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3 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
lexstrus __
lexstrus __ 7 dagar sedan
Dude you are like a combination of Lachy Mueselk and Lannan and you are the fuck best my guy
Jeffrey F
Jeffrey F 8 dagar sedan
ohhhhh now i get it
The last Craig
The last Craig 13 dagar sedan
Why didn’t you used grey weapons
Tyler Szewc
Tyler Szewc 20 dagar sedan
Love the content keep up the good work
Tyler Krahn
Tyler Krahn 21 dag sedan
Did you click for thumbnail or title...?
antqy 29 dagar sedan
roses are red violets are blue I clicked because of the thumbnail and you did too
Sebastian Lopez
Sebastian Lopez Månad sedan
Hi fresh you scuk
matsobane lebelo
matsobane lebelo Månad sedan
Silver safar is not thick
notstoopid Månad sedan
He actually isn’t lying it’s the THICCEST silver boi in fortnite you can see his CHEEKS
Juan Tobias
Juan Tobias Månad sedan
This is how much fresh said thick 👇
Berta Salinas
Berta Salinas Månad sedan
"Dance With The Naked Sliver man' -Fresh
Cat Lover
Cat Lover Månad sedan
me not having enough v bucks for that pretty sexy silver boi skin: 😱😱😱😱
Cat Lover
Cat Lover Månad sedan
fresh has a the thiccest silver boi ever
zechcrow Månad sedan
Noice thumbnail
Symptom_ yt
Symptom_ yt Månad sedan
Do a thicc groot meme
247 Gamers
247 Gamers Månad sedan
Hossam Barhom
Hossam Barhom Månad sedan
selosk.info/class/video/j4qrs6CB14p8p3E.html z
Phoenix Månad sedan
You should have done grey only to top it all off.
Ethan Kirby
Ethan Kirby Månad sedan
He should made it so that he has to use grey weapobs
mikemillz28 Månad sedan
"7:17" fortnite money > i9900k.store It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
J0shLive Månad sedan
You: there are no more things at jet me:there was no more
Aggro King
Aggro King Månad sedan
Im so bored
lilChefLevi Månad sedan
Danm boy he thick
Aniya Lewis
Aniya Lewis Månad sedan
How it just came out
The mysterious Gamer
Me fan Nerd fan
Me fan Nerd fan Månad sedan
Sky Flame Videos
Sky Flame Videos Månad sedan
3:25 he used wood >:(
Chris Bautista
Chris Bautista Månad sedan
Miami Majestics
Miami Majestics Månad sedan
Can you do face camera
Jeffrey Merrick
Jeffrey Merrick Månad sedan
“.......and what is the reason of your arrest?” “I painted myself chrome and then danced naked in the middle of multiple towns.”
Jayden Lane
Jayden Lane Månad sedan
It’s like when it’s over round dances
Jayden Lane
Jayden Lane Månad sedan
Mr mm
Blank Henchmen
Blank Henchmen Månad sedan
5:05 N 5:56 Those thunderpumps though
Larry the Lama
Larry the Lama Månad sedan
That’s fresh
Rex Adkins
Rex Adkins Månad sedan
Alessandro Francesco Maragliulo
3:39 so I killed you
Stormz Månad sedan
selosk.info/class/video/rmiluLKDwI1_qYk.html HD
Stormz Månad sedan
selosk.info/class/video/rmiluLKDwI1_qYk.html HD
shottz Månad sedan
0:01 WhAtSuP gUyS yEs ThE tHiCkEsT sIlvEr SuRfEr Is HeRe 😂
Fury Boy
Fury Boy Månad sedan
Y’all follow me fury boy
ItzJordan19 Månad sedan
Babble player
Babble player Månad sedan
I want to see a face reval in a normal game plaeae
Babble player
Babble player Månad sedan
I like your whats up guys yes today we are going to land pp
Babble player
Babble player Månad sedan
Hey reflex you are a sweat
dakalayona -
dakalayona - Månad sedan
clickbait im sad :(
Tyler Caldwell
Tyler Caldwell Månad sedan
"7:17" fortnite money > fx8350.online It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Kaas Je
Kaas Je Månad sedan
Can u give your opinion? selosk.info/class/video/i6t0yI18xX-Qp2g.html
PhilK1210 Månad sedan
I have to ask what is the song at 4:40
Khaled Mostafa
Khaled Mostafa Månad sedan
EPIC IS CALLING FOR THE RELEASE OF THE FORTNITE GAME ON THE IOS STORE AND ACCUSING APPLE OF A MONOPOLY. www.newscenterr.com/2020/09/Epic-is-calling-for-the-release-of-the-Fortnite-game-on-the-iOS-store.html
Yashay Smith
Yashay Smith Månad sedan
"7:17" fortnite money > fx8350.online It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Kaas Je
Kaas Je Månad sedan
Can u give your opinion? selosk.info/class/video/i6t0yI18xX-Qp2g.html
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Månad sedan
For some reason the way fresh talks at the beginning of the video triggers me and it makes mad I have no idea why
beanbag290 Månad sedan
"7:17" fortnite money > fx8350.online It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Kaas Je
Kaas Je Månad sedan
Can u give your opinion? selosk.info/class/video/i6t0yI18xX-Qp2g.html
shottz Månad sedan
Hmm 🤔 does it work
skully Månad sedan
Stolen and scam
Title: Thiccest Silver boi in Fortnite The Penny skin: Am I a joke to you?!
Sid the sloth playz
Sid the sloth playz Månad sedan
Fishy taco
Fishy taco Månad sedan
This is how many times he said thickest silver boy 👇🏼
Attaboyla Plaisance
Attaboyla Plaisance Månad sedan
Why did u blur the thumbnail
kid great yt
kid great yt Månad sedan
Luca Arrigo
Luca Arrigo Månad sedan
Nice vid
3,000 subscribers With 3 videos challenge
If I could get one dollar for every time Fresh has said thicc.
Emma Williscroft
Emma Williscroft Månad sedan
Title: Thiccest silver boy in Fortnite The silver skin: has a six pack
ArsyaXD Månad sedan
Now this is An fortnite YT ber i like *NOT LIKE THE OTHER STUPID FORTNITE SEloskR*
Kenji Yu Santos
Kenji Yu Santos Månad sedan
1:51 Makes sense 2nd 👍🏼
Dillon Pennell
Dillon Pennell Månad sedan
How does he exploit the silver surfer so he just falls right to the ground
AKA monster?
AKA monster? Månad sedan
Are we not gonna talk about the thumbnail
IHackForFun ツ XD
IHackForFun ツ XD Månad sedan
You built with wood
mohib rafiqi
mohib rafiqi Månad sedan
Zach Attack
Zach Attack Månad sedan
3:26 he built out of wood
Sohum Pimputkar 8A Roll No 35
3:25 he picked up 12 wood and built a wooden roof Proof: wood goes from 12 to 2
Balraj Parmar
Balraj Parmar Månad sedan
I let a bot get the win and I was mad of it so now I'm going to destroy all players. Including bots and noobs
Balraj Parmar
Balraj Parmar Månad sedan
I'm serious
Blaze Santa
Blaze Santa Månad sedan
Krzysztof Kolba
Krzysztof Kolba Månad sedan
What is wrong with fresh and thick things is that his fetish or something
NoTx Dynamixzz
NoTx Dynamixzz Månad sedan
Can someone tell me how to jump of the silver surfboard mid air
Oliver Adamiak
Oliver Adamiak Månad sedan
Is it just me or did Fresh say thick Roy?
Cayden Boyer
Cayden Boyer Månad sedan
Silver boi epic
Dr1zzy Stormz
Dr1zzy Stormz Månad sedan
Make the thick apple
Hasith PEIRIS Månad sedan
Aight fresh, these thumbnails are getting a bit out of line 😂😂😂😂😂
Giiing ging Misunderstands the internet
His ass cheeks can clap and tell galactis where a world is
User ID 832054
User ID 832054 Månad sedan
Silver surfer is not for kids. Worse than the calamity incident
LUV 2 GAME Månad sedan
U should do a groot chalenge and use green wepons only
Tech Gaming
Tech Gaming Månad sedan
Any one realize that fresh would lost the first games anyways cause he placed a wood floor at 3:25
David Videos
David Videos Månad sedan
Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content
qt Hype.
qt Hype. Månad sedan
Jack Harwood-Matthews
No one: Fresh when a new skin comes out: THICCEST NEW SKIN
Criticxzy Månad sedan
how come proffesional fortnite player always gets in bot lobbies
ItsSc0xt Månad sedan
Hey everyone I hope your having an amazing day and staying safe during these times. I have a YT channel and i spend 7+ hours on every video and it would be a dream come true if any of you could subscribe and help me get to 100 subscribers
Lukas Stokseth
Lukas Stokseth Månad sedan
Cornfedz33 Månad sedan
please stop cussing, you sound stupid
UnBreakable Playz
UnBreakable Playz Månad sedan
Come on grey only
Baconguy 99
Baconguy 99 Månad sedan
4:53 His feet went *CRACK*
Helen Worthington
Helen Worthington Månad sedan
1st Place not 2nd your not ment to win the dam game you ment to give them the victory Royal 👑
Grace Cox
Grace Cox Månad sedan
I subed
Grace Cox
Grace Cox Månad sedan
I turned on notis
losnz Månad sedan
Yo fresh do you got scroll wheel reset and edit on release
Asreil Dreemur
Asreil Dreemur Månad sedan
Thickest silver boi.
Perri VanNormam
Perri VanNormam Månad sedan
fresh u do know that theres 1 mithic power at every quinjet there in the drops
Miles Howee
Miles Howee Månad sedan
8:11 poor jelly
Way 2 many people go 2 those jets
Poppy Greenwood
Poppy Greenwood Månad sedan
I swear on the lsat round when he had a blue charge I saw like 3 purple charges 🤣 why didn’t he swap it for the blue xx
Jacob Fudge
Jacob Fudge Månad sedan
Petition for fresh every time he gets a dub in a thicc challenge to say thicctory royale
jaylen27 Månad sedan
one time my whole sqad got killed by a soccer skin
WILD T ONE 1000 Månad sedan
Why did you not pick up better charge shotgun