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19 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 4 514   
Chelsea Barnard
Chelsea Barnard 6 timmar sedan
Fresh: what's up guys yes Lazar: heres the fresh he's true blue
Marcelina Macandog
Marcelina Macandog 8 timmar sedan
do power ranger
Colton Vinson
Colton Vinson 9 timmar sedan
Challenge:tessa controls what Fresh does let's see how cruel she can be like so he can see.
Muffin iscool
Muffin iscool 11 timmar sedan
Hmm is it just me or is this video kinda... Scuffed :)
Jamie Pendlebury
Jamie Pendlebury 22 timmar sedan
I was the apple on 2 hp
M S Prabhakar Reddy
First said retail second lazy
Elizabeth Dias
Elizabeth Dias 2 dagar sedan
If Fresh is doing a challenge it aint a challenge anymore
Sohan Patel
Sohan Patel 2 dagar sedan
Fresh see this down
maria gutierrez
maria gutierrez 2 dagar sedan
I want to play with you Aguirre1021
maria gutierrez
maria gutierrez 2 dagar sedan
Samuel Giampe
Samuel Giampe 2 dagar sedan
Have you thought of upgrading
Sarah McCourt
Sarah McCourt 3 dagar sedan
RIP in chat for the dudes controller who got killed by fresh by aa grey pump when he had the mythics RIP
Stefanie Torres
Stefanie Torres 4 dagar sedan
1v1Faze Highsky
Stefanie Torres
Stefanie Torres 4 dagar sedan
You daddy 😂
Stefanie Torres
Stefanie Torres 4 dagar sedan
If you lose a match you kiss 💋 lazer
Stefanie Torres
Stefanie Torres 4 dagar sedan
Likeeee now
Stefanie Torres
Stefanie Torres 4 dagar sedan
Challenge: only pickax With the default skin
Brandon Comes At Night
did lazarbeam quit youtube
Reggie Murphy
Reggie Murphy 5 dagar sedan
Use code fresh
Rankin W
Rankin W 6 dagar sedan
Fresh, I have a challenge for you. You start with grey weapons, then green, blue and so on like so he can see
The Minecrafters
The Minecrafters 6 dagar sedan
storm is grey come on
banana 6 dagar sedan
Is it weird how I thought it was adorable on how the last guy was just hiding for dear life
Devil Unknown
Devil Unknown 7 dagar sedan
I. Was he drift he killed in grey only in Starks
nasser najle
nasser najle 8 dagar sedan
hi fresh i sub
Jane Stewart
Jane Stewart 8 dagar sedan
Fresh: it doesn’t matter if I die. Also fresh: OMG!!! Me: error error what is happening error error number: fresh has gone crazy error
Judith Ponce
Judith Ponce 8 dagar sedan
How much times he says “YES” 👎🏽 (I couldn’t find pointing down finger)
BIG PEPE 10 dagar sedan
fresh you could of just upgraded the weapons to gold or any of the rARITES
Real Vipex
Real Vipex 10 dagar sedan
That metal base is fortnite really for its called "fort".... GGss
I'm Aathi
I'm Aathi 10 dagar sedan
Are you a super hero or super villain
UniKittyYT 1234
UniKittyYT 1234 11 dagar sedan
Fresh being sarcastic saying he loves theses random challenges Me being truthful I love these random challenges
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc 11 dagar sedan
Love the content keep up the good work
XoticYT 11 dagar sedan
"This guy has a *heavy* pump"
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales 12 dagar sedan
You can some times get a gold from stark industry's in the garage where the new battle buss is
Jai Lovan
Jai Lovan 12 dagar sedan
Fresh likes pickles because pickles are insane
Heike Miskawi
Heike Miskawi 12 dagar sedan
your my fav
Heike Miskawi
Heike Miskawi 12 dagar sedan
stay sad
Marina RiosJ-Unit7671
Marina RiosJ-Unit7671 13 dagar sedan
U sholdint of used a car
Itz Ariyan HYT
Itz Ariyan HYT 13 dagar sedan
Fresh is out of ideas: what's up guys,yes we are doing the no challenge challenge
COOPER CHILSON 13 dagar sedan
Y is is his pistol speed faster Than my SMG speed
Sarah Kohr
Sarah Kohr 14 dagar sedan
That’s too scuffed
Zeni Ernest
Zeni Ernest 14 dagar sedan
DJ Flash man
Nathan Salas
Nathan Salas 15 dagar sedan
Fresh was literally doing parkour running from iron man
Lightning Fox37
Lightning Fox37 15 dagar sedan
Doo the thickest nerd in fortnite
Haris Milonas
Haris Milonas 15 dagar sedan
I was watching fresh and my mom just said fresh
Dylan Le
Dylan Le 16 dagar sedan
he should do a collab with muselk, lachy, and lazarbeam where everyone uses different rarities based on which superhero they are.
Emilio Andres Falla Alcala
I like a lot your videos
Sandra New
Sandra New 17 dagar sedan
TS_Blaze Gamer
TS_Blaze Gamer 17 dagar sedan
challenge : stream snipe lazer beam without him knowing its you
Gabe Pryor
Gabe Pryor 18 dagar sedan
And my brother say to prove that you don't have aimbot to 1v1 you
Gabe Pryor
Gabe Pryor 18 dagar sedan
Hey fresh do you have aimbot my brother thinks you do
Hazel Stanley
Hazel Stanley 19 dagar sedan
Fresh r u kid friendly
Nuclear Melon
Nuclear Melon 19 dagar sedan
he always has the mythics only first
bunny746 20 dagar sedan
Debucketz 20 dagar sedan
Beta 20 dagar sedan
I Was That Bannana Man With Trident And Cape I Didnt Realize Until Now!
Markuss Strikis
Markuss Strikis 20 dagar sedan
Salvador Castaneda
Salvador Castaneda 21 dag sedan
I. Skull tropper
HadiGAMING! PLAYS 21 dag sedan
Nice fresh
Mary Bladel
Mary Bladel 21 dag sedan
Dude all you need is just to get a car to run Ironman over
Aj SLADE 22 dagar sedan
Tucker Kuchta
Tucker Kuchta 22 dagar sedan
Go go power sweaters
Sound o’ Sonic
Sound o’ Sonic 22 dagar sedan
U should’ve used a gold pickaxe
Caiden Henderson
Caiden Henderson 22 dagar sedan
patss a pup
JaxsonLikesMonkeys 22 dagar sedan
Challenge: When you kill someone you have to say the name of that skin, if you get it wrong you get a Penalty
Pacey Cione
Pacey Cione 22 dagar sedan
you should have ran iron man over with a car
Pacey Cione
Pacey Cione 22 dagar sedan
I mean car
izrael cisneroz
izrael cisneroz 22 dagar sedan
Scuffed Up superheroes!
Shensei 22 dagar sedan
Very original names fresh
Stain 23 dagar sedan
Bruh the skins look like you guys are the infinity stones
Saud Alfarsi
Saud Alfarsi 23 dagar sedan
Krishh Suryawanshi
Krishh Suryawanshi 23 dagar sedan
Storm - grey She hulk - green Cap - blue Groot - gold Iron man - mythic
Matthew Lemley
Matthew Lemley 24 dagar sedan
No one:... Fresh: damn damn damn damn damn
Jack Pennacchia
Jack Pennacchia 24 dagar sedan
can you do a nother game
Calvin Almanza
Calvin Almanza 24 dagar sedan
Doctor Whomst! 64
Doctor Whomst! 64 24 dagar sedan
Just saying.... this challenge is really annoying to see being done 69 times everyday
Super Jacob
Super Jacob 25 dagar sedan
You missed a grey pump
EzrApLAyš 25 dagar sedan
intro kinda crindge
Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer Hernandez 25 dagar sedan
Fresh here is some content the bottle challenge when ever u kill someone u use the bottle emote and if u get a successful flip u get the loot
MasontheTruth 12 gaming
Challenge: do this Ang but make it so every kill. You have to switch and win and win you die and let Tesla change your settings And let Laserbeam annoy you for the whole time
Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez 25 dagar sedan
When the squad does a perfect timing moment lol
clash of magic
clash of magic 19 dagar sedan
Kayden Vanrijn
Kayden Vanrijn 25 dagar sedan
SEloskrs:we have a nerd. Me:you play games for a living
Honeycomb Lovers
Honeycomb Lovers 25 dagar sedan
I’m inspired by you I do challenges in FORTNIE to
Harry Offley
Harry Offley 25 dagar sedan
Bot fresh
Lily Hale
Lily Hale 26 dagar sedan
Sandwitch '
Sandwitch ' 26 dagar sedan
0:45 pleaseeeeeee can some one tell me how do you have last forever emote?
KTG Vids
KTG Vids 26 dagar sedan
Scuffed up power rangers dont u ever stop scuffed up power rangers!!!!
Itz SoaR Parallel
Itz SoaR Parallel 26 dagar sedan
Why ur graphics look so bad when im on 1280p fresh?
Aiden Rivera
Aiden Rivera 26 dagar sedan
BENJAMIN HEWSON 26 dagar sedan
Ulisse Benedetto Raineri
Well he’s not a super hero because he kills other super heroes
Balta Mouzinho
Balta Mouzinho 26 dagar sedan
He’s too good
A_ MAJID 26 dagar sedan
This is how many times fresh said oh my god
Harry Virgona
Harry Virgona 26 dagar sedan
Andrea Galan
Andrea Galan 27 dagar sedan
Leave. Like if you think fresh is Videos are sick
Slurp Gaming
Slurp Gaming 27 dagar sedan
Fresh why did you get rid of the crash pads
Fortnite Monkey Gacha Miner
You suck at challenges
Shahnaz Tufail
Shahnaz Tufail 27 dagar sedan
That would be ssssiiiiiicccccckkkkkkk
Shahnaz Tufail
Shahnaz Tufail 27 dagar sedan
I do not know what I just said
Ben Flaaen
Ben Flaaen 27 dagar sedan
The 1st round Fresh should've went to a drone and hoped for a mythic to drop from a supply drone
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur 5 dagar sedan
None of the mythics there do damage except for Thor so it wouldn’t help
J T 27 dagar sedan
I subbed ur welcome 😁 thanks for the good content
Rocket Kid
Rocket Kid 27 dagar sedan
Everyone else : Yooo I got mythical and a legendary load out Fresh: Wins on gray
kabei_ 27 dagar sedan
Challenge: u can only crank 90s but with doritos only.