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20 jul 2020



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Kommentarer 12 920   
The Gaming Brian
The Gaming Brian 3 timmar sedan
Right here
Victor Gomez-Casarrubia
Victor Gomez-Casarrubia 16 timmar sedan
i miss pp
RJ Pepanio
RJ Pepanio Dag sedan
In the thumbnail you can see an upgraded blue pump?
Juan Vega
Juan Vega 2 dagar sedan
weres zappotron?
Sean Corrigan
Sean Corrigan 2 dagar sedan
Do a face reveal
Cheng Carley
Cheng Carley 6 dagar sedan
Cheng Carley
Cheng Carley 6 dagar sedan
as you say poop im Doing that too!
Catherine Baldwin
Catherine Baldwin 7 dagar sedan
Hi fresh
Martha Solis
Martha Solis 7 dagar sedan
i need to take a shit but i can not because the water i turn off so the bathroom dose not work and it is going to start working at 5;30 and it is 1;10
PeepoPotatoPog 7 dagar sedan
fresh says the infantry is trash. Me with my friends in creative. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM
Popcorn 7 dagar sedan
Fresh: 8 elims is not good Me: 2 elims is good
Lord Rooster
Lord Rooster 7 dagar sedan
Who here plays fortnite? Probably everyone here. If you do, I think you can agree that there are many missed seasons. They should be brought back anytime. Like this to vote for season and chapter selection in fortnite!
John Pollard
John Pollard 7 dagar sedan
Was that McCreamy and May at 5:00
PILLOWCALEB2 7 dagar sedan
Kodiak 8 dagar sedan
Who elso is watching this in chapter 2 season 4 where the combat tac smg and boogie bomb is back
Droozy Drop
Droozy Drop 2 dagar sedan
Zane Silva
Zane Silva 4 dagar sedan
Me mate
Sarah McCourt
Sarah McCourt 9 dagar sedan
l was the fake deafault btw from the first game
Westyn Fall
Westyn Fall 9 dagar sedan
Beast 609
Beast 609 9 dagar sedan
Random squad: it is solo we are going to kill him easy Solo: Fresh
fazedylan 10 dagar sedan
I'm making a book about you
fazedylan 10 dagar sedan
hey fresh
ds1q and knuckles
ds1q and knuckles 10 dagar sedan
Fresh 20XX:I hate being toxic Fresh this video:you like tiktok to boi
Anang Tan
Anang Tan 10 dagar sedan
(fresh won unvaulted once) also fresh: i Am ThE UNvAuLTeD kINg
Ivan Lagunas
Ivan Lagunas 11 dagar sedan
i,m a fan
Ivan Lagunas
Ivan Lagunas 11 dagar sedan
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 11 dagar sedan
Fresh: Ey! Ya like tik tok? *loads shotgun with malicious intent*
tracey murray
tracey murray 12 dagar sedan
Thermal is shit
Reilly Johnson
Reilly Johnson 13 dagar sedan
Me: let's set it to 720fps Phone: what? More blurry? Ok
Reilly Johnson
Reilly Johnson 13 dagar sedan
Fresh: Gimme yo feat boy Daquen: Welcome to the club
Carsten 13 dagar sedan
i do not have seen the grenade launcher
Bradley the Gamer
Bradley the Gamer 13 dagar sedan
Fresh: Literally everything that has been removed Me: Cries in guided missile I AM NOT A BOT BTW
Grandestateofmind 9 dagar sedan
Ugh I hate u Bradley
lbobrc 13 dagar sedan
The bombs last for 10 seconds
Ca'Myra Bridges
Ca'Myra Bridges 14 dagar sedan
Gzip I I hope 🤞🏽 is well with me and thank her whew for the day I hope 🤞🏽 has been doing well pep
X Gamer
X Gamer 15 dagar sedan
My favorite gun is the Boom Bow
Joe Hancock
Joe Hancock 15 dagar sedan
Fresh is a good boy
Abdullah Irfan
Abdullah Irfan 16 dagar sedan
In Season 4 there is most oc these things
Robert Ballow
Robert Ballow 16 dagar sedan
worst youtuber ever
Aashaz 16 dagar sedan
You are such a sweat
Casey Mendoza
Casey Mendoza 17 dagar sedan
its been a while since i used the quad
Shadows Anoxmous
Shadows Anoxmous 18 dagar sedan
Are we gonna ignore the fact that fresh killed 2 very og people the renegade raider and a pirple skull trooper
fortnite bot
fortnite bot 18 dagar sedan
that was a purple skulltrooper right before he put the wall while saying these guys are actually sweating lol
James Smith
James Smith 18 dagar sedan
Your better than ninja
xN30x_Cl0ud 18 dagar sedan
Who is watching this in 2021
travis scott fan 101
travis scott fan 101 18 dagar sedan
Zapotron should be in this mode
melissa chosewood
melissa chosewood 19 dagar sedan
where is the zapatron
Cup of Swing
Cup of Swing 20 dagar sedan
no one: fresh: chug chugs for 10 shield
Bacon Bros
Bacon Bros 20 dagar sedan
Anyone remember when combats where good
Lucca Urano
Lucca Urano 21 dag sedan
Anyone in chapter 2 season4 like :why you exited about combats
Pan Cake
Pan Cake 21 dag sedan
Rithvik Raghuraman
Rithvik Raghuraman 22 dagar sedan
when minigun is in unvaulted but you find it in a normal chest in team ruble or solos
Daniel Lou
Daniel Lou 23 dagar sedan
fresh, do you realise that combat shotguns suck?
blu3f1r3 dubz
blu3f1r3 dubz 23 dagar sedan
This reminds me how good the combats used to be
Shadow Kit
Shadow Kit 23 dagar sedan
Why wasn't the kingsman umbrella in this mode?
Udayvir Sidhu
Udayvir Sidhu 14 dagar sedan
@Shadow Kit so wassup?
Shadow Kit
Shadow Kit 16 dagar sedan
@Udayvir Sidhu Thanks mate
Udayvir Sidhu
Udayvir Sidhu 16 dagar sedan
Now u do mate 🤗
Shadow Kit
Shadow Kit 22 dagar sedan
@Udayvir Sidhu oh I didn't know that
Udayvir Sidhu
Udayvir Sidhu 22 dagar sedan
Shadow Kit bro its a theme item The kingsman movie
Thiago Sanchez
Thiago Sanchez 24 dagar sedan
Do your old intro again
Tiny Sandals
Tiny Sandals 24 dagar sedan
0:23 I mean half of that is now in season 4 :P
Caleb Arnott
Caleb Arnott 25 dagar sedan
Love it how you say "OMG!! There sweating, their nerds lmao" And then you sweat on them and destroy them 😂😂
DripLord 27
DripLord 27 25 dagar sedan
DripLord 27
DripLord 27 25 dagar sedan
I use code freah
H4rr1s0n 0rr
H4rr1s0n 0rr 22 dagar sedan
I hate code freah I use code fresh
Roel Martinez
Roel Martinez 26 dagar sedan
you and lannon do some dumb sh*t
ThaGoatKylan 26 dagar sedan
Notice at the end of the vid it says the opponent killed him with a quad launcher
Elys Fernandez
Elys Fernandez 29 dagar sedan
Mohamed Adan
Mohamed Adan 29 dagar sedan
6:08 if he had drank the slurp juice he would have survived but on 1 hp.
Emma Starr
Emma Starr 29 dagar sedan
Me gets ten kills Fresh: 20 bomb Me: Really
Patrick O'Reilly
Patrick O'Reilly Månad sedan
At 5:00 there was a purple Skull Trooper and a OG renagade raider who rocks those two skins Mau and Mccreamy, witch they also play on OCE coincidence I think not
Patrick O'Reilly
Patrick O'Reilly Månad sedan
Correction at 4:50
tibzee Månad sedan
7:30 sounded a bit wrong
Its. Flips
Its. Flips Månad sedan
“You like tiktok”😂💀💀💀💀💀
Xd Yeeteryet
Xd Yeeteryet Månad sedan
Me in season 4: So?
ZerØ Gamma Gaming
ZerØ Gamma Gaming Månad sedan
Imagine past fresh realizing how many of these guns were unvaulted
Dabcat Plays
Dabcat Plays Månad sedan
4:53 was that mcreamy and mau?
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson Månad sedan
these three words are the worst words on earth I'm starting to like to charge shotgun though
Alexander Vanchev
Alexander Vanchev Månad sedan
Who watching when the combats are trash ):
KHUSH BHUTADA 19 dagar sedan
@Alexander Vanchev i hate the combat now
The Bellowtuff
The Bellowtuff 20 dagar sedan
@Alexander Vanchev ok
Alexander Vanchev
Alexander Vanchev 20 dagar sedan
The Belowtuff well I love combats but everyone else doesn’t soooooo
The Bellowtuff
The Bellowtuff 20 dagar sedan
There not trash of corse the have low damage but, dat range doe my dude
KHUSH BHUTADA 21 dag sedan
Yeah 😊
Henry Berlach
Henry Berlach Månad sedan
4:43 mccreamy and mau purple skully and renagade
Lebron jaeeemes
Lebron jaeeemes Månad sedan
Imagine is the squad with the renegade purple skully and fish was Benjyfishy Mau Mccreamy
Rickin The Chicken
Rickin The Chicken Månad sedan
Times when the tac smg and the combat were so op
Orlando Andersen
Orlando Andersen Månad sedan
Did anyone else see mcreamy and mau in lazy lake
Wyatt Griffin
Wyatt Griffin Månad sedan
Super Fresh
The Legend
The Legend Månad sedan
Ewwww combat sucks! Charge for life yo(:
Leandro Amador
Leandro Amador Månad sedan
Fresh get 12 kills* me: let's goooooooo i got 1 kill I'm so good I'm better than bugha
Bro she sucked my glizzy
How’s my form🤩🤪🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍🤲🏼👍 black lives matter
ashmanplayzYT Månad sedan
R.I.P Unvaulted btw me + my frend played it all the time
Nathaniel Narainsamy
Dalton Suggs
Dalton Suggs Månad sedan
Fresh took out the OG squad Purple skull trooper, renegade raider!!!
Mohammad Salem
Mohammad Salem Månad sedan
5:99 how the hell a bush get in a house
Mohammad Salem
Mohammad Salem Månad sedan
5:25 because of you they decreased the damage of it
Katie Biondo
Katie Biondo Månad sedan
I think fresh eliminated mau McCreamy and Cali
Mike Grehnem
Mike Grehnem Månad sedan
Who remembers when fresh was mcfreshasian
Mike Grehnem
Mike Grehnem Månad sedan
I mean rgn
Phillip An
Phillip An Månad sedan
drum shotgun not in unvaulted :(
TGP- Henry
TGP- Henry Månad sedan
Wait does fresh have renegade raider?
Jasmine Abusamra
Jasmine Abusamra Månad sedan
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood Månad sedan
Gets infantry rifle fresh: this thing sucks! Also fresh oh got an elimination got an elim got an elim got an elim
Ben Byers
Ben Byers Månad sedan
*Fresh dies* Me: impossible
King _8634
King _8634 Månad sedan
#pandalivesmatter 9:30
hi bye
hi bye Månad sedan
Fresh: 8 elims are not good enough i need to get more! Me: **dies from a bot**
Holly Caplan
Holly Caplan Månad sedan
What's up guys... Yes
Hey there Gold
Hey there Gold Månad sedan
James Au
James Au Månad sedan
“i remember why i like the pump so much” *never picked up the pump when it was in the game*
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison Månad sedan
i am levle 400
Bob The Fish
Bob The Fish Månad sedan
4:55 was that mau and mccreamy?
Damanpreet Singh nagpal
Good morning fresh
Jayflix R
Jayflix R Månad sedan
Why everyone name is player then a number to and they suck It’s weird
IMMORTAL__ UV Månad sedan
The fact that he took combat shotgun instead of purple pump pissed me off
Kyte Cartlidge
Kyte Cartlidge Månad sedan
The combat shotgun was op then
theman iamtheman
theman iamtheman Månad sedan
Bruh thought the exact same thing