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Luis Ricardo
Luis Ricardo Dag sedan
Why is that kids name “Dax is a simp” THATS MY NAME. DAX
Elijah Collins
Elijah Collins Dag sedan
what yall doni'n
The pros
The pros Dag sedan
Great job 👍🏻
Jordan Jr Brooks
fresh you are so good
everton1ism Dag sedan
Fresh I have rainbow wolvirne my epic is lordofmeme 541
Yeetarate Gaming
Hundredth forty th day of waiting for him to say what's up guys no
Kristin3 Arenz
Kristin3 Arenz 2 dagar sedan
Why did you replace your brother landed
matthew marroquin
matthew marroquin 2 dagar sedan
I believe that fresh is better because he gets to the max skin faster than typical gamer
Shelly Marlin
Shelly Marlin 2 dagar sedan
If you notice fresh is the only one dieinf
Bonnie T.
Bonnie T. 2 dagar sedan
bet fortnite plaer in the world
Lilly Manning
Lilly Manning 2 dagar sedan
celeste mercado
celeste mercado 2 dagar sedan
Anyone else think fresh should make a video of him 1v1ing TG plays
Tara Kelly
Tara Kelly 2 dagar sedan
Fresh I use your code in the item shop and I am only 8
nikki gonzales
nikki gonzales 2 dagar sedan
Gelo gelo
Mitche Ash_ton
Mitche Ash_ton 2 dagar sedan
No lazar? 😂
xiomara perez
xiomara perez 3 dagar sedan
fresh you cute im a girl
Tommy Young
Tommy Young 3 dagar sedan
Play duos with maw
Trisha Fortier
Trisha Fortier 3 dagar sedan
Good 10 wins with only the wolverine claws in Fortnite battle
: xXalfieXx:
: xXalfieXx: 3 dagar sedan
nice job you all
Grayson Christal
Grayson Christal 3 dagar sedan
Who’s better Laser beam like Fresh reply
mohammed bilal
mohammed bilal 3 dagar sedan
how do u fix the bug of frotnite in pc of logging pls tell me if someone knows....
Renars Savalnieks
Renars Savalnieks 3 dagar sedan
Hau did jou get reinbo vulvurin
Chloe Yap
Chloe Yap 4 dagar sedan
Why does he have the last season
Luka Arredondo
Luka Arredondo 4 dagar sedan
Dillon Sykes
Dillon Sykes 4 dagar sedan
nother banger lets go fresh
Sergio 4 dagar sedan
you ment gulo gulo
SamoLungDung 4 dagar sedan
Gilo Gilo squad
Lisa Paton
Lisa Paton 4 dagar sedan
The rainbow squad
Gabriel Rios
Gabriel Rios 4 dagar sedan
This video was stupid
luke judh
luke judh 5 dagar sedan
Fresh should 1v1 typical gamer
Yetzael Deciano
Yetzael Deciano 5 dagar sedan
I don't get it
Caleb Hass
Caleb Hass 5 dagar sedan
I know typical gamer
Teresa Maddox
Teresa Maddox 5 dagar sedan
Shout out me please 🙏🙏
RedDraGoNxRaW yo
RedDraGoNxRaW yo 5 dagar sedan
Fresh : we gonne pickaxe wolvorine Me: r they serieus? The team: we did it Gg all of u.
deadlydeman gaming
deadlydeman gaming 5 dagar sedan
i love gulo gulo's 😂
L P 6 dagar sedan
I like the first few seconds of a video
Rybo 2304
Rybo 2304 6 dagar sedan
Another title Squad that plays the game too much
Tiko 6 dagar sedan
Hey fresh please friend me my epic is Hankinsjayden 543 I want a One V one you
golden warrior
golden warrior 6 dagar sedan
I started watching you because lannan isn’t uploading as much
Stephen Van Zant
Stephen Van Zant 6 dagar sedan
I’m still waiting to hear the most satisfying noise in fortnite Fresh rudely interrupted!
bad boy mahomed
bad boy mahomed 6 dagar sedan
Karl is very very handsome
I have a Titanic Profile picture
Well this has to be hard to get through he’s only doing it with pickaxes 4 v 1 but wolverine has like 250 health and his claws allow him to regain health 😕
Lazy Axo
Lazy Axo 7 dagar sedan
I just realized I saw them in the lobby lol
Zackary Uljua
Zackary Uljua 7 dagar sedan
GULO-GULO is their cult chant
Keyon Brown
Keyon Brown 7 dagar sedan
Ever since typical gamer started playing fortnite he’s not the content creator I fell in love with in the cod zombies days
Kacper Morawski
Kacper Morawski 7 dagar sedan
Im not even lvl 100 meanwhile yall here with rainbow 😅
Nathan Salas
Nathan Salas 7 dagar sedan
Every time they find it they die 😂😂
Aislinn Colleen
Aislinn Colleen 7 dagar sedan
Fresh says hay dad I have rainbow gulo gulo. Lazer beam saying I only have gold Thor
Zander Aitchison
Zander Aitchison 8 dagar sedan
I hope Lazar doesn’t see this but I think he wasn’t in the vid CUS he wasn’t good enough and he isn’t the level required to get rainbow wolverine.😬🤫👍🏻
Bryson Preddy
Bryson Preddy 8 dagar sedan
Can you gift me a skin please
George Danswan
George Danswan 8 dagar sedan
Fresh try and get all the mythics
SNEYDER 1 González
SNEYDER 1 González 8 dagar sedan
GG Fresh
PNG Ty 8 dagar sedan
My name is yt -png ty
G V 8 dagar sedan
yoos code fresh
Z Kingz
Z Kingz 8 dagar sedan
How’d you get rainbow wolverines
Andy_118 8 dagar sedan
what is a gilo gilo?
Jan Psak
Jan Psak 8 dagar sedan
Turn visual sound efects on its a radar to find wolvorine
Anime Jkjj
Anime Jkjj 8 dagar sedan
Code Fresh
CrunchyFrog 8 dagar sedan
The boat that used to spawn at the forest-side pier of Slurp factory no longer spawns there, ever since the water level dropped in Chapter 2 Season 3 and the swamp re-emerged, but Epic forgot to put the boat spawn back. :(
Brandon Zambrio
Brandon Zambrio 8 dagar sedan
How do you level up so fast
student56 Jaden
student56 Jaden 8 dagar sedan
Ethan Bird
Ethan Bird 8 dagar sedan
Fresh can u add me plz Em4nb1rd
Nico’s Gaming
Nico’s Gaming 8 dagar sedan
How many times did they say gillo gillo
hashem the flash
hashem the flash 8 dagar sedan
Frash is it better than me even though I have 0 png and he had100000000000000000000000
马Ma燕珠Yanzhu 8 dagar sedan
i love you fre'ash
dean ibbott
dean ibbott 8 dagar sedan
Hi Apollo
X4 Cr4cKeD
X4 Cr4cKeD 8 dagar sedan
Silver foil, Gold, rainbow!?
DiamondBird Studios
DiamondBird Studios 8 dagar sedan
TG has the eye of the hawk when it comes to finding Wolverine.
Galaxy CTE
Galaxy CTE 8 dagar sedan
This guy is better than me with 150 ping 😭😭😭
pxison _YT
pxison _YT 8 dagar sedan
fresh cursed
Grant & Grace
Grant & Grace 9 dagar sedan
Grant & Grace
Grant & Grace 9 dagar sedan
Smackledorf Mcsween Sr.
WildCupcakez 9 dagar sedan
I beat lannans world record for longest kill and I currently hold it 7800+
Slater McCrady
Slater McCrady 9 dagar sedan
Like my comment if u want rainbow wolverine
Abubakr Ahmedov
Abubakr Ahmedov 9 dagar sedan
Yea I am erlay
5k Subscribers Without Video Challenge
“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀......
5k Subscribers Without Video Challenge
“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀
Aves Vlog
Aves Vlog 9 dagar sedan
Me noticing at the last second that one of the people are named Avery and that’s my name Oop
Carey Elzey
Carey Elzey 9 dagar sedan
do you cus
sweets r good
sweets r good 9 dagar sedan
I like fresh but I don't like that he says thick like if you agree not trying to be a hater
Tristan 9 dagar sedan
You guys are not the ultimate squad. It would be you, Lazer, Muselk and another SEloskr which I can't remember the name of.
Luis Eduardo
Luis Eduardo 9 dagar sedan
Put on visual sound effects and you can track down Wolverine weeping to Slurpee
Bike Adventures with Ben
Jason Gomez
Jason Gomez 9 dagar sedan
killing wolverine with his claws is hilarious
Melanie LaFrinea
Melanie LaFrinea 9 dagar sedan
Let’s go Wolverine squad add me please it’s mclovin pope
fassih hussain
fassih hussain 9 dagar sedan
So sad that Ronaldo got tested and got corona like this comment for him to be ok go follow me on Intagram is ogffassih plz like and follow me
MonsterGamer595 9 dagar sedan
im down to join
Mr. KK
Mr. KK 9 dagar sedan
2nd video asking fresh for a like
Tahir Ahmad
Tahir Ahmad 9 dagar sedan
Disc x tg
hammoud244 9 dagar sedan
fresh if you read this comment pls tell me what you do to grind levels
Rayyan Ahmed Khan
Rayyan Ahmed Khan 9 dagar sedan
How do you level up so quickly
Cool boy Adil
Cool boy Adil 9 dagar sedan
Would you be my friend in fortnite my I’d is coolboyadil2020
IIXAK Vazquez
IIXAK Vazquez 9 dagar sedan
Ya mean the rainbow guilo guilo squad
EVUL 3YE 9 dagar sedan
Is this pro Avery or content creator avery
TANB_Thnx4DaLoot PSN:Gimme Da Loot
geelo geelo
AUS CLAN 9 dagar sedan
Day 51 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.
MY NAME IS CHRISTAN 9 dagar sedan
yo fresh you hit puberty or something? your voice sounds different
call of duty ghosts
call of duty ghosts 9 dagar sedan
I'm in school right now in the morning
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