The *RANDOM* JONESY SKIN Challenge! 

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10 aug 2020



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Fresh 2 månader sedan
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Ibraheem Zia
Ibraheem Zia 10 timmar sedan
Lisa Wilgosz
Lisa Wilgosz 14 dagar sedan
Fresh ha ha
tlcly Cly
tlcly Cly Månad sedan
tlcly Cly
tlcly Cly Månad sedan
Cain Nungesser
Cain Nungesser Månad sedan
@fresh the best your the man
Game Gamerz
Game Gamerz 5 timmar sedan
U forgot to get default skin
Ayaan Haq
Ayaan Haq 2 dagar sedan
Fresh were you drinking something that you were Doing ahhhhhhhh
Shanika Williams
Shanika Williams 4 dagar sedan
I hate you fresh
Jxkillshot 4 dagar sedan
ooooooooh purple
jason foster
jason foster 4 dagar sedan
Fun fact: fresh always starts his videos with “what’s up guys YES”
Kelly McQueen
Kelly McQueen 4 dagar sedan
You drank miny chug and it was green when you where doing blue
Ashton Stevenson
Ashton Stevenson 5 dagar sedan
How many times does he start with purple only
Lin Htet Ko
Lin Htet Ko 5 dagar sedan
That ain't jonesy. It is Thor
alan Diskin
alan Diskin 7 dagar sedan
Challenge fresh can't say this guy
Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson 7 dagar sedan
Couldn't watch the hole of it cause when he had to get blue and got rid of gold made me gringe
Kev Fowler
Kev Fowler 8 dagar sedan
you should of shouted out Typical Gamer mate
Halle Bowers
Halle Bowers 10 dagar sedan
Iolo Watkins
Iolo Watkins 11 dagar sedan
Laserbeam is pro
shinygold 2000
shinygold 2000 12 dagar sedan
Day 258 of waiting for fresh to say what's up guys, no
H4rr1s0n 0rr
H4rr1s0n 0rr 12 dagar sedan
Ahhhhhhh..... So 1 month ago in recommendationsbut 2 months on vid, right
Roshni Rani Paul
Roshni Rani Paul 12 dagar sedan
lfresh you are the coolest
Eviemae Welling
Eviemae Welling 13 dagar sedan
Fresh i want commen me i want Gold
bhenderson75 14 dagar sedan
Code fresh and lazar
Carleen Enoch
Carleen Enoch 14 dagar sedan
Jessica Karen
Jessica Karen 14 dagar sedan
Who's better Like: Fresh Comment: Ali A
Dimitrije Master
Dimitrije Master 14 dagar sedan
2:03 He is a hacker passed through the WALL !!!!!!
Bryce Booker
Bryce Booker 15 dagar sedan
hey isn't that me?
Gasper_YT 15 dagar sedan
I don’t think pros know that a pistol is better than a shotgun
why tho
why tho 17 dagar sedan
aRe yOu winnINg sOn 3:00 lazarbeam 2020
Phillip Hawke
Phillip Hawke 17 dagar sedan
Can U just do normal games not challenges
Nikki Siebenaller
Nikki Siebenaller 21 dag sedan
My birthday is really soon and all I’ve always wanted to meet you so could you like my comment
Johanna Hay
Johanna Hay 21 dag sedan
I have never seen someone struggle so hard before
Karmelo Frazier
Karmelo Frazier 22 dagar sedan
Ace & Em
Ace & Em 24 dagar sedan
That recon was me
Austin Animates 2
Austin Animates 2 27 dagar sedan
Karly Lucero
Karly Lucero 29 dagar sedan
The title is called no pickaxes yet you were using it a lot for the blue round so no 😂😭
MAD BOI 29 dagar sedan
You should have used the rustle Lord
MAD BOI 29 dagar sedan
Jonsey is the rustle lord
[Shouto Todoroki]
[Shouto Todoroki] Månad sedan
Imagine being a recon expert and getting killed by a harpoon
Aziel Juarez
Aziel Juarez Månad sedan
Hi fresh im aziel
Zoey Hauraki
Zoey Hauraki Månad sedan
Ones I got all of the myfik weapons
Hannah Warner
Hannah Warner Månad sedan
Fresh is one of mg favtioute youutubers every
Tate Greenhalgh
Tate Greenhalgh Månad sedan
tlcly Cly
tlcly Cly Månad sedan
Random kit
kyra ford
kyra ford Månad sedan
No you stole your kid Mr fresh Asian
Maddex wilson
Maddex wilson Månad sedan
Maddex wilson
Maddex wilson Månad sedan
Hi fresh
TedThatCoolDude Månad sedan
Xdevilripply7 Månad sedan
I have 2 jonseys One dark jonsey One scuba 🤿 jonsey
Natalja Hazana
Natalja Hazana Månad sedan
Hey fresh you and lazarbeam are my favourite youtubers i am subscribed to you with all notifications could you make a challeng when you can only use items who have been through the vault FRESH FOREVER
Walter Riquier
Walter Riquier Månad sedan
can I friend you fresh I am gack hammer
Javonn Thompson
Javonn Thompson Månad sedan
i subscribed and i hit the button
Abod Nasr Gamez
Abod Nasr Gamez Månad sedan
Jonsey do be fat
B. Carter
B. Carter Månad sedan
this feels so good cause you posted this on my birthday
Paige Hastings
Paige Hastings Månad sedan
niamatullah razza
niamatullah razza Månad sedan
7:47 That's what she said last night
Ryan Kovats
Ryan Kovats Månad sedan
God Loves You
Lisa Nordvall
Lisa Nordvall Månad sedan
I love your videos
Hazy Steak_7
Hazy Steak_7 Månad sedan
My thic mythic
Hossam Barhom
Hossam Barhom Månad sedan
selosk.info/class/video/j4qrs6CB14p8p3E.html c
Diglett dog
Diglett dog Månad sedan
Fortnite_Player Clips
Are we sure fresh is on computer #controller aim
M-Fresh Månad sedan
phaulinher ralutin
phaulinher ralutin Månad sedan
fresh use thicc midas
Nico Juarez
Nico Juarez Månad sedan
Fresh is my birthday in September 10 can I play with you
Clare Shanks
Clare Shanks Månad sedan
Fresh=out of date
ice Gerodias
ice Gerodias Månad sedan
the more you drink shied the more the slurp jonesy head gets thiccer
Jtmgang Månad sedan
Video idea - you should let subscribers control your game
Ethan’s Toy Mania And Gaming
Who else remembers Agent Jonesy was supposed to come out
Tara Roy
Tara Roy Månad sedan
Thememegod Anonymous
DabberFN Månad sedan
Wait if it is the new season how come he killed someone with a hunting that is VAULTED
MatiaazGG Månad sedan
Sven en Axel Jansen
Sven en Axel Jansen Månad sedan
Mine score was 18kills can you beat mine score frash
Zainab Data
Zainab Data Månad sedan
Don’t know
Sissey Smith
Sissey Smith Månad sedan
Can you give me the battle pass chapter 2 4
Ashwin Menon
Ashwin Menon Månad sedan
You are the best
shanemarquardt Månad sedan
Challenge idea: thickest ship shafter and you have to use the weapons they have and borrow their aperince
lalaleah w
lalaleah w Månad sedan
Nice kill
Dixie the Chunky boston mix
6:43 that's a lot of ones
Thomas Garrison
Thomas Garrison Månad sedan
It’s pronounced “craig”
Mythic_CracKed •
Mythic_CracKed • Månad sedan
6:30 fresh hit him for 93 white then 60 blue bow???
Dena Freeborn
Dena Freeborn Månad sedan
He rages a lot like bru shut up🤣🤣🤣
Thamary Vega
Thamary Vega Månad sedan
you did it son
Jax Johnson
Jax Johnson Månad sedan
Your Father
Your Father Månad sedan
Me: Dies with a gold a.r Fresh: Wins with a grey pistol Me: *Fresh deserves some more credit!*
Ethan Noronha
Ethan Noronha Månad sedan
saksham Singhal
saksham Singhal Månad sedan
Olly Middleton he didn’t win he just got a kill
The N Family
The N Family Månad sedan
6:44 111111
The N Family
The N Family Månad sedan
Fresh: Purples are like so so uncommon Me: I’m pretty sure uncommon weapons are uncommon
GL toxic
GL toxic Månad sedan
You kinda failed because you used a green hunting rifle
Isaiah Chastain
Isaiah Chastain Månad sedan
you made this video on my birthday the day i turned 13 thx
Nathan Timms
Nathan Timms Månad sedan
Challenge idea. Kill only last henchmen ghost or shadow
Lachlan Hunter
Lachlan Hunter Månad sedan
The outro never gets old
Max Munoz
Max Munoz Månad sedan
Keghan Scott
Keghan Scott Månad sedan
savage beast
savage beast Månad sedan
Damn miss the pp
Jakedeep8 Yt
Jakedeep8 Yt Månad sedan
Tissue Games Tho
Tissue Games Tho Månad sedan
Nicks don’t I want you to do is you can only pick ax
eighty twoandahalf
eighty twoandahalf Månad sedan
No hate but this an exact copy of McCreamy's video
Rhys McAllister
Rhys McAllister Månad sedan
Play with a default
Flying_TOFU Månad sedan
1v1 typicalgamer i dare u
Ethan Rowell
Ethan Rowell Månad sedan
Hassan Shehadeh
Hassan Shehadeh Månad sedan
Lots of times if you are anyone like green and you die next round you find lots of greens. weird🤔
SuperKoolGamer0 Månad sedan
Loses a subscriber: GAMER DOWN Someone dies: GAMER DOWN
Humayraa Darsot
Humayraa Darsot Månad sedan
He always say wut sup guys yes
Nathan Grainger
Nathan Grainger Månad sedan
Hi fresh I love your videos
I do montages
I do montages Månad sedan
Do the thinnest jonsey challenge bruh
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5 seconds to loot challenge
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