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29 jul 2020



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Kommentarer 10 665   
Arjun Gill
Arjun Gill 8 timmar sedan
Fresh missed a Lamma.
Henryb0t 3 dagar sedan
naked banana= BANANA POWER!!!!!
KB 5 dagar sedan
Daniel Ochoa
Daniel Ochoa 6 dagar sedan
If a banana eats another banana isn’t that Cannibalism
Rishit Vij
Rishit Vij 6 dagar sedan
Waittt. A banana eating bananas. Isn’t that cannibalism???
Austin Nnamani
Austin Nnamani 6 dagar sedan
You should not it bananas because your are banana
Brayden Keep
Brayden Keep 8 dagar sedan
Fishy all the way Fishy on me
Solomon pruteanu
Solomon pruteanu 10 dagar sedan
Awww the guy thought fresh was a bot for dancomg and not shootimg amd he tjought it would be jis first win we need more people like this in fortnite couse l only play against sweats and l am a noob!
Amy Hammond
Amy Hammond 10 dagar sedan
He said he had 23 a d it was 24
Simon Zytka
Simon Zytka 11 dagar sedan
when he eats the bananas for white meds hes basically eating himself.
Ava _
Ava _ 12 dagar sedan
This video should be called Mythic only challenge lmao got so many mythics
Oh Hell No
Oh Hell No 13 dagar sedan
Anyone else with like 2000! ads in youre vid ur watching???
Jayden lindsay
Jayden lindsay 14 dagar sedan
Do the thickest default skin only and can only kill non-default skins only ok!
adam tebb
adam tebb 14 dagar sedan
How do you get this skin
Oh Hell No
Oh Hell No 13 dagar sedan
jeffy bro reacts and game
Fresh I don't now if u see thies but I was the no Akin u killed and who drop all the loot
Giselle Simone Martin
Giselle Simone Martin 16 dagar sedan
He says thick everything
Sam Khafaji
Sam Khafaji 17 dagar sedan
João Miguel Neves
João Miguel Neves 18 dagar sedan
James Taylor
James Taylor 22 dagar sedan
Fresh said potassium 1345678 times
loredana nichitus
loredana nichitus 24 dagar sedan
Fresh bassicaly:and today, were caniballs
Ryan Vopal
Ryan Vopal 26 dagar sedan
Dude imagine getting like 5 Biden adds by watching this vid lol
Jack Callaghan
Jack Callaghan 27 dagar sedan
I love fresh
Miggy Comia
Miggy Comia Månad sedan
Im banana im a banana
Youssef Mahmoud
Youssef Mahmoud Månad sedan
Fresh didnt u notice that bananas are yellow and ur entire inventory is yellow lol
1000 subs without any videos Challenge
If fresh is lannen’s son does that mean that Elsa is his mother and Elliot is his uncle
1000 subs without any videos Challenge
Lannen’s son Does that mean Ilsa is his mother and Elliot is his uncle
CSF Farm
CSF Farm Månad sedan
Paython Wanza
Paython Wanza Månad sedan
I wosd your code Fresh
lazer Månad sedan
Hold up, this should be renamed ‘The Cannibal Challenge’ because he’s eating other bananas.
Cedric Davis
Cedric Davis Månad sedan
Alyssa Taylor
Alyssa Taylor Månad sedan
Can we just appreciate how funny the thumb nail is 😂🤣😂
Mandy Nowak
Mandy Nowak Månad sedan
I just wanna was the night you were going home o o and then I’ll be home at topdog you have a great 👍🏿 night and I love ya and I’ll see ya ya know yiit was the otr day you have to get your own house to the kids and you get to your house 🏡 day is a great ya know how yoou is the time for yews you love me you and me what do you want to me and you do you need a relationship and I love you 💕 you’re right I know you’re going home 🏡 I want you to be happy you know you’re the best I was so proud I wanna was yeieywturteyeyryeieu you know I gotta you like you I don’t want you to be happy 😃 was the night I love ya ya know what ya think we are ya girl 👧 was my time for me a good day to you and your life you have no problem you have no way you to be happy 😊 I wanna I want it I was going home 🏠 is that good for me I just want him back home 🏡 I wanna I like the most and the best always makes you feel like you are doing a great time and I know that I will have to go back home soon I will see ya tomorrow love ya boy you too much fun night night and I hope you’re all better today I hope you’re all better than that you have been there around me I gotta is that you want me you to be a great mom is your time to be with me I gotta was a great time with my friends that we have to come to the bar to come over here 👈 night I was mean and we can get to you know you love ❤️ ris was she Toronto is wo yI is a time of a good yetwutt Rey is walways wI or not even a relationship or what yyou is a good time to be with
Mandy Nowak
Mandy Nowak Månad sedan
I know right it’s really funny intro intro so one time you said that there was ninja books like ninja that’s like the best person in Fortnite so if you’re going to sell those please someone to me I just wanted some because I want toBecause I wanted to be better and yeah thank you if you do sell them and tell me how to get them thank you by fresh
Monisha Patel
Monisha Patel Månad sedan
teacher watching this SHOW YOUR WORK FRESH
Möösh l Illusion
Möösh l Illusion Månad sedan
The last kill should have been a pic kill your not the thickest naked banana yet
Connor Gorham
Connor Gorham Månad sedan
Fresh is a cannibal
Laura Perez
Laura Perez Månad sedan
Simon Vanzella
Simon Vanzella Månad sedan
Are you a canabal
Simon Vanzella
Simon Vanzella Månad sedan
Goddam put some clothes on
Miguel Muscat
Miguel Muscat Månad sedan
Oh so towards the end you used 15 bananas and YELLOW WEAPONS😉
XxRoyalDragonxX Månad sedan
Fresh: I Can Only Eat Bananas For White Meds Me: That's CANNIBALIZE!!!!!!!
Tyertron Månad sedan
RaGe Coohly
RaGe Coohly Månad sedan
Ain’t he a banana so that mean he a cannibal
Zigium Månad sedan
Can't wait to see the new iron man peely in season 4.
ALPHA SLAYER Månad sedan
In the intro fresh was the gold peely cause lannan can't get the gold peely for the intro so lannan was the unpeely 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Joelyn Cheah Yi Qian
Only eating bananas for meds is cannibalism for Mr. Naked banana
jjo appiah
jjo appiah Månad sedan
Naked peely is not family friendly
AshleyEdits GachaLife
AshleyEdits GachaLife
Naked banana
Eli Cain
Eli Cain Månad sedan
U did not respect the defalt
Chloe Shakur
Chloe Shakur Månad sedan
fresh should do Thiccest Strom in Fortnite and only grey loot and grey meds
Toxic Kitten
Toxic Kitten Månad sedan
Stacy Waggener
Stacy Waggener Månad sedan
How come these videos dont have thumbnails but the other one has a thumbnail?
Hubert Toledo
Hubert Toledo Månad sedan
This how many fresh says potassium 👇👇
Clarisse Crane
Clarisse Crane Månad sedan
Wait you're eating your family
Zach Månad sedan
Divyesh Patel
Divyesh Patel Månad sedan
Fresh can kind of break the game
Jenny Mynett
Jenny Mynett Månad sedan
fresh in 2050 be like ... THICKEST STICKMAN IN FORTNITE!!!!
Visu Thangavelu
Visu Thangavelu Månad sedan
Mason Smart
Mason Smart Månad sedan
if any one was wondering peely/naked peely has approximately 35448 mg of potassium
Emily Cunha
Emily Cunha Månad sedan
a banana eating a banana straight cannibalism
Brave ratlover
Brave ratlover Månad sedan
I typed up naked girls for no good reason as a joke this comes up no joke
meryman 228
meryman 228 Månad sedan
So you r a cannibal cuz you r a banana and you eat bananas
Ruby And blueberry
Ruby And blueberry Månad sedan
8 minutes and 11 second in there are 6 people left he had 6 kills and overall he had 6 kills
candice deblaey
candice deblaey 2 månader sedan
candice deblaey
candice deblaey 2 månader sedan
Your eat
clixer 2 månader sedan
Fresh: I'm the thiccest skin Me:it not thicc
clixer 2 månader sedan
Fresh: next time I'm in a box I ma throe bananannnn Him:*dose not throe bananannnn
ElfinFriend9 2 månader sedan
Cher-Leah Williams
Cher-Leah Williams 2 månader sedan
Wait isn’t this cannibalism ??
Ethan Moodley
Ethan Moodley 2 månader sedan
Isn't he committing canabilism but eating bannas😂
Asain Banana A.K.A Unpeely
Unpeely isn’t that thick but ok
Hamza Mahamad
Hamza Mahamad 2 månader sedan
You are OG, and I'm a noob like this last guy you killed...
Zeteny Hidasi
Zeteny Hidasi 2 månader sedan
10:18 Lazar XXX Beast 🤣🤣🤣
Oh Hell No
Oh Hell No 2 månader sedan
Banana - lazarbeam singing dat chug song Heroes the lazarbeam jest to blu jest a pies bot jest to bla bla bla bot do morę Challengera or people can tell u in comments dares
chips fri
chips fri 2 månader sedan
That banana is a canible
Og. des
Og. des 2 månader sedan
8:48 everyone:.... fresh: *yeets* fresh: oh my gosh that guy just got yeeted so hard. me: mum can i play like that..... mum: no son...... he's a legend.
Ashton Peat
Ashton Peat 2 månader sedan
Wait...this makes him a cannibal
Pmohd Maaz
Pmohd Maaz 2 månader sedan
Free V bus
Xbt chief Clan
Xbt chief Clan 2 månader sedan
Kaleb Bierod
Kaleb Bierod 2 månader sedan
your a canable if ur a banana eating a banana
Najdi Murataj
Najdi Murataj 2 månader sedan
What's up guys, Yes
Laine Dillig
Laine Dillig 2 månader sedan
when a new skin comes Fresh: THE THICCEST........
Jane Attard
Jane Attard 2 månader sedan
Fresh d u actually like bananas
Memeknight9000 2 månader sedan
Your telling me im 12 and i did 16 x 5 faster than fresh?
Zane Patterson
Zane Patterson 2 månader sedan
You are eating ur brothers and sisters
Arsene Huriet
Arsene Huriet 2 månader sedan
00:12 i thought they were peeing
BBH Baker
BBH Baker 2 månader sedan
Hi Mr.Fresh. I hope u can get to my comment! Ur my favorite SEloskr!
mexi btw
mexi btw 2 månader sedan
Bc we are doing the thickest naked banana
Sypher Pk
Sypher Pk 2 månader sedan
Come watch are new channel sypher plays
Sypher Pk
Sypher Pk 2 månader sedan
Tell me your fortnite name
Sypher Pk
Sypher Pk 2 månader sedan
Do you have fortnite I can use you for a video
Oh Hell No
Oh Hell No 2 månader sedan
R u real ??????¿ I'm a big fan i subed
Dilshad Begum
Dilshad Begum 2 månader sedan
Nakkked pellyyyyy!!!!!!
Infexious_Z 2 månader sedan
Look on his channel. For the thickest f*ck sake. I am so thickly idk what to do?
Olly Barr
Olly Barr 2 månader sedan
Code fresh
Katie Chase
Katie Chase 2 månader sedan
Holly Johnson
Holly Johnson 2 månader sedan
Deepyxinix 2 månader sedan
0:13 weirdo
Ducky Boy
Ducky Boy 2 månader sedan
Why are you eating yourself
dont touch me
dont touch me 2 månader sedan
Arnt you a banna why you eat yourself
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 2 månader sedan
NotNotch 2 månader sedan
That music brings me back to old lazarbeam
Paul Leask
Paul Leask 2 månader sedan
why is italways gotta be thickest