tiktok dancing on EVERYONE in fortnite 

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31 jul 2020



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UniKittyYT 1234
UniKittyYT 1234 8 dagar sedan
Idea for next video. Read more please 1. Change keybinds to Fresh 2. Win with no meds ✅ 3. Win with lazarbeams girlfriend 4. Hide and only battle the last other player Sub to my channel if you love fresh and Tik Tok
BadD 29 dagar sedan
Someone help what skin is fresh wearing and is it a battle pass skin like plz i need to know
Mary Atkins
Mary Atkins Månad sedan
I love fresh end lazerbem are the best thre also funny emd really cool
Mary Atkins
Mary Atkins Månad sedan
Galaxy_clan8 Månad sedan
8:30 is so funny 😂
Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez Månad sedan
When laserbeam is afraid of getting a strike
Kaya Kaplan plays games
That’s tough
Kaya Kaplan plays games
Lazar I got 50 mil
Daniel dripping
Daniel dripping Månad sedan
Did anybody else get the 6ix9ine ad
TheNamelessYeet Månad sedan
Sorry but code lazar is currently filling
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez Månad sedan
Use code fresh boysss
Muhammad Hamdan
Muhammad Hamdan Månad sedan
Fresh will u accept my friend request???
Squeej Rules
Squeej Rules Månad sedan
Laser short
Christian McGuane
Christian McGuane Månad sedan
Tik Tok
Fortnite But It’s
Fortnite But It’s Månad sedan
Marlene Casian
Marlene Casian Månad sedan
your so funny fresh
Monica Jaramillo
Monica Jaramillo Månad sedan
maria lara
maria lara Månad sedan
Tiktok is gay :/
TTVBOT-Khan Månad sedan
this is how many times fresh said pickle and thickest : : V
nonie007pk Månad sedan
Do anyone know what is tiktok i don't know
Michael T. Dice
Michael T. Dice Månad sedan
But Lil Huddy isn't a tiktoker... He's a racist
iimonicaii Månad sedan
I like if u want lamented to dance on Tik Tok
•DàrkBói• Månad sedan
Tonight I'm on fire till we see the sun light tick tock on the clock and the party wouldn't stop owo owowowowo owowoo tick toc mate
Connor plays Baseball
This has to be the worst video idea that fresh did. no offense
J Mtz
J Mtz Månad sedan
Clare Corey
Clare Corey Månad sedan
We love fortnite
Daks Shelford
Daks Shelford Månad sedan
P.O.V:your looking for charlie/lilhudy/dixie/Addisonraes comment
Jaleel Murray
Jaleel Murray Månad sedan
Laser just makes me not wanna watch
Braxton Liddington
Braxton Liddington Månad sedan
I love fortnight always play it all the time and I never win☹️
Braxton Liddington
Braxton Liddington Månad sedan
You’re my favourite SElosk
Diss Tracks
Diss Tracks Månad sedan
WOW You look so much like Charli
Yung Boy
Yung Boy Månad sedan
1:12 that doesn’t sound right
Flipzy HD
Flipzy HD Månad sedan
Who's got both Lil Huddy and Dixie D'amelio skin/ YellowJacket and Fade
Controlla 2 månader sedan
ughhh tik tok is taking over EVERYTHING
Ricky Franco
Ricky Franco 2 månader sedan
Thought lannan was tall..........
Aaron Jose
Aaron Jose 2 månader sedan
He is definitely running out of ideas
[RSP] L twelve
[RSP] L twelve 2 månader sedan
Alternate title: fresh being toxic
Rosey Cupcake
Rosey Cupcake 2 månader sedan
pfft ch doo doo doo do do *wAiT* WENEGADE WENEGADE wenegade.. do do do do do. WOO. ha ha. buh bud buh buh bum
batuツ 2 månader sedan
This is how MANY they said 'tiktok 👇 👇
Nathi Malematsa
Nathi Malematsa 2 månader sedan
Did anyone realize that the person that killed them first was the guy that was shooting them in spawn island
Luis Duenas
Luis Duenas 2 månader sedan
I have been binge watching mr.freshasian and it has been so fun
Yeetusmcfeetus Gamer girl
Yeetusmcfeetus Gamer girl 2 månader sedan
Why don’t u show ur face like lazerlazer does
RuxsMobile 2 månader sedan
But he does sometimes
Tiller 2534
Tiller 2534 2 månader sedan
FRESH you said tik tok about 82 times in this video
king 2 månader sedan
Fortnite burger renegade true?
animal watching
animal watching 2 månader sedan
Alternate title: beginning for views 2020
1000 subscribers with 0 videos challenge
3:00 imagine nearly killing one of the best GAMERS in the world then... Lazarbeam kills you and pulls a.......... well a Lil Huddy
Dan Polo
Dan Polo 2 månader sedan
plot twist, lil huddy is a gingerbread.
Lucie Chox
Lucie Chox 2 månader sedan
I started clapping at the start with lazar 😘
TJ Brame
TJ Brame 2 månader sedan
2 grown men repeatedly saying a bunch of underage childrens names foer no reason, is rly weird
AMP Superman
AMP Superman 2 månader sedan
Fresh skin looks like Dixie
Payton Pyles
Payton Pyles 2 månader sedan
Only OG TikTokers remember the original TikTok name
Joshwew clark
Joshwew clark 2 månader sedan
Lazerbeam didn't steal his phone he searched it because he's fresh dad
ciko yetmann
ciko yetmann 2 månader sedan
wHen I tHrow iT bAck iS tHicC enOugh?🍑
Mia Moore
Mia Moore 2 månader sedan
Well yeah-Lil huddy is cancelled 😭😭-
ikke ieben
ikke ieben 2 månader sedan
Why tik tok i love Reddit
VerxcyOnIOS 2 månader sedan
1:43 anyone else hear lannan?
Gabriel James
Gabriel James 2 månader sedan
8:06 what was that😂😂
Gabriel James
Gabriel James 2 månader sedan
The voice
SpeedFayer 2 månader sedan
Привет дорогие друзья кто может подпишитесь на мой канал я начинающий ютубер и стараюсь как могу
The Hello 3
The Hello 3 2 månader sedan
The title should have been “Charlie corners lil huddy in the toilet for his juices”
Rami Al-Mosawi
Rami Al-Mosawi 2 månader sedan
Every time they is because bot lobby’s why are all there names player
Staciendksm Pieksma
Staciendksm Pieksma 2 månader sedan
My last nameOh good
Staciendksm Pieksma
Staciendksm Pieksma 2 månader sedan
So she had to put all her name
Staciendksm Pieksma
Staciendksm Pieksma 2 månader sedan
This is my phone but my mom said it up for me
Staciendksm Pieksma
Staciendksm Pieksma 2 månader sedan
Staciendksm Pieksma
Staciendksm Pieksma 2 månader sedan
Laserbeam is a little POSE
Lillelimpan Gaming
Lillelimpan Gaming 2 månader sedan
Thicc tok
Travis Moylan
Travis Moylan 2 månader sedan
Tik tok is sponsored in this video
wortrr 2 månader sedan
8:05 did anyone else hear.. what is it Siri? Talking about TikTok fame xd
500 Subscribers WithoutFriends
Thank god trump is banning tik tok
Ok Bomner
Ok Bomner 2 månader sedan
How dare you say dixie before charli😂😂
Isaiah Rojas
Isaiah Rojas 2 månader sedan
So that means Lil Huddy can say the N word👁👄👁
PokéMaster 2 månader sedan
The Taco Is Cool
The Taco Is Cool 2 månader sedan
Exotic 2 månader sedan
i think that you are confused
Antonio De Vizio
Antonio De Vizio 2 månader sedan
Ashley Holston
Ashley Holston 2 månader sedan
Mr. Beam is something else.
Huzaifah FTW
Huzaifah FTW 2 månader sedan
Congrats on 6 million
Alfie Ruff
Alfie Ruff 2 månader sedan
Who else watches Lewis ruff on ticktock
im black fishy
im black fishy 2 månader sedan
Ok Latan 0:01 through 0:10 then 4:54 through 5:11
Mr A WEEKS 2 månader sedan
Get a tictok account or if u have plz tell me cause I wanna follow u
Ivan Jimenez
Ivan Jimenez 2 månader sedan
I fell like he's been watching sypherpk cause he copied his loadout
XD_GamerGuy 200_
XD_GamerGuy 200_ 2 månader sedan
Zoë Yeet
Zoë Yeet 2 månader sedan
The black clothing yellow jacket is littely Charlie demiliio
UwU Carlina UwU UWU Manno UwU
Ok I’m not hating on any one but Jalaiah Harmon made renegade not Charli D'Amelio
Cxldzy 2 månader sedan
7:15 Lannan singing xxxtentacion moon rock?
Icy Icky
Icy Icky 2 månader sedan
Tofu FN kinda I guess
Cxldzy 2 månader sedan
Icy Icky sounds like it tho
Icy Icky
Icy Icky 2 månader sedan
Tofu FN no
Dawn Mayer
Dawn Mayer 2 månader sedan
That looks exactly like lil huddy
McFshy 2 månader sedan
Why Do I Find This Funny 3:38
Abi Gorry
Abi Gorry 2 månader sedan
Charli be like👁👄👁
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson 2 månader sedan
When you run out of idead
Noahsnoah Default army
Noahsnoah Default army 2 månader sedan
This is how many times they said tik tok 👇
Fishy /tiko fan
Fishy /tiko fan 2 månader sedan
When lazarbeam was singing the chug chug song I continued 😂👌
A random human
A random human 2 månader sedan
He did it on stream I was there
•Milk Moonlight•
•Milk Moonlight• 2 månader sedan
Addison Rae looking reckless, with them shooting.
The Name
The Name 2 månader sedan
Lannan is Short
Black Lives matter
Black Lives matter 2 månader sedan
Get it
Black Lives matter
Black Lives matter 2 månader sedan
Laserbeam I don’t live Little howdy fresh go lil howdy
OTASS 2 månader sedan
it was my bday when this was uploaded
Glenn Andjorel M. Quimson
Glenn Andjorel M. Quimson 2 månader sedan
Me: **playing an online game** Mom:SONNNNN Me: wat Mom: buy me sugar Me: im playing a game right now Mom: pause it then Me: *sighs* **the next day** Me: mom Mom:wat Me: where is my phone Mom:idk im cooking Me: pause it then Mom: 3:38
Kailaw 2 månader sedan
Anyone else here from lannans stream? Just me k...
Dimitris Anargyrou
Dimitris Anargyrou 2 månader sedan
Lmao 😂 good vid
Wrigley Gamer
Wrigley Gamer 2 månader sedan
kill me
StopActingScaryAndDoIt 2 månader sedan
Must protect Lazar😖
FLiMPy Art
FLiMPy Art 2 månader sedan
Yo fresh the six-year-old girl Harley fresh wants to be friends with you now
my new kill record...
iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Unboxing!
iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Unboxing!