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9 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Lilia Cardenas
Lilia Cardenas 14 timmar sedan
Tiene un tubo algo ahí
Charlie Winters
Charlie Winters 15 timmar sedan
Your amazing FESH
Malcolm 17 timmar sedan
No wonder doctor doom is called the thiccest gold d 🤭🤭🤭
Noah Hollowell
Noah Hollowell 18 timmar sedan
I don't like what he called Dr doom
Ghalib Awadh
Ghalib Awadh 23 timmar sedan
Elizabeth Goulding
I use code fresh
Cristian Ciubo
Cristian Ciubo Dag sedan
Go back to 4:25 in the video you missed a llama on the right
Marla Garrett
Marla Garrett Dag sedan
Give me Vbox my name is Manny major 6767 give me 2000
Marla Garrett
Marla Garrett Dag sedan
Give me Vbox my name is money Major 6767 and I’m watching right now
Kerigan Hagood
Kerigan Hagood Dag sedan
Fortnite in this is my sister's account
Kerigan Hagood
Kerigan Hagood Dag sedan
I think when you boy you're pretty good and entertaining
Kerigan Hagood
Kerigan Hagood Dag sedan
Why don't people subscribing to you
Mr banana
Mr banana 2 dagar sedan
He missed a lama at 4:25
Depi Artigaud
Depi Artigaud 2 dagar sedan
sub to fresh
Solomon pruteanu
Solomon pruteanu 2 dagar sedan
Did anyone notice when he was talking in the heli about the powers a tree dissapeared did anyone notice that
Matt Curtis
Matt Curtis 2 dagar sedan
At 4 min 30 he missed a llama
Christine Jervis
Christine Jervis 2 dagar sedan
Are tou going to play NINTENDO
LOL L\x 2 dagar sedan
Noobツ 2 dagar sedan
4:30 was lama
Blake Demoss
Blake Demoss 3 dagar sedan
Face reveal pls at 7 milli
Blake Demoss
Blake Demoss 3 dagar sedan
Fresh: pickle Lazar:yeet
Camron May
Camron May 3 dagar sedan
He missed a a freaking llama
James Gabbard
James Gabbard 3 dagar sedan
4:25 he missed a lama.
Kelly McQueen
Kelly McQueen 3 dagar sedan
You got iron man your soposed to go to stark inderstries
Kelley Walker
Kelley Walker 3 dagar sedan
4RU 3 dagar sedan
anyone else see the llama? 4:24-4:26
Domthebomb Gaming
Domthebomb Gaming 3 dagar sedan
day 157 of waiting for fresh to say “what’s up guys NO”
1D4V1D 1
1D4V1D 1 4 dagar sedan
Wtf does far out mean bro
Jamil Belisle
Jamil Belisle 5 dagar sedan
Oof fresh missed a llama when he was in a helicopter
Mz Telowe
Mz Telowe 5 dagar sedan
TheWeird1sCool 5 dagar sedan
“Fresh: am I gonna win this first try Me: hmm 8:53 - 10:58 I don’t know 😐
Kaylie Stoddard
Kaylie Stoddard 5 dagar sedan
How do you get iron mans emote
Kaylie Stoddard
Kaylie Stoddard 4 dagar sedan
@Rory Stapleton yes
Rory Stapleton
Rory Stapleton 5 dagar sedan
Have you equipped the tony stark skin
Kaylie Stoddard
Kaylie Stoddard 5 dagar sedan
@Rory Stapleton I’m level 112 and I can’t do it becuase I don’t know the challenges
Rory Stapleton
Rory Stapleton 5 dagar sedan
Level 100
Jonathan Nguyen
Jonathan Nguyen 6 dagar sedan
I just see a Llama when he was driving in the helicopter lol
Dylan Langan
Dylan Langan 6 dagar sedan
Bruh why are u doing mythic only the docket dooms mythic is trash
Sweeney 5895
Sweeney 5895 6 dagar sedan
Can you add me on epic it’s Sweeney5895
jacob plays
jacob plays 6 dagar sedan
3:26 spotted it? ;) it's rare light machine gun not the epic one that means fresh's game is completely glitched coz the rare ones are vaulted
Isaac Liu
Isaac Liu 4 dagar sedan
No u can get from henchman chests
Miguel Chaaya
Miguel Chaaya 7 dagar sedan
gg fresh
Klaus Hoong
Klaus Hoong 7 dagar sedan
can u friend me in fortnite i sub to u and use your code in the item shop
Sophia Lewis
Sophia Lewis 7 dagar sedan
i love how the hencman helped fresh then he killed the doom henchman
Jax Johnson
Jax Johnson 7 dagar sedan
golden D?
Emerald Instan
Emerald Instan 7 dagar sedan
Aaron Cantu
Aaron Cantu 7 dagar sedan
Aaron Cantu
Aaron Cantu 7 dagar sedan
Joob Jab
Joob Jab 7 dagar sedan
Fresh your one of the only people I watch because when I'm tierd you allways make me energetic!!!!!!
brent allen
brent allen 8 dagar sedan
He didn't do thickest gold storm
Gabrielle B
Gabrielle B 8 dagar sedan
10:30 L E G
JERN BENJI 8 dagar sedan
thats sus first you said big d now you said groot balls
Griffin Brady
Griffin Brady 8 dagar sedan
Rip Frenzy farm
intodarkness sheroams
intodarkness sheroams 8 dagar sedan
Fresh I will like to your channel if you like to my channel it is gamer brady please don't hurt my feelings because I am 7 so please don't give me a thumbs down
Cyber Destroyer
Cyber Destroyer 9 dagar sedan
Did anyone saw a llama on the right at 4:25
Raven playz
Raven playz 9 dagar sedan
There is another power groot bramble shield
Kristina Bulat
Kristina Bulat 9 dagar sedan
Where is girlo girlo
iyad kidwai
iyad kidwai 9 dagar sedan
at 4:25 theres a llama
Uszejder 9 dagar sedan
5:15 aaaaand you broke the challange
Oscar Dickson
Oscar Dickson 9 dagar sedan
This is the video I've wanted to see since last season's
The sporty people
The sporty people 9 dagar sedan
What do you mean by there's only one of the mithic wepons
Rio Campell
Rio Campell 10 dagar sedan
Rio phoebie
Taio Edwards
Taio Edwards 10 dagar sedan
Get fresh to 10mil
Joshua Browne
Joshua Browne 10 dagar sedan
man i love your vids but what is your instagram i will follow u :)
Mi L
Mi L 10 dagar sedan
How dare he disrespect tiko 6:59
Xerobrine_High_Elder 10 dagar sedan
Fresh: there are some leaks that the authority is going to turn into stark industry. Like week three of season four: bye bye frenzy farm
gurpreet kaur
gurpreet kaur 10 dagar sedan
Fresh missed a lamma while in the choppa
Dori Gaug
Dori Gaug 10 dagar sedan
Javier Venustiano Cano
Javier Venustiano Cano 10 dagar sedan
Veronica Barajas Murakami
You better then ty
IsaNY007 11 dagar sedan
Imagine Iron Man cranking 90s in Endgame
Oscar More
Oscar More 11 dagar sedan
No no
Sanat Medhi
Sanat Medhi 11 dagar sedan
Shes called mistuequ
Deirdre Nielsen
Deirdre Nielsen 11 dagar sedan
Vault loot only
Fortunata Valenty
Fortunata Valenty 11 dagar sedan
00:11 there’s something wrong
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 11 dagar sedan
thickest peely!!!!
emily gilbert
emily gilbert 11 dagar sedan
shin lim
Mr. Red
Mr. Red 11 dagar sedan
Hi frech
Daniel Briel
Daniel Briel 12 dagar sedan
Fresh should of called this video gold iron man challange
LOU YOUNG 12 dagar sedan
your cracked
Chase Weeks
Chase Weeks 12 dagar sedan
How he name is tree he name is groot silly
Hudson Renga
Hudson Renga 12 dagar sedan
You missed a llama at 4:20
flofi 12
flofi 12 12 dagar sedan
Anonymous Mouse
Anonymous Mouse 12 dagar sedan
mythic fish only
T. R
T. R 12 dagar sedan
4:26 the mythics this season aren't that great 🤔🤔🤔
Mateo Cortez Soto
Mateo Cortez Soto 13 dagar sedan
can you 1v1 me
Mateo Cortez Soto
Mateo Cortez Soto 13 dagar sedan
Frase gaming
Frase gaming 13 dagar sedan
He killed tiko
Ayoub Niks
Ayoub Niks 13 dagar sedan
At 4.25 there was an lama lmao
Anonym 1
Anonym 1 13 dagar sedan
4:24 take the f*ckin llama?!?!
Oak pro
Oak pro 13 dagar sedan
There was a Llama
Big 13 dagar sedan
I love you fresh
Tomer Reznik
Tomer Reznik 14 dagar sedan
2 lamas and you dont se tham
pro fortnite boi
pro fortnite boi 14 dagar sedan
Ha caw
Marin Martinez
Marin Martinez 14 dagar sedan
you missed a lama at risky
Elizabeth Reynolds
Elizabeth Reynolds 14 dagar sedan
Day to night to morning I see you every night
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 15 dagar sedan
Can you please ad me my name is EtHaN13wxm
Duncan Barron
Duncan Barron 15 dagar sedan
Kamo Orozco
Kamo Orozco 15 dagar sedan
Do you know when the walls are on fire on fortnight you need to chug splash down and I will take out the fire
Elijah Higdon
Elijah Higdon 15 dagar sedan
When he said to click subscribe anyone else scroll down to check?
Samantha Dyer
Samantha Dyer 15 dagar sedan
I like this episode
Super monkey Gang
Super monkey Gang 15 dagar sedan
Big D’s Lol
Dixie D' Amelio
Dixie D' Amelio 15 dagar sedan
whoever likes this comment means that charli will notice your fan page ... hope it works!!
Fortnite Master
Fortnite Master 15 dagar sedan
Fresh:authority will turn into stark industries Me:hahahhahahah lol u don't know haha lol its not hahaah
Sue Antony
Sue Antony 16 dagar sedan
I ment fresh
Sue Antony
Sue Antony 16 dagar sedan
Great choice of music fredh
Pike Fight 2020 - Episode 1
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my new kill record...
Pike Fight 2020 - Episode 1
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