This kid didn’t believe me... 

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Sl8r Gaming
Sl8r Gaming 41 minut sedan
I hope this kid apologizes to you in this video
Aiden the God plays
Aiden the God plays 3 timmar sedan
Hey kid if your watching your a bad person
Nick O'Brien
Nick O'Brien 4 timmar sedan
Imagine what that kid was thinking when he watched this video
herobrine 10
herobrine 10 4 timmar sedan
Sorry fresh but that kid is savage af
herobrine 10
herobrine 10 4 timmar sedan
And ifmi played with you fresh I would believe
TBA Editz YT
TBA Editz YT 5 timmar sedan
That kid tho
Zodijak4187 5 timmar sedan
I think that the kid is just like: I still dont believe it
Aden Hart
Aden Hart 6 timmar sedan
This duudeee
Ricky Chant
Ricky Chant 7 timmar sedan
Shit is going down
fortnite video fortnite
he gonna watch this video and say what I met FRESat
Noor Toonsi
Noor Toonsi 8 timmar sedan
Plz do a locker travel plzzzzzzzzz
XanderCast 8 timmar sedan
Imagine Charlie watching this vid he be like😳
Gabe Halliday
Gabe Halliday 9 timmar sedan
How does this kid not believe him
eylduh 9 timmar sedan
Hiram Murillo
Hiram Murillo 10 timmar sedan
If the kid u played with sees this he probably feeling like a reall DUMASS
Mxgma 11 timmar sedan
This kid probably feels so stupid now 😂
Stormyz_ 14
Stormyz_ 14 11 timmar sedan
Like that kid is gay
s2r trooper
s2r trooper 11 timmar sedan
Until he sees the vid
Oddly Satisfying Sand
Oddly Satisfying Sand 12 timmar sedan
You better add that kid on your main account and he’d go crazy
Crystal Trickshoter
Crystal Trickshoter 12 timmar sedan
Locker reval
Emilio Polanco
Emilio Polanco 12 timmar sedan
R.i.p this kid when his brother see's this he is going to KILL him
Christian Shaw
Christian Shaw 12 timmar sedan
What is the code to the 1v1 map
gamer kid 103
gamer kid 103 13 timmar sedan
Lol that first kid was so toxic I wanna 1v1 him
NEZY5 13 timmar sedan
When he looks at the video and he's actually dumb
Muhammad Aayan
Muhammad Aayan 14 timmar sedan
In real that kid is a example of Ai/Bot
Chuckie XD YT
Chuckie XD YT 14 timmar sedan
Stop reviving him
CAYLEE ZARATE 15 timmar sedan
The little brother being a good subscriber but not being rewarded!
Isaac Yeo
Isaac Yeo 15 timmar sedan
i swear this kid is dumber then my baby bro
Charley Garven
Charley Garven 17 timmar sedan
I feel bad because he will watch this vid nd see how dumb and idiodic he looks Feels bad man
Christopher miller
Christopher miller 17 timmar sedan
I hate the frst kid you played with
Gio Matthew Libradilla
Gio Matthew Libradilla 18 timmar sedan
that kid is so dumb
Shubha Gobbargumpi
Shubha Gobbargumpi 21 timme sedan
Why don’t you call him in discord videocall
Felicity Byrne
Felicity Byrne 21 timme sedan
Abdul Rahman Ahmad Zattam
His little brother is smart
Alex Herrera
Alex Herrera 23 timmar sedan
Lazarbeam seing this 👁👄👁
Luke Carpenter
Luke Carpenter Dag sedan
That was torture
Mckale Matthews
Mckale Matthews Dag sedan
Xbox sucks get a PS4 it brings love to people
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez Dag sedan
hi fresh its Charlies brother IT is you
Skyler Phakonekham
Its crazy that his little brother is smarter than him
CRYPTIC Dag sedan
He sus vote him out
Luigi the Octoling
There’s 2 things you ether don’t remember your girlfriends name or you don’t have 1
Lurk Clan Gaming
Man why did I not believe him
Luis Hinojosa
Luis Hinojosa Dag sedan
That kid is soooooooo annoying
Void Zero
Void Zero Dag sedan
when a kid is that dumb to the point where he says everyone is fake like he says i haven't met anyone famous i bet he has but he called them fake lol
Brayden Crowley
Brayden Crowley Dag sedan
Brayden Crowley
Brayden Crowley Dag sedan
I’m Lacey poggies
Tyler Nelson
Tyler Nelson Dag sedan
This kid stupid lol
him watching the video gets so mad
Marisol M
Marisol M Dag sedan
The kid in the beginning watching this like: 👁👄👁
Immanuel Tan
Immanuel Tan Dag sedan
Im waiting if hes gonna be like yhat he unfriended fresh
Mr. TFV Dag sedan
This is how many times he said your not ⬇️
Nilufa Rodrigo
Nilufa Rodrigo Dag sedan
imagine after he unfreinds him he watches this vid
MmanJune10 Dag sedan
He's feels so dumb I bet lol
zach zaki_095
zach zaki_095 Dag sedan
kid is so boring
idrop monster
idrop monster Dag sedan
When he watches the video, maybe I am dumb.
linfu Dag sedan
lol this is why i quit so much toxic kids
Dev Sir
Dev Sir Dag sedan
Fresh can you gift me a skin
Dev Sir
Dev Sir Dag sedan
Dreamz _667
Dreamz _667 2 dagar sedan
Lol the kid on the mic will feel so dumb when he sees
lozey 2 dagar sedan
I Pray Whoever Reads This Comment Becomes Successful In Life💞❤
Sharp JValor
Sharp JValor 2 dagar sedan
I put lazar XDDD
Erika Hobley
Erika Hobley 2 dagar sedan
shoulda streamed
Blue thunder Emiliano monreal
That kid was mean
Henos Geberihiwet
Henos Geberihiwet 2 dagar sedan
When he find out he goin be mad and add him bro,
Coleton Tosh
Coleton Tosh 2 dagar sedan
Bro the first kid just annoyed me
Coleton Tosh
Coleton Tosh 2 dagar sedan
Coleton Tosh
Coleton Tosh 2 dagar sedan
Oops that there were lots of them
Grayson Schubert
Grayson Schubert 2 dagar sedan
Clap this kid in a 1v1
Jack Schwab
Jack Schwab 2 dagar sedan
guys im charlie lol
Fortnite Meanie
Fortnite Meanie 2 dagar sedan
I missed my shots 😁
Zev Lopez
Zev Lopez 2 dagar sedan
His brother IS smart
Zev Lopez
Zev Lopez 2 dagar sedan
Kid really thinks he's smart
Zev Lopez
Zev Lopez 2 dagar sedan
Ur dumb
Barbara Lubej
Barbara Lubej 2 dagar sedan
This kid vas so dumb
Aidan Singleton
Aidan Singleton 2 dagar sedan
Chuck watching this 👁👄👁
Keena Villatora
Keena Villatora 2 dagar sedan
Fresh can you add me my epic is keena villa
GGaming 2 dagar sedan
Enrique Diiaz
Enrique Diiaz 2 dagar sedan
FRESH:I killed him it means I'm FRESH chucksongfule: YOUR NOOOOOT FRESH: I am
Marie Therese Healy
Marie Therese Healy 2 dagar sedan
Lol so funny
BOiLivE 2 dagar sedan
This kid is sooo dumb lmao 🤣
Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor 2 dagar sedan
You should of logged into your account and showd him it was you
Raymond Gonzales
Raymond Gonzales 2 dagar sedan
POV you want the boy to comment on the video
Gabfrijole 2 dagar sedan
0:38 😂😂😂
T Al
T Al 2 dagar sedan
Joshua Matse
Joshua Matse 2 dagar sedan
I didn’t think it was rly you
Oliver Espinoza
Oliver Espinoza 2 dagar sedan
The big brother : he's fake The little brother: no he's real And the big brother when he's watching fresh video OMG i need to friend him back Leave a like that was funny Love All
Samurai_K Gaming
Samurai_K Gaming 2 dagar sedan
The Kid Watching The Video Omg That Is Fresh.
YizZ is a simp
YizZ is a simp 2 dagar sedan
Kids trash
Kirsten Martinson
Kirsten Martinson 2 dagar sedan
fresh plese play with me
Corina Gallegos Elizondo
The One True Suvivor123
The kid speaks the truth lazar is a better youtuber for 1 reason hes actually funny
Jayden Martinez
Jayden Martinez 2 dagar sedan
When your fortnite duo says "vote him out he is a imp " fresh: this is not among us kid and it's me the real fresh lol
MobileMadness 2 dagar sedan
This is why i wish i had season 4 Fortnite
Maiko Metcalfe
Maiko Metcalfe 3 dagar sedan
The kid right now watching Fresh’s video: 👁👄👁.
terry brothers
terry brothers 3 dagar sedan
He the god of ThIcC
Nancy Pena
Nancy Pena 3 dagar sedan
Christina Jones
Christina Jones 3 dagar sedan
Pov:looking for the kids comment
Deysy 3 dagar sedan
Lazar Shit It Wasent him
Deysy 3 dagar sedan
ROXYOFFICIAL 3 dagar sedan
This kid thought it wasn’t fresh when it is lol
XpecterTG 3 dagar sedan
I wonder what that kid’s reaction was like if ur asian
fishy agent oof
fishy agent oof 3 dagar sedan
This kid saw the vid and he’s like 😐oh shit
Savaged 95
Savaged 95 3 dagar sedan
Bruh that was me the kid and I didn’t believe him I feel so dumb
slingshot samurai
slingshot samurai 3 dagar sedan
i think he just doesnt want to believe that he was getting roasted by fresh
I replaced LAZARBEAM...
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