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4 aug 2020



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Kommentarer 7 739   
Had19hm 5 dagar sedan
Is Lannan actually your dad?
YoshiPikachuFoxy 6 dagar sedan
It’s no longer C̶O̶V̶I̶D̶1̶9̶ it’s now FLOO
Jacob Tan
Jacob Tan 8 dagar sedan
Lakhwinder Kaur
Lakhwinder Kaur 10 dagar sedan
Fresh is addicted to the word thiccc and yess
S4lt Wind
S4lt Wind 17 dagar sedan
Rip hunting rifle 2020
Gacha Life
Gacha Life 17 dagar sedan
I can imagine fresh and laxer camping in a bush Bc it’s day time on the last person
Games Account
Games Account 18 dagar sedan
This is how many times fresh has said “boi” and “thiccest” ⬇️
Christian Rodrigues
Christian Rodrigues 10 dagar sedan
@Lakhwinder Kaur I made that comment when I was in school
Lakhwinder Kaur
Lakhwinder Kaur 10 dagar sedan
6 times lol 😂
Christian Rodrigues
Christian Rodrigues 10 dagar sedan
Wow 6 times
Micmanmiggle GR
Micmanmiggle GR 18 dagar sedan
Lazarbeam should have meme Monday and simp Sunday
Marie Kristtine de Mesa
why are you not figth in the storm
Jonathan Moctezuma
Jonathan Moctezuma 19 dagar sedan
Benard Ababio
Benard Ababio 23 dagar sedan
The galaxy skin is not even that thick
MarshmellowRed DecomPinkBlue
fresh its that true that lazer beam is your dad
OoglyDes 26 dagar sedan
Petition to make Fresh’s creator code “Yes”
lil anxiety
lil anxiety 26 dagar sedan
fresh kept asking “is it night yet” but i reminds me of the kids and they say “are we there yet” wonder why that reminds of that 🤔
Depressus Gaming
Depressus Gaming 28 dagar sedan
My worst nightmare, "what's up guys, no"
Saler A
Saler A 28 dagar sedan
True he should
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 29 dagar sedan
Why dosent anyone talk about the outro song lmfao
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez 29 dagar sedan
add me
Flame 29 dagar sedan
7:15, look under the mini map... hehe boi
Jack Ward
Jack Ward 29 dagar sedan
Lannans singing was the best part of the vid
Fog Storm
Fog Storm Månad sedan
Fresh you should do a thicc galaxy chick and thicc galaxy boi
keshentha kisten
keshentha kisten Månad sedan
Yo fresh
Taylor Dudley
Taylor Dudley Månad sedan
We are billions of light years THICC - Lannan 2020
The animator Life
The animator Life Månad sedan
LazarBeam: fresh I am your father Fresh: NANI!
cauwiaDK Månad sedan
what was lazerbeam doing in the intro
Leonard Ramazan
Leonard Ramazan Månad sedan
what lannan actually say when fresh censored it?
Jeffy Stevens
Jeffy Stevens 24 dagar sedan
george kollaris
george kollaris Månad sedan
I’m going on a trip in my favourite rocket ship
yolanda Smith
yolanda Smith Månad sedan
Is laser really your father
mobliewarrior 46
mobliewarrior 46 Månad sedan
In the intro behind the mailbox lannan is there
Mere o
Mere o Månad sedan
I used to have the full galaxy scout stuff but then epic games took it away for some reason😭😭😭
Noah McMullen
Noah McMullen Månad sedan
She thick
Her Okas
Her Okas Månad sedan
Um galaxies dont go supernova stars do right ?
Connor Koch
Connor Koch Månad sedan
fresh rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
BopperMan Månad sedan
chick is offensive to woman
Jeffy Stevens
Jeffy Stevens 24 dagar sedan
di zhou
di zhou Månad sedan
lazarbeam is not ur dad he's is 28 and ur 18???
Caroline Pence
Caroline Pence Månad sedan
LazarBeam: We TRULY are the T H I C C E S T skins Penny, Brutus, and Guff: are you SURE about that?
XaineFN Månad sedan
6:26 how does lannan know this he’s a dropout
Matt 650
Matt 650 Månad sedan
You should tell epic to Nerf the Uni beam
Varietyz Månad sedan
Were the *flus* supposed to be corona?
Sebastien Kamil
Sebastien Kamil Månad sedan
Yasmin iiAesthetics
Yasmin iiAesthetics Månad sedan
Bethany Brooks
Bethany Brooks Månad sedan
This is amazinggg
Bethany Brooks
Bethany Brooks Månad sedan
CHET JENSEN Månad sedan
wait what happend to lazar
AFFA FAMILY TV Månad sedan
This is Funny 😝
Makyl Hartman
Makyl Hartman Månad sedan
wait he can git gray to it is a color in the galaxy
L F Yap
L F Yap Månad sedan
Stop saying what's up guys yes
Little_ Quinn
Little_ Quinn Månad sedan
5:05 HELL NO
Isaac Palacin
Isaac Palacin Månad sedan
Did he say that laser beam is fresh’s dad?!?
Happy Astronaut
Happy Astronaut Månad sedan
Why is this in a lego playlist
Marcus ONYT
Marcus ONYT Månad sedan
No I’m the thicest
_ Nastyz
_ Nastyz Månad sedan
Bruh I even knew about andromeda and Milky Way since I was 8! And im 11 and in 4 billion years andromeda is colliding with us “ Milky Way”
Jeffy Stevens
Jeffy Stevens 24 dagar sedan
Shut up nerd
Supreme Månad sedan
who's watching this when the galaxy girl skin is back in store?
itzJustNiq Månad sedan
11:02 LoL
Brandon And Jesus productions
Areyou lazar bean son
Chad Lutz
Chad Lutz Månad sedan
Jose Valle
Jose Valle Månad sedan
Well because nighttime is quick is because nighttime is 8:00 to 11:59 P.M. because 12:00 to 7:00 is considered dawn or early morning
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez Månad sedan
Use code fresh
alvis lobo
alvis lobo Månad sedan
Lanen got tested for the fluuuuuu?????.
Blz CyBro
Blz CyBro Månad sedan
Lazarbeam sings soooo well..
Inferno - Fortnite
Inferno - Fortnite Månad sedan
Pin This.
jack michaels
jack michaels Månad sedan
Did anyone see Laban in the back when vid start😂
Vlogs With Ultimate Gaming!
why was this in all new brick's lego mario playlist?
Aisha Farhan
Aisha Farhan Månad sedan
You killed me in the Battle Royale and I was excited as I was killed by him
i luv cookies
i luv cookies Månad sedan
When LazarBeam was singing the planet song it should have bin "Stars up earth down bellow we are the thiccest b****es of them all
Jodie Hughes
Jodie Hughes Månad sedan
One like equals another lazar and fresh thicc collab 👇
Mimi Miller
Mimi Miller Månad sedan
Hi fresh and laserbeam
Mimi Miller
Mimi Miller Månad sedan
Hi fresh
Brady Busst
Brady Busst Månad sedan
You at the best youtuber
EpicJay123 Månad sedan
6:25 even I know that and I’m 12. FRESH IS A BOT LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Erik Rosas
Erik Rosas Månad sedan
Frost Fire
Frost Fire Månad sedan
Fresh you killed your fan
sway swag
sway swag Månad sedan
YouTube SiZzy
YouTube SiZzy Månad sedan
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc Månad sedan
Love the content fresh keep up the good work in your cracked
TKI Podda
TKI Podda Månad sedan
Pratyush Sachdeva
Pratyush Sachdeva Månad sedan
You used the blue charge
Lane We
Lane We Månad sedan
Actually I think you should do meme Monday and thick Saturday
Jeffy Stevens
Jeffy Stevens 24 dagar sedan
Thick Thursday
LoneWolf3454 Plays
LoneWolf3454 Plays Månad sedan
3:49 Lazar do be Vibin
Leah likes me
Leah likes me 2 månader sedan
Aroner 2o2o
Aroner 2o2o 2 månader sedan
Galaxy juice should be the milky way
Ewor 5791
Ewor 5791 2 månader sedan
What do u think would happen if they saw a og galaxy skin in the daytMe
MaxwellGaming 2 månader sedan
Andromeda and milky way are galaxys. I'm a 9 year old and i know that, so you should know that
Jeffy Stevens
Jeffy Stevens 24 dagar sedan
Shut up nerd
BOB bob
BOB bob 2 månader sedan
#stay in school
Jack Fabian
Jack Fabian 2 månader sedan
Thicc Thursday meme Monday sweaty sundae like so fresh can see
Lisa Davies
Lisa Davies 2 månader sedan
T B 2 månader sedan
Fresh is thick like lazerbeam
Mason Cabral
Mason Cabral 2 månader sedan
If its night time in Canada can I wich this
Amber Kandiah
Amber Kandiah 2 månader sedan
I’m 12 and even I know about the galaxies😂
[USMP]ZzTidePødszZ 2 månader sedan
It’s my brothers birthday the day this was posted
KayteDids 2 månader sedan
Alma Fo
Alma Fo 2 månader sedan
When fresh said daytime is so long for me night time is longer
Lhundrup Dorji
Lhundrup Dorji 2 månader sedan
Lannan 2020 : “just cause I a galaxy chick dosen’t mean I am not a galactic bot” Fresh 2020: uhhhh
Mivax 2 månader sedan
Fresh: *Sweating* Lannan: *STARS UP ABOVE EARTH AND BELOW*
Sherri Lynn Kalliraq
Sherri Lynn Kalliraq 2 månader sedan
Lanlan shoots flare gun Ad: less time cooking chicken nuggets
Amauri Knight
Amauri Knight 2 månader sedan
do you gift stof in fortnite
SUS VibeZ X2
SUS VibeZ X2 2 månader sedan
Fresh I have a question Is lazarbeam/Lannan actually your dad
SUS VibeZ X2
SUS VibeZ X2 2 månader sedan
NAH thicc Tuesday sounds better
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno 2 månader sedan
Meowscles 2 månader sedan
I just realized that the thamnail fresh has a boulg