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7 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 6 931   
ChungoBalungo 16 timmar sedan
nice grenade pun at 8:10 btw GREYnades
Upasana kohli Arora
Upasana kohli Arora 4 dagar sedan
Fresh: got rainbow thor a month ago Me: gets it now
Colet Achina
Colet Achina 7 dagar sedan
the trick is wait for everyone fight and fight and the last person
Noah Griswold
Noah Griswold 8 dagar sedan
You ran out of mats at the end and almost died to fall damage
ItZWyvernZ 11 dagar sedan
It’s funny that fresh is subscribed to LazarBeam but he’s not subbed to Elliot or his girlfriend XD
Robin van Musscher
Robin van Musscher 12 dagar sedan
You are so good.
Louie Turrell
Louie Turrell 12 dagar sedan
Imagine playing fortshite
Furi ous
Furi ous 13 dagar sedan
I love how I am 05 levels away from hollow Thor and fresh has all of them
Lowri Hamer
Lowri Hamer 17 dagar sedan
I had rainbow iron man wen he posted the video
S4lt Wind
S4lt Wind 17 dagar sedan
Daniel RodriguezYescas
Daniel RodriguezYescas 19 dagar sedan
hz doge
hz doge 21 dag sedan
What level is rainbow thor
Graciela Miillan
Graciela Miillan 21 dag sedan
To unlock all holo skins you need to reach lvl 220 geez man
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc 23 dagar sedan
Love the content keep up the good work
MissionRabbit yeet
MissionRabbit yeet 24 dagar sedan
i ou use vizual sound effects you can a player near you
fortnite ninja biggest fan
Sorry for saying the
paul wessel
paul wessel 25 dagar sedan
You yours green to get your first elim
ToyBurger 29 dagar sedan
5:06 rip car
Srwinstonchurchill 29 dagar sedan
Wyatt Goodmurphy
Wyatt Goodmurphy Månad sedan
i saw a thik!!! rainbow thor
Im Mr. lonely
Im Mr. lonely Månad sedan
I have realized that fortnite is pay to get payed for youtubers
h x n e y
h x n e y Månad sedan
8:03 did he say "greynades" on purpose? LOL
Saleh Farhan
Saleh Farhan Månad sedan
Fresh I'm gonna put fresh in the item shop
Jovannie Vazquez
Jovannie Vazquez Månad sedan
Some Idiot
Some Idiot Månad sedan
Fresh: stop being nerdy! Also fresh:⬇️⬅️↖️⬆️⬅️↘️⬅️⏬➡️⏸🔼 ⬅️🔽↙️⬇️⬇️⬆️⏫⏫🔽⬅️🔼⏮⏪🔽↘️🔽➡️⬆️🔼⬇️↙️↗️🔽⬅️⏬↗️↖️◀️
Jaxson Brucker
Jaxson Brucker Månad sedan
Fresh is so good that he does the rainbow challenge 2 times in one while it takes you tubers so long
Elijah Rodriguez
Elijah Rodriguez Månad sedan
you are the best fortnite player ever also you ARE THE BEST
Ana Adan
Ana Adan Månad sedan
Is it me or is he lookin kinda, THICC
Matt Guyatt
Matt Guyatt Månad sedan
Yoos a pickax oll Game
Kevin Wiley
Kevin Wiley Månad sedan
9:52 last build😭😭
Abshir Daud
Abshir Daud Månad sedan
he could just upgrade his weapons.
RustigMetGames Månad sedan
9:50 if hi don't die to storm fresh dies hi had no mets
gene Ortiz
gene Ortiz Månad sedan
I watch your video every day
Massiel Garcia
Massiel Garcia Månad sedan
O my god
Chocolate Peely
Chocolate Peely Månad sedan
MrOak Månad sedan
Giovanni De Santiago
9:53 look fire tho
Khaled Alkaabi
Khaled Alkaabi Månad sedan
Balake Månad sedan
Is the Jules Gaia music copyright???
Natalie Lewis
Natalie Lewis Månad sedan
hi fresh
Juan Tobias
Juan Tobias Månad sedan
This is how much fresh said thick 👇
Naython Widjaja
Naython Widjaja Månad sedan
jayda elbay
jayda elbay Månad sedan
HI SISTERS LOL... Damn boi...
Kimberly Burris
Kimberly Burris Månad sedan
Hello gamers
P4ND4 Playz YT
P4ND4 Playz YT Månad sedan
Use code fresh for a cookie
Boi _yt
Boi _yt Månad sedan
F yeah
Boi _yt
Boi _yt Månad sedan
BOSS1567 Månad sedan
dat guy
dat guy Månad sedan
Did you know that hearing thicc more than 100 times causes autism...( not really )
Ashley DeLeon
Ashley DeLeon Månad sedan
I saw the TikTok of this video
dat guy
dat guy Månad sedan
Shadow Månad sedan
You never did gray
Rem Månad sedan
You should've used your pickaxe for the final elim
VIBEZZ Månad sedan
To who ever reading this : may god bless you and all your family💙💋
FaZe Månad sedan
This is how many subs he makes a day ! !
T J Månad sedan
selosk.info/class/video/kISUq6t-z2Z2yJ8.html l
Erik Harton
Erik Harton Månad sedan
But I don’t like School
Keith Olton
Keith Olton Månad sedan
I got gold Thor But not rainbow 🙁🥺
1k Subs before 2090
1k Subs before 2090 Månad sedan
To everyone seeing this I hope you have a blessed day
CringeGod42 Månad sedan
Yo, I post cringe and take requests for whatever you want me to post.
SOGGY Månad sedan
selosk.info/class/video/pZ2UsKeTp6xeymQ.html IS THIS TRUE OR FALSE ?
Hossam Barhom
Hossam Barhom Månad sedan
selosk.info/class/video/j4qrs6CB14p8p3E.html x
Frosty Månad sedan
He look like a fruit roll up
Cat on Gfuel
Cat on Gfuel Månad sedan
What was the first me freshasian video you watched Mine was mythic only challenge season 2 chapter 2
Zedk mac best
Zedk mac best Månad sedan
ElectriczFX Månad sedan
@iMentxl x yh he is
Aqib Khan.
Aqib Khan. Månad sedan
Whoever sees this comment all ima say is have good day and bless you all
abk_808 Månad sedan
for the purple he should of used his pickaxe
Mr Shark
Mr Shark Månad sedan
I love pickle
qt aurora
qt aurora Månad sedan
Can y'all check out my new clip? It help a lot and the clip is 🔥.
Moe Robert
Moe Robert Månad sedan
"7:08" fortnite money > fx8350.online It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Steven McHugh
Steven McHugh Månad sedan
Videogamingkings 112
Benjamin Bailey
Benjamin Bailey Månad sedan
Moe Robert scammer
Beaver playz
Beaver playz Månad sedan
I see you turned on the sound effects
Tom Tord
Tom Tord Månad sedan
#thic thor lobe how he says thicc halrair
//CandyGacha\\ Månad sedan
This is the best ship go watch it it’s fine if you disagree just watch it 💕💕selosk.info/class/video/jJ9z1qGWuY1pzHE.html
Me fan Nerd fan
Me fan Nerd fan Månad sedan
Mc Toxic Music
Mc Toxic Music Månad sedan
at the start why was he playing with visualised sound effects?
Fin Williams
Fin Williams Månad sedan
It gets boring watching one match vids
Isabella Lu
Isabella Lu Månad sedan
“This is the exact reason why you stay at school kids” - quoted from Fresh
Luca Zammit
Luca Zammit 7 dagar sedan
No thx
Julian Holm
Julian Holm 13 dagar sedan
this is funny as heck
Julian Holm
Julian Holm 13 dagar sedan
Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller Månad sedan
Bro I droprd out of school
Joel Mendoza
Joel Mendoza Månad sedan
soulz fnx it’s because he dropped out of school
Oakleydaboy Månad sedan
I’m kinda sick of the THICK series. It’s not bad but it’s all fresh is doing and it does get kinda boring
Riquelme Roberts
Riquelme Roberts Månad sedan
9;07 There was a grey pump lmfao
50k subs with no videos CHALLENGE
Taste the rainbow
Estefania Saavedra
Estefania Saavedra Månad sedan
Who loves it when fresh : says whats up guys yes : like if you do
Francisco S.
Francisco S. Månad sedan
Haha is the only hollow I don’t have is wolverine for obvious reasons
OneDrippyPlayer Månad sedan
What’s up guys no in 2021
hype infinite
hype infinite Månad sedan
How do you grind
XpFN Månad sedan
Mixed Sniper
Mixed Sniper Månad sedan
If you noticed he literally ran out of mats, but it would have been funny if that guy died in the storm right as fresh was about to hit the ground and then he could have clipped it and sent it to bcc
Jacks Short clips
Jacks Short clips Månad sedan
Fresh you are the besttttt
MOCshroom Månad sedan
Day 56 of waiting for a video without thiiiiccccccccccc in the title
ieatshmeats Månad sedan
Lukas P
Lukas P Månad sedan
Basically this is just the rainbow challenge
g1xtch bunzz
g1xtch bunzz Månad sedan
can we just respect the fact that he goes into reply mode getting sick shots for every single video intro?
Everyone’sFavoriteSenpai :D
I don't think buying the entire battlepass is "Grinding a lot" but alright I guess.
daniel alexander
daniel alexander Månad sedan
Hi fresh
ABBAS PLAYZ Månad sedan
You keep saying dame 1:40
ABBAS PLAYZ Månad sedan
You keep
Devis Månad sedan
Why can he see footsteps? He is on PC .
lbsw Månad sedan
Alternative title ‘2018 GUN GAME’ Or ‘THOR PROVED GAY’
mikemillz28 Månad sedan
"7:17" fortnite money > i9900k.store It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Videogamingkings 112
mikemillz28 scam
YesNoMaybe Månad sedan
How Is There 100 Likes
Shelly Douglas
Shelly Douglas Månad sedan
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Blake Månad sedan
Me level 19👁👄👁