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8 aug 2020



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Kommentarer 11 270   
Lenart6 2 dagar sedan
I got like 99998
Moha Noor
Moha Noor 7 dagar sedan
Fresh why don't you ever show your face
Gotta GoFast
Gotta GoFast 8 dagar sedan
Lol what’s the point of getting a better sniper. One shot kills u
Gotta GoFast
Gotta GoFast 8 dagar sedan
The Siren that fresh killed realized that she couldn’t beat the one shot kind lol
Turtle Master
Turtle Master 9 dagar sedan
Fresh u are not the best one shot king Mc creamy is
Umar Abbasi
Umar Abbasi 11 dagar sedan
Yo fresh love the content but mix up the intro a bit. You say the same thing in every video. But big fan respect
MasterGamer65 18 dagar sedan
1:14 I’m the one shot king 10 seconds later Dies to a crossbow
Ace MacawH
Ace MacawH 22 dagar sedan
Me: So basically in one shot you have the hop rock effect for the whole game. That new kid in Fortnite: “DoNt YoU mEaN tHe HoP fLoPpEr EfFeCt” OG’s: T R I G G E R E D
Star Lord
Star Lord 28 dagar sedan
Fresh: I AM THE ONE SHOT KING! McCreamy: not bad kid
ninjakid2353 29 dagar sedan
Just only ever use hunting rifles
MotionTime147 Månad sedan
Fresh : am the one shot king but not wan i make a vid😅
Diana Pena
Diana Pena Månad sedan
Elliany Behrens
Elliany Behrens Månad sedan
But fresh is still my favorite SEloskr
Elliany Behrens
Elliany Behrens Månad sedan
I don’t like the sponser of this video
DerpyFish Månad sedan
6:05 if you watch until fresh twittew pops up when he gets the kill the twitter make the noise when you follow
Ryder Quesenberry
Ryder Quesenberry Månad sedan
Can he stop cussing that is very bad
Ryder Quesenberry
Ryder Quesenberry Månad sedan
Your not a one shot king
Jukka Savikangas
Jukka Savikangas Månad sedan
One shot King so is mcreamy One shot Queen?
Carmelina Manzo
Carmelina Manzo Månad sedan
You so right
Moise Kirongozi
Moise Kirongozi Månad sedan
Epic battle....... Alia vs........ LAZARBEAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!
vivekanandan arasappan
how is no rage quits reporting him for aimbot
Mr. Mad gaming
Mr. Mad gaming Månad sedan
First time I’m ever seeing fresh die that many times!
Dragonslayer Månad sedan
I win yeet
lazar lukic
lazar lukic Månad sedan
Im the 99.400 like
ashmanplayzYT Månad sedan
Looks at players: a quater of Stark indestries BTW YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET
ashmanplayzYT Månad sedan
Is this One shot or sniper shootout
Patrick is a qt
Patrick is a qt Månad sedan
Fresh: oneshot king Mcreamy: ur the oneshot king and im the oneshot GOD
Shalom Danielson
Shalom Danielson Månad sedan
When one shot is back you guys should do mccreamy vs fresh
MegaTops 2009 : Fortnite
5:40 "A GOLD BOLT" it is a hunting rifle
Aussie Brick Productions
It’s a hunting not a bolt
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Månad sedan
Adept Eagle
Adept Eagle Månad sedan
I'm the chief of the no build police so this is a warning don't build in one shot
Oasis Spida
Oasis Spida Månad sedan
6:08 twitter bird chirped in time with the shot
Thevgamin Månad sedan
So we’re gonna forget about streamer btw og still want this
beer brand
beer brand Månad sedan
Epic: sorry Bruh its not your lucky day!
George Stevenson
George Stevenson Månad sedan
we like anime
Max Middleton
Max Middleton Månad sedan
Charlie Instefjord
Charlie Instefjord Månad sedan
Me sees the kill feed Fresh was eliminated by sharkboy with a crossbow That’s got to be the best aim I’ve ever seen
FaZeGhost Playz
FaZeGhost Playz Månad sedan
Fresh you need to join FaZe
Caleb Brummett
Caleb Brummett Månad sedan
I've been cursed with getting 4th place
XD Brucey Playz _______
Asreil Dreemur
Asreil Dreemur Månad sedan
Me: *skips through vid* The vids: WASSUP GUYS WASSUP GUYS WASSUP GUYS
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc Månad sedan
Your sniping is clean fresh
MasterGamer65 Månad sedan
3:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I cant stop laughing
MasterGamer65 Månad sedan
2:40 you’re messing with the one shot king 21 seconds later... Dies to a crossbow
MasterGamer65 Månad sedan
The 21 seconds was at 2:53 just to let you know
MasterGamer65 Månad sedan
2:20 I’m not dying to any crossbows 5 seconds later He gets pickaxe
Sam Le
Sam Le Månad sedan
THanxFamala M
THanxFamala M Månad sedan
“That was quick and clean”
Gavin Kyle
Gavin Kyle Månad sedan
You bot
Tenzonet Kudera
Tenzonet Kudera Månad sedan
Can we get an oh my gosh counter
Furnox Månad sedan
Fresh be like: THE ONE SHOT KING :mcreamy, faze Kaz, Fearless, me,: So you have chosen death :I’m acctually kind of a good one shotter tho Tbh also sorry for bad grammar I’m doing this comment in midnight:
Summer Roberts
Summer Roberts Månad sedan
Can you add me my epic account is RTVwolf
Unknown Månad sedan
Xavier Wursthorn
Xavier Wursthorn Månad sedan
mccreamy's the sniper god if you ask me.
PrestonC2010 :D
PrestonC2010 :D Månad sedan
I used to be really good at one shot until mobile went away. I was at the stage where I just defeat squads but not quick
vernons vibes
vernons vibes Månad sedan
Elliott Talbot
Elliott Talbot Månad sedan
The secret to one shot is you dont hav to have a higher rare ratity
Gabriel Harvey
Gabriel Harvey 2 månader sedan
The one shot king is mccreamy
Dust Playz
Dust Playz 2 månader sedan
this is how many time he said one shot king
Ethyn 2 månader sedan
Mccreamy: Boi you challenging me??? Mcreamy: 30bomb
Troy Bedikian
Troy Bedikian 2 månader sedan
Fresh: “I’m the one shot king” Mcreamy: “hold my beer”
Bendy Goes insane
Bendy Goes insane 2 månader sedan
MeMe StRaTs is that one shot ☺️
XD cloud
XD cloud 2 månader sedan
No hate but McCreamy is still better
Mysteriousdani Gaming
Mysteriousdani Gaming 2 månader sedan
Let's go! let's give him 7 MILL now!👏👏👏👏
Mike Ibrahim
Mike Ibrahim 2 månader sedan
You killed me and my friend I was the galaxy scout
redskull 9201
redskull 9201 2 månader sedan
Everyone Fresh nomygod 1 word Me 🤔
redskull 9201
redskull 9201 2 månader sedan
No noscoops?🤔
Marisol Angulo
Marisol Angulo 2 månader sedan
I wont to play with u
Triple M Gaming
Triple M Gaming 2 månader sedan
How can he aim in mid-air???😭😂is there any way to do this on console??
bigmitch 005
bigmitch 005 2 månader sedan
Fresh:am the one shot king (the boss walks out) FE4RR:am back..
Beast 2 månader sedan
Fresh: One shot king Comikazie: One shot god
Faisal Nefi
Faisal Nefi 2 månader sedan
Your insannnnnnnnnnnn
Exaclibruh 2 månader sedan
There are more hate comments here than the kills Fresh got.Why so much hate....
Matthias Petelo
Matthias Petelo 2 månader sedan
It was my birthday on the day this came out and of all the times you don't finish or win the challenge it was now
Punisher GHOST
Punisher GHOST 2 månader sedan
Allyson Lam
Allyson Lam 2 månader sedan
a rare clip of fresh not winning a game
Thompson Fisher
Thompson Fisher 2 månader sedan
Wanna pickle pickle ;D
BigB 2 månader sedan
You are not the one shot god Mccreamy is he can get a solo squad 30 Bomb win first try
Oliver Torres
Oliver Torres 2 månader sedan
6:08 the twitter thing was perfectly timed 😂
Daniel Louie
Daniel Louie 2 månader sedan
Was he trying with he sponser
NinjaBoi47 2 månader sedan
Please friend me
Natsuki 2 månader sedan
Fearless who?
George Torres
George Torres 2 månader sedan
Why u promote anime t!t$
Jake Huerta
Jake Huerta 2 månader sedan
5:41 He said a gold bolt
CLMDOWN 2011 2 månader sedan
The one shot king is here
jorden webber
jorden webber 2 månader sedan
I love fresh!!!!!!!
Dontae Sturrup-Walker
Dontae Sturrup-Walker 2 månader sedan
Love how he said the gold bolt when its a hunting rifle
nye025 2 månader sedan
Me: yes i won solid gold im a solid gold king Fresh: says hes the king in every single ltm
Sukhi Nyamdavaa
Sukhi Nyamdavaa 2 månader sedan
1:23 how is thee person who killed fresh have 60 hp
Hdu Sha
Hdu Sha 2 månader sedan
Petition for fresh to do the no key cap challenge on his keyboard
Freddie Beeston
Freddie Beeston 2 månader sedan
Him ooo first shot me cant even hit a afk guy next to me
Freddie Beeston
Freddie Beeston 2 månader sedan
Aaaaaahjh im only good with hunting on sniper maps
choi aiM
choi aiM 2 månader sedan
The 1% chance your watching this I want to say fresh inspired me to Become a SEloskr and make video’s thanks fresh:)
Thatchaselife !
Thatchaselife ! 2 månader sedan
Try to see who would get more kills, warning get ready to lose
Buddybuddster 2 månader sedan
5:42 umm, I'm pretty sure that's not a bolt
Salty Pepper559
Salty Pepper559 2 månader sedan
Nobody: Absolutely nobody ever to exist: Fresh intro for every video: “wHaTs uP gUyS... YES” Is it only me 😂
Colin O.
Colin O. 2 månader sedan
McCreamy is better
Tim Fisher
Tim Fisher 2 månader sedan
Watch creamy shiter
Fade Jayden
Fade Jayden 2 månader sedan
You and mcreamy should 1v1
Vision Kade
Vision Kade 2 månader sedan
Play with Alia