kinda mythics i used the big ball and then i said "FELL THE POWER OF MEMESTERSANS!!" I loved it
Mohamed Izam
Mohamed Izam Månad sedan
the king of big deez title all i see shooting with pump and ar
Etisyia scott
Etisyia scott Månad sedan
They uh didn’t get removed I played wit them yesterday or did I 🧐
AestheticRoblox Månad sedan
Why would they remove all those wonderful mythics?!?!? Iron mans mythics are the best in my opinion!
toria 1209
toria 1209 Månad sedan
Do the thickest doom and only use his mythis
Avishka Fernando
Avishka Fernando Månad sedan
Hmmmmmmmm big deez green big ball hmmmmmmmmm some relation her
russell f
russell f Månad sedan
is he gonna finish that title? LOL
Colin Morgan
Colin Morgan Månad sedan
Deez what
NoClan UnicY
NoClan UnicY Månad sedan
Freshes voice sound like he is trying to act cool
10k subs with no video
Fresh is SO cracked
Aishna Jain
Aishna Jain Månad sedan
Woah ur anime is like umm killing
plasmaizinsane Månad sedan
This first clutch was insane i watched it live
Madison Warner
Madison Warner Månad sedan
I am a huge fan of fresh and laserbeam you guys are funny
Nick Lambert
Nick Lambert Månad sedan
warning: in this video they sweat soooo hard so if allergic to the most sweatiest people on of in fornite like sub and dont watch the video if your allergic
Zack Wu
Zack Wu Månad sedan
lets be real here, the only reason we watch fresh because he has skill that we can only do when the zapotron comes back, which means that we can never be in fresh's skill
Jayden Bohazi
Jayden Bohazi Månad sedan
I subscribed
Jayden Bohazi
Jayden Bohazi Månad sedan
You are the best SEloskr in the whole wide world
B0t Månad sedan