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15 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 6 704   
Gustahn Lex
Gustahn Lex 21 timme sedan
Lmao ttv and fall damage boi.
Henryb0t 3 dagar sedan
storm is good I got a stupid kill with her mythic when i snuck up behind someone and used it a he/she couldn't deploy the glider VERY STUPID BTW it was in a mountain thats how she/he died
Barneys Lawyer
Barneys Lawyer 4 dagar sedan
Andy Marroquin
Andy Marroquin 6 dagar sedan
wait what if the loot is in the storm ?
Felicetta Ortica
Felicetta Ortica 8 dagar sedan
Garlina Hall
Garlina Hall 8 dagar sedan
Cool Rainbow skin so cool I can really buy that from 100 million trillion VboxBut I don’t have much Vbox like that only I have just 100 V bucks so I need to play more video games so yeah I need to be like you fresh I’m counting on you and good luck having your fun with this rainbow skin
Caetano Sanchez
Caetano Sanchez 10 dagar sedan
This is easy, he just doesnt have to loot bodys, no big deal
Botz AtFortnite
Botz AtFortnite 10 dagar sedan
Thicc doom next
ThugSheep Life
ThugSheep Life 12 dagar sedan
Hold on. You eliminated iron man out of the storm. You can’t loot him. JOKE INTENDED
Mudit Verma
Mudit Verma 15 dagar sedan
Why yo don't add storm dam boy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc 16 dagar sedan
Love the content keep up the good work
Everardo Ruiz
Everardo Ruiz 17 dagar sedan
Is it just me or Every rainbow skin he calls Thick
TheGoated No
TheGoated No 17 dagar sedan
Imagine being sad to win. Like......
Candy Mesh
Candy Mesh 18 dagar sedan
Fresh “we can’t use this slot anymore” Me “wait you used it” (when he dropped the Phamos he picked up a Ar after)
Hank Rudibaugh
Hank Rudibaugh 19 dagar sedan
Yo I play on switch
ryan nguen
ryan nguen 25 dagar sedan
You boys have a sickness for the thickness?
The Phantom
The Phantom 26 dagar sedan
Rod Lower
Rod Lower 26 dagar sedan
y did he not uploed thikest big d in fortnite
gavin kasyoka
gavin kasyoka 26 dagar sedan
She is thick tho
Jesse Graves
Jesse Graves 27 dagar sedan
Wouter van Dijk
Wouter van Dijk 29 dagar sedan
Fresh: Inventory SLUT Me: Wait, was that a Flossy reference?!
Mikaela Mende
Mikaela Mende Månad sedan
I think that was the saddest Victory Royale ever
Diana Pena
Diana Pena Månad sedan
your so good
Diana Pena
Diana Pena Månad sedan
i play fortnit
Diana Pena
Diana Pena Månad sedan
i love your vids
Dylan Redmond
Dylan Redmond Månad sedan
Not Bye ツ
Not Bye ツ Månad sedan
How Ironic is it that storm takes damage in a storm
LegoCityFilms Månad sedan
Isn't the thickest storm hurricane katrina.
Football007meg Games
Your just bad mate
Ninyette Månad sedan
He fast as fuck boiiiii
Max Korenberg
Max Korenberg Månad sedan
Claim your "here before this is in everyone's recommended 5 years later ticket" right here!
DORIANS TOYS Månad sedan
you sell wan
Sarah Torres
Sarah Torres Månad sedan
8:52 choppa drinkin some water
Larson Davis
Larson Davis Månad sedan
These fights fresh takes are insane if I saw these people I would camp in a box
tye reid
tye reid Månad sedan
malcolm casamian
malcolm casamian Månad sedan
How did you get the grey ar
Rebecca Stok
Rebecca Stok Månad sedan
Nikolas Lidstone
Nikolas Lidstone Månad sedan
Did anyone see how he used a mini at 5:49
May Odeh
May Odeh Månad sedan
May Odeh
May Odeh Månad sedan
Why don’t you just go to work then you can come over here
Ismail Cigerli
Ismail Cigerli Månad sedan
Would love to play with you some day
Ismail Cigerli
Ismail Cigerli Månad sedan
Your very funny man
IdkMyYTName Månad sedan
There’s 14 thickest ppl in ur videos. “Nice”
miss evo
miss evo Månad sedan
Leandro Amador
Leandro Amador Månad sedan
1000 iq tho
RNG_Kassi Offical
RNG_Kassi Offical Månad sedan
Does he not get he wins every challenge he does lannan on de other hand has some trouble
Rashmi Sinha
Rashmi Sinha Månad sedan
Anybody miss the old fresh intro
Fabioclappedu Månad sedan
Hack the stark robots so they kill for you
Joseph’s Channel
Joseph’s Channel Månad sedan
Why do you say this is the thickest Storm in Fortnite
YaboiOren! Månad sedan
You know how you win a 1/3 of your games? This is where the other 2/3 of those games go to.
Abigail O'Dea
Abigail O'Dea Månad sedan
Wait a minute you used the 3rd slot
Abigail O'Dea
Abigail O'Dea Månad sedan
It only took me 2 minutes to realize that
Adler Barkman
Adler Barkman Månad sedan
Your insane
Bryson Disney
Bryson Disney Månad sedan
I am inevitable
Alison Brand
Alison Brand Månad sedan
She was so thiccccccccccccc it looked like stretch resolusion
Chelsey Leyva
Chelsey Leyva Månad sedan
I have a video idea you have to use jenifer walters skin and only land at her office and only use the loot only you can take amo and mats and meds. Ps jenifer walters office is in retail road
Benji Loza
Benji Loza Månad sedan
Weres rainbow iron man
Blaze Månad sedan
When wolverine comes out Fresh: tHe ThIcKeSt WoLvErInE iN FoRtNiTe
Marley Lugo
Marley Lugo 10 dagar sedan
it is annoying next it will be thiccest as- in fortnite thicccest di- thiccest frtnit in frtnit thiccest thicc in frtnite
Leech King
Leech King 27 dagar sedan
lmfao u were right XD
Landon’s Reactions
You should do the random thick skin challenge
Kevontay Conner
Kevontay Conner Månad sedan
Credit to typical gamer
ttvmixer fly
ttvmixer fly Månad sedan
Oh thats who killed me in that game fresh why u bully me
Kingoftylandia Månad sedan
He got gold storm I don’t even have gold dr doom
Saunak Ghosh
Saunak Ghosh Månad sedan
Defaults can be thicc too
C’est Stuffed
C’est Stuffed Månad sedan
jadgaming Månad sedan
Vanessa Caro
Vanessa Caro Månad sedan
Fresh vs kiwis
Boris Kuzev
Boris Kuzev Månad sedan
Your fresh could you give me the battle pass and could you give me two things from the gym shark please
Joey da boss
Joey da boss Månad sedan
Dajah Mejia
Dajah Mejia Månad sedan
Ru boy
Netanel Gedian
Netanel Gedian Månad sedan
Fesh wins - "This might be our first fail challenge for a while guys... So Sad!" :(
Félix Darveau
Félix Darveau Månad sedan
Remember thiccest dad
daboysforlife 2020
daboysforlife 2020 Månad sedan
U picked up thr ar
Oran Hanniffy
Oran Hanniffy Månad sedan
U should of done grey weapons for this callange
Anth D
Anth D Månad sedan
can you take henchy loot
Kilo420 z
Kilo420 z Månad sedan
Lol only if you could use the thick Putin song for the intro
Dylan Fahler
Dylan Fahler Månad sedan
What level do you have to be to have all gold/rainbow skins.
Vkh4ever Månad sedan
R.I.P Fresh get a break man maybe ask lanan for help
Princeton Epps
Princeton Epps Månad sedan
His shower misses him
Ethan Gonzales
Ethan Gonzales Månad sedan
Shawn Guzman
Shawn Guzman Månad sedan
How does he get those foils
Solo Or Duo
Solo Or Duo Månad sedan
Fresh: This is useless for me :Kill him sec later
Adam Valle
Adam Valle Månad sedan
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud Månad sedan
Only ogs remeber when fresh carried kids in fill
Nova Quality
Nova Quality Månad sedan
Use code fresh or you will get bad luck for 500000 years
AWESOME lemons
AWESOME lemons Månad sedan
shes not thick
Soupdaboop Gaming&MTB
Fresh says boi every time he tries to kill someone
OR8NGE FN Månad sedan
People in 2019 and earlier: Stay away from negative people. People in 2020: Stay away from positive people. My all-time thought: Stay away from Fresh. He's too OP!
OR8NGE FN Månad sedan
Netanel Gedian
Netanel Gedian Månad sedan
Stay away from him only in fortnite, in real life I belive he's really nice!
Devante Stewart
Devante Stewart Månad sedan
4:36 - Cheater MC *EATER!!!!*
Here Comes JD
Here Comes JD Månad sedan
10:05 - 10:08 who realized he used 700 wood on the storm
Jake Richard
Jake Richard Månad sedan
Framess Månad sedan
When did you start playing? Chapter 1 : Like Chapter 2 : Reply
The British Boy
The British Boy Månad sedan
framess season 1 chapter 2 1 day after the black hole
Aajlc888 Månad sedan
Petition to call this series "Thicctory Royales"
Suleman Saleem
Suleman Saleem 3 dagar sedan
FGTEEV already made a fortnite season 4 video literally the same title
Candy Mesh
Candy Mesh 18 dagar sedan
Yeah that would be cool
Shower Butters
Shower Butters Månad sedan
To Be Used Soon
To Be Used Soon Månad sedan
Wanna be friends?
FPP_Liam Månad sedan
S𝚑𝕦𝐭 𝒖𝑝 ᴘ𝓪ˡ
Heath Robinson
Heath Robinson Månad sedan
Kyle L
Kyle L Månad sedan
now fresh keeps quitting every challenge bruh im unsubbing
Tyler Holt
Tyler Holt Månad sedan
Your insane jarvis
superboy Brody
superboy Brody Månad sedan
WHATS UP GUYS yes the thinnest storm in fortnite............... is not here😢😢😢(#fresh sucks)
ᴄᴀᴛシ Månad sedan
He took the gold pump from the guy he killed lol
Babycarrot Club
Babycarrot Club Månad sedan
Don’t these vids get old
NoN Ryham
NoN Ryham Månad sedan
Red_ Raptor45
Red_ Raptor45 Månad sedan
4:38 where did you get that Grey ar