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15 aug 2020



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Ian Alvarez
Ian Alvarez 4 timmar sedan
Your the best
ugg blud ded
ugg blud ded 6 timmar sedan
Mystery clutch
Mystery clutch 15 timmar sedan
Who’s here in season 4 were there are pumps and charges are vaulted
Jupiter Dag sedan
Congrats on 6.7 mill subs
Joshua Lukose
Joshua Lukose Dag sedan
whats up guys, yessssss
yeyeali1234 Dag sedan
Fresh is cracked and gets better every video
l0lclans vlog Channel
Fresh is growing his channel so much he’s a sweat but he does memes and challenges keep it up fresh!
Abdelrahman Kamal
Abdelrahman Kamal 2 dagar sedan
Rudra Bhuyan
Rudra Bhuyan 2 dagar sedan
Today its Indias independance day
Sherif Hatem
Sherif Hatem 3 dagar sedan
Who re watched this video while sesion 4
Suleman Saleem
Suleman Saleem 3 dagar sedan
Little did he know..
Craig Warren
Craig Warren 3 dagar sedan
Yes yes you suck
HussLegends 4 dagar sedan
do 0.5 seconds too loot and beat mccreamy
Lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez 5 dagar sedan
Who is watching this chapter 2 season 4
Scotty Outdoors
Scotty Outdoors 5 dagar sedan
What is it with fresh and thick
Nathan Kabuya
Nathan Kabuya 6 dagar sedan
Next Season
Donna Hampton
Donna Hampton 6 dagar sedan
he's cooked
lil xeno
lil xeno 6 dagar sedan
6.66 million subs : is fresh the devil?
Maddoxgames3369 6 dagar sedan
The thumbnail lazarbeam:20kills Fresh:20kills Me: is that supposed to say fresh 20 kills And Lannan 2?.
Arianna Picard
Arianna Picard 6 dagar sedan
Fresh: go get me a pump Lannan: alright alright *5 seconds later* Lannan: *kills himself* Also Lannan: just wait 50 seconds mate and there will be a pump on the ground Fresh: *you idiot..*
high ground
high ground 6 dagar sedan
2:54 lazarbeam exposed
Cookie Wookie
Cookie Wookie 6 dagar sedan
Fortnite Vids
Fortnite Vids 6 dagar sedan
When lazarbeam talked on the construction site they might as well have done a round of applause 😂
renpen11 6 dagar sedan
My dad always says pickle pickle
renpen11 6 dagar sedan
And he still is trash 🗑 at fortnite
Claire Mead
Claire Mead 6 dagar sedan
Get him to 7 million by the end of year
MoonyL- 29
MoonyL- 29 6 dagar sedan
Roblox Master
Roblox Master 6 dagar sedan
Fresh has 666mil subs
Ferrell Nathaniel
Ferrell Nathaniel 7 dagar sedan
Muhammad 7 dagar sedan
Baby groot crying
Baby groot crying 7 dagar sedan
No the only true pump is the purple and gold
Jose Valle
Jose Valle 7 dagar sedan
The thumbnail is just mean because it shows that lazarbeam has a green pump while he was a legendary which is making fun of lazarbeam
john aaron aquino
john aaron aquino 7 dagar sedan
I love you fresh
Spyblaster 8 dagar sedan
Deen Hasnat
Deen Hasnat 8 dagar sedan
Click this if you think combats are better than pumps | | |
Deen Hasnat
Deen Hasnat 8 dagar sedan
I think combats are better than pumps
Amaze Facter
Amaze Facter 8 dagar sedan
Chapter 2- season 4 pumps are actually back
snap_moccasin 8 dagar sedan
when lazarbeam said hey there child i was like MULLY!?!?!
عبد الإله التويجري
Fresh in season 3/2 is Much better than ninja
Daniel Baze
Daniel Baze 9 dagar sedan
And stay in the truck and curses
Daniel Baze
Daniel Baze 9 dagar sedan
When fresh is simply trying to get a pump laser beam roplays😂😂
BOBO and BORED TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BOBO and BORED TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pumps sucks
Kian Matthews
Kian Matthews 11 dagar sedan
Yes I've sub
Abdul Bhimla
Abdul Bhimla 11 dagar sedan
Abdul Bhimla
Abdul Bhimla 11 dagar sedan
This is his funniest vid
Abby Kirk
Abby Kirk 11 dagar sedan
4:26 lazar starts swearing, 10 secs later fresh swears
Sukris Steiner
Sukris Steiner 12 dagar sedan
Dane Dane
Dane Dane 12 dagar sedan
the best part of this whole video 4:23
Heidi Kath
Heidi Kath 12 dagar sedan
No I don’t miss that noise because of creative
Felix Alejandro
Felix Alejandro 13 dagar sedan
Ruthie Lesker
Ruthie Lesker 14 dagar sedan
no one lazarbeam PUMP TRUCK
Rodolfo Estipona
Rodolfo Estipona 14 dagar sedan
Mathew Perez
Mathew Perez 15 dagar sedan
This thing does like twenty damage 3:12 The pumps are cooked 7:51
H N Playz
H N Playz 15 dagar sedan
New season is back we need pump truck :)
Yohhaan Huang
Yohhaan Huang 15 dagar sedan
What Ltm Is this?
Tony Nava
Tony Nava 16 dagar sedan
I played with he
Tony Nava
Tony Nava 16 dagar sedan
Tony Nava
Tony Nava 16 dagar sedan
Tony Nava
Tony Nava 16 dagar sedan
I no
Kaden Chang
Kaden Chang 16 dagar sedan
I subed
Kaden Chang
Kaden Chang 16 dagar sedan
U subed
iSteelixo 16 dagar sedan
That Impression Was Pretty Good Not Gonna Lie Lannan.
Kaden Chang
Kaden Chang 16 dagar sedan
Your welcome Fresh!
Isaac Danish
Isaac Danish 17 dagar sedan
Connor Michel
Connor Michel 17 dagar sedan
Who’s whaling this when there is pups
Diamondgirl3D 18 dagar sedan
The bot that did
The bot that did 18 dagar sedan
Did you know fresh got like 200 thousand dollars or 100 thousand
Cheryl King
Cheryl King 18 dagar sedan
ND - 03CJ 865989 James Bolton PS
Fresh cood you frend me
ELH Ethan
ELH Ethan 18 dagar sedan
I love the charge Like if ur charge
Iced 18 dagar sedan
I was so happy when pumps are bsck and lannan was behind fresh at the start of the game
Tom Aus
Tom Aus 19 dagar sedan
pleas ad me opkuuslauk
Mythic Player
Mythic Player 21 dag sedan
Fresh predicted season four
Jayden Clinch
Jayden Clinch 21 dag sedan
Aiden Tadeo
Aiden Tadeo 21 dag sedan
XxMarzn0odles Xx
XxMarzn0odles Xx 22 dagar sedan
He said he hopes pump comes back he wasn’t lying it actually came backd
Flurbi Animates
Flurbi Animates 22 dagar sedan
Challenge win with only truck I did it once it's possible
NikoRicoTV !
NikoRicoTV ! 23 dagar sedan
I hate charge shotguns bring back pumps- Lazar Lets get a montage of how many times he said I hate pumps in 2017-2020
ッSF_CraCked 23 dagar sedan
This turn to pumps only to trucks vs very sweaty 8 year old kids
josh Day
josh Day 23 dagar sedan
Oneofjustice Sargent
Oneofjustice Sargent 24 dagar sedan
Will you will you please set my friend request
Oneofjustice Sargent
Oneofjustice Sargent 24 dagar sedan
Hahahah Hahahah
Hahahah Hahahah 24 dagar sedan
I miss the old fresh that the edit is so funny
danger flare
danger flare 25 dagar sedan
dhruv kosuru
dhruv kosuru 25 dagar sedan
whos playing when the pumps are atchually back
BRISBANE BRISBANE 26 dagar sedan
It is wired there is grey sniper
durp_playz 26 dagar sedan
Laser beam never really left the truck in the first round 😂
elise lupo
elise lupo 26 dagar sedan
I love your videos
Optic72 26 dagar sedan
I just realized that this was recorded on my bday (August 15 2020)
C1 Official
C1 Official 26 dagar sedan
I love your vids
Alex Hight
Alex Hight 26 dagar sedan
I am such a fan and please add me bomer10o8
Patrick Gray
Patrick Gray 27 dagar sedan
4:35 fresh said shit I thought he stopped swearing though :I
Don Buckley
Don Buckley 27 dagar sedan
Bristol Urban
Bristol Urban 27 dagar sedan
yes i mis that
king noob94
king noob94 28 dagar sedan
If only he knew his wish would come true
Triclr FN
Triclr FN 29 dagar sedan
Little did they know pumps would come back next season
10ziiz 10ziiz
10ziiz 10ziiz 29 dagar sedan
Thic sub button
Jiya 29 dagar sedan
Robo 29 dagar sedan
Nł4vu mnmni just oun
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Månad sedan
4M views and nowhere near that many likes. *Thomas has never seen such bullshit*
hey sub to me and I will sub back
Lannan is an idiot
Extra Account
Extra Account Månad sedan
I love the pumps
cole harnden
cole harnden Månad sedan
I like fresh we like fresh we like fresh