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17 jul 2020



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Kommentarer 14 643   
Henryb0t 3 dagar sedan
Aqaman, a classic
Eli Smith
Eli Smith 4 dagar sedan
Hey fresh Good evening.
Mr Pop
Mr Pop 8 dagar sedan
He didnt even do las kill with pic
Akhir Matthews
Akhir Matthews 10 dagar sedan
I miss last season
Fresh 10 dagar sedan
Nath K
Nath K 12 dagar sedan
What’s up guys no
Willem Oleksijczuk
Willem Oleksijczuk 13 dagar sedan
8:43 he uses launch pad
Zeynep Bulun
Zeynep Bulun 19 dagar sedan
Zeynep Bulun
Zeynep Bulun 19 dagar sedan
Zeynep Bulun
Zeynep Bulun 19 dagar sedan
You just drink a cuggus that’s not a fish
Jesus Leon
Jesus Leon 21 dag sedan
Fresh why you change a SMG less upgraded and it silent people won't hear the shotttsss
ToyBurger Månad sedan
8:16 little did he know, CARL would come along
the Nintenbro gamer
the Nintenbro gamer Månad sedan
Aquaman has more powers than just talking to fish
Δημήτρης Ξανθάκης
u used a launch pad bruh
Marcus Converse
Marcus Converse Månad sedan
When someone realizes that fresh did i video with a thicc boy and not a thicc girl Me: Uhh that sounds a bit... weird?
Aidan Armenian
Aidan Armenian Månad sedan
you coulda did this challenge when coral castle was out
Jade Paalan
Jade Paalan Månad sedan
Fresh is the best fortnite player ever
Lily Freeman
Lily Freeman Månad sedan
8:44 he used a launch pad!!
Kadence Robinson
Kadence Robinson Månad sedan
fresh: we are going to get as many elims with the trident as possible fresh: gets 1 elim with trident
godly_ghost_ Månad sedan
He never said he can swim or run only can use sharks and boats
Suryaveer In motion LOL
I also play fortnite
SadFrizzie Månad sedan
Bãby yødã -ŪwÚ
Bãby yødã -ŪwÚ Månad sedan
Travis Herrera
Travis Herrera Månad sedan
Bruh u didn’t take the chug jug
Mathew EWW
Mathew EWW Månad sedan
Wait does everyone know that he used the chug chug. Honestly I would loose
Issaga D
Issaga D 2 månader sedan
Lol so true
Abhinav 2 månader sedan
2:02 did he not see the medkit
Zola Marsland
Zola Marsland 2 månader sedan
Hahaha I Would Not Want To Be Aquaman In Fortnite
Megan Pluckrose
Megan Pluckrose 2 månader sedan
You you used a launch pad
Ethan Gilley
Ethan Gilley 2 månader sedan
His new thicc video is going to be thickest turd in fortnite
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich 2 månader sedan
i know for a fact fresh's season 4 video will be thiccest new battle pass and thiccest new season
DeathTrooper 2 månader sedan
It does but imagine drinking beer with the kraken
Tayla Robertson
Tayla Robertson 2 månader sedan
he spelt thick wrong
Jamir Frederick
Jamir Frederick 2 månader sedan
Fresh be thirsty kill doe
squat cleanser
squat cleanser 2 månader sedan
where is the chug chug
Chris Sharpe
Chris Sharpe 2 månader sedan
My mans ate his own family
mc boi 12
mc boi 12 2 månader sedan
He used the launch pad in game 2
Lili M
Lili M 2 månader sedan
Fresh:Only eats fish for meds Me:This is so messed up
PIXIFIED 2 månader sedan
you took minis secend times
qoeour 2 månader sedan
I had to jailbreak outta restricted mode to watch this
Henry Hopkins
Henry Hopkins 2 månader sedan
Soham Dangi
Soham Dangi 2 månader sedan
Bro he launch paded
Chloe Playzz
Chloe Playzz 2 månader sedan
Don’t worry fresh, my cousin blew himself up with a gas can😌
Gerald Mrema
Gerald Mrema 2 månader sedan
I wish you could keep the jag jag
CanyonFall132 2 månader sedan
Whos watching this when atlantis is actually in Fortnite
Shaurya Gauraang
Shaurya Gauraang 2 månader sedan
You forgot your chug jug
Ibby Zain
Ibby Zain 2 månader sedan
For your next challenge I dare you to only use a rocket launcher for the whole game but you can use weapons until you get until you get a rocket launcher
TTVECLIPSECRUDE_ BTW 2 månader sedan
Fresh:today we are only looting from Atlantis Me:were only looting from Carl lol
Layla Phillips
Layla Phillips 2 månader sedan
Lachlan called it😂
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
Fresh what clan are you on
Darrell Sony
Darrell Sony 2 månader sedan
Proper grammar fresh kids are watching
Eizzyhill 223
Eizzyhill 223 2 månader sedan
When Fresh doesn’t understands the full extent of AquaMans powers😭😭😭
LivingDed 31
LivingDed 31 2 månader sedan
He used a jump-pad, he wasn’t supposed to..
Rusty Fossil
Rusty Fossil 2 månader sedan
And here we are with another thiccccccccccccest video
FlamesHyper 2 månader sedan
i was in the video lol 5:50
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 2 månader sedan
Damn you suck.
Jim Felix
Jim Felix 2 månader sedan
all freshes titles with a character thiccest________ in fortnite
ZaGa 2 månader sedan
Jaden Venes
Jaden Venes 2 månader sedan
This is the *THICCEST OCEAN IN FORTNITE* video in disguise
Jaden Venes
Jaden Venes 2 månader sedan
*laughs in coral castle*
Zekey Boi boi
Zekey Boi boi 3 månader sedan
He said it’s Atlantis 2 seconds later he call it the fortila
thunderboy thunder
thunderboy thunder 3 månader sedan
Why did you have to eat your people that are fish why did you not se d the fish into the water if aquaman saves fish?
Emil Svingen 07
Emil Svingen 07 3 månader sedan
Nice Song
vSaucn 3 månader sedan
Hey I doubt anyone will see this,😔 I hate self promoting but I’m a small SEloskr But if one person reads this it will make my day☺️🙏 but to people reading this I hope you have a great life and future😎I know that fame doesn’t happen over night but I’m trying my hardest to become a successful SEloskr🏅Wish me luck!☺️🤞 Also if your reading this I hope you accomplish your dreams!🤞👍 {My Goal On SElosk: 10k
Notryax 3 månader sedan
Aquamans power isn’t just controlling fish or talking to them...
xxwolfxx 3 månader sedan
How come fresh does not listen to fishy on me? Its a fishy thicc dude video
daniel piasio
daniel piasio 3 månader sedan
Who else wants to see fresh show his locker
Killua Zodlick
Killua Zodlick 3 månader sedan
I can’t wait till the adlantist to come out
Reubz RB
Reubz RB 3 månader sedan
This how much thiccccccccccccccccccccccnes fresh has ⬇️
Yaviel Ayala Trinidad
Yaviel Ayala Trinidad 3 månader sedan
my nija dropped the chug-chug lol
David Bejarano
David Bejarano 3 månader sedan
Why would aqaman wat fish
SXBXN 3 månader sedan
Wurde in meiner letzten Runde so zerstört sieht ihr auch in meinem Video
Wilson The seagull
Wilson The seagull 3 månader sedan
Fresh says it’s a sweat what is he??
Abdur Nawaz
Abdur Nawaz 3 månader sedan
Hi I am at your moms and I’m going to go see your mom 😈😈😈😈😈
LEW MOOMOO 3 månader sedan
Lili-Ella Bush
Lili-Ella Bush 3 månader sedan
It does suck
Andres Lozano
Andres Lozano 3 månader sedan
JD does Stuff
JD does Stuff 3 månader sedan
Why is everything Thicc
Bill Nye
Bill Nye 3 månader sedan
Doesn’t take the p90
ASMR girliegirlll
ASMR girliegirlll 3 månader sedan
wait what? atlanta’s ain’t a thing, it’s the fortilla😂
Ruth Gaddis
Ruth Gaddis 3 månader sedan
Freshman freshman can do what ever a fresh can
Team Shady
Team Shady 3 månader sedan
To the 1% of people watching this enjoy the rest of your day your worth it
E.Vemom1 3 månader sedan
Why are you always saying fake in your videos
Nadia Younan
Nadia Younan 3 månader sedan
Hi harley
Heather Pracko
Heather Pracko 3 månader sedan
Fresh “a win does not count without 10 kills.” Me “ so none of my wins count?”
Charles Hurst
Charles Hurst 3 månader sedan
6:25 nice
Charles Hurst
Charles Hurst 3 månader sedan
the chug jug bit is fake, like its just looped from the chugging all game video.
C Davis
C Davis 3 månader sedan
No one: Fresh: the thiccist(skin name here) in fortnite
Shayal Qazi
Shayal Qazi 3 månader sedan
Fresh:Aquaman sucks I mean what kind of superpower is talking to fish. Megalodon entered the chat
Tashudd 3 månader sedan
Anyone else getting sick of the “thiccest challenges”
Floage Ham
Floage Ham 3 månader sedan
Lachy knew
Nicholas Hermosillo
Nicholas Hermosillo 3 månader sedan
Nicholas Hermosillo
Nicholas Hermosillo 3 månader sedan
Nice fresh
Valentino Clan
Valentino Clan 3 månader sedan
ok Sean
ok Sean 3 månader sedan
ok Sean
ok Sean 3 månader sedan
EBG Jaydeeny
EBG Jaydeeny 3 månader sedan
Fresh: The only mobility I will use are boats and sharks. Uses launch pad [8:44]
Elleia L
Elleia L 3 månader sedan
Fresh: Nah we dont want a purple hunting rifle McCreamy: 😡👄😡
Adam Ibrahim
Adam Ibrahim 3 månader sedan
1:31 the black nights pick axe was the raiders revenge (part of the renagaid raider)
Benson Leavitt
Benson Leavitt 3 månader sedan
Fresh: "Imagine having a super power where you talk to fish! That sucks!" Me: "Imagine not having any superpowers."
The Khans
The Khans 3 månader sedan
Aquamanrt !!!!!!
Cole Cammarata
Cole Cammarata 3 månader sedan
Says the only movement he can use is boats and sharks, meanwhile swimming!😂😂