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23 sep 2020



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Fresh 26 dagar sedan
Maria Padilla
Maria Padilla 2 dagar sedan
ORB Mxnii Ψ
ORB Mxnii Ψ 8 dagar sedan
Hey guys sorry for self promoting but I would really appreciate it if you watched my new video and subscribed if you really liked it I know I’m not bugha or anything but I’m jut enjoying making content and it would make my day if you helped me out thanks! ❤️
KingsAlive 14 dagar sedan
Wait what
Emily Edwards
Emily Edwards 16 dagar sedan
I copped the Merch before I saw the video
Getting 5k subscribers with no video
Fun fact : The oldest “your mom” joke was discovered on a 3,500 year old Babylonian tablet!
Logan Geer
Logan Geer Timme sedan
no offense to fresh but why does he sound like a crybaby, like hasn't he ever played the marvel knockout, that has storms mythic which is a "impulse mythic" and then he starts whining because of no"noticable" content, when wolverine prowls the swamps and woods. I only whined whenever wolverine killed me. so Mr.Fresh, please look at the chat and listen to them.
ThetopOFgames 5
ThetopOFgames 5 2 timmar sedan
Wolverine is in wiping woods or slupy swamp
Yingyang GhoSt
Yingyang GhoSt 2 timmar sedan
Do you know where he lives there because he be alive you have to kill him people if you don’t he will be alive you have to kill him fast if you don’t kill him fast he will be alive
Rosered is cool now and then
FRESH: Where us wolverine?! Me and also edit: HE IS IN THE TRESS OF WEEPUNG WOODS!!!!!
Lil Puppet
Lil Puppet 13 timmar sedan
Keyonte Nunnally
Keyonte Nunnally 15 timmar sedan
Idea: Skybase Wolverine and see if he is smart enough to look above him
Tyler Emmons
Tyler Emmons 21 timme sedan
Storms mythic pushes back players
Logan Sawyer
Logan Sawyer Dag sedan
he is so bad at useing those
ItZWyvernZ Dag sedan
Mobile players watching like: y-y’all having a lot of f-fun.... with a shing shing claw.....
Eliseo Gutierrez-Rizo
The reason he gets up is because you didn't kill him fast enough (also he can heal himself because of his healing power boi)
TheDog51Gamer Dag sedan
Turn on visualize sound effects you can see wolverine from a mile away
Poohbear 916
Poohbear 916 2 dagar sedan
Fresh me and my friend spent 10 hours looking for wolverine and we got it then we disconnected how fun
brett dore
brett dore 2 dagar sedan
Forget the I
brett dore
brett dore 2 dagar sedan
Storms mythic can l launch cars away
Harry Vu
Harry Vu 2 dagar sedan
Me waiting for fresh to realise that the claws regain health
Harry Vu
Harry Vu 2 dagar sedan
Fresh:what the heck is this MYTHIC Me: ‘SHING’ ‘ SHING’ ‘SHING’
Faze Bull
Faze Bull 2 dagar sedan
It is so darn hard to kill wolverine
Niam Karanth
Niam Karanth 2 dagar sedan
Niam Karanth
Niam Karanth 2 dagar sedan
He goes about flow
Niam Karanth
Niam Karanth 2 dagar sedan
That’s A no please it’s called hey boo mega mol
Fedji✓ 3 dagar sedan
"Only one person who likes this will be one day billionaire" "good luck"☘️
cheese burger
cheese burger 3 dagar sedan
Lil tecca
Jimmy wu
Jimmy wu 3 dagar sedan
bRuh I fell like fresh is a rager after this... and also why would he pickaxe him?! THAT'S STUPID DUDE
James Cordell
James Cordell 3 dagar sedan
I love your videos
James Cordell
James Cordell 3 dagar sedan
Harry Vu
Harry Vu 4 dagar sedan
Fresh:WHAT KIND OF MYTHIC IS THIS Mongraal: shing shing shing
Pablo Reyes
Pablo Reyes 4 dagar sedan
That thing got me dead there when he got up and kill fresh 🤣😂😂😂
Jeff 5 dagar sedan
Kailum Miller
Kailum Miller 5 dagar sedan
. Is eating be anywhere in weekend whoops Woods so just looked in the whole place West my dad in the whole place of weeping Woods
Thenujan Sandramohan
Thenujan Sandramohan 5 dagar sedan
Raymond Antunez
Raymond Antunez 5 dagar sedan
Every one like the video for fresh
Danin Ibrahimkadic
Danin Ibrahimkadic 6 dagar sedan
RAID GQ2018RA02518
RAID GQ2018RA02518 7 dagar sedan
msed1019 7 dagar sedan
You are trash in fortnite play me bum
Aggeliki Tsartsara
Aggeliki Tsartsara 7 dagar sedan
You can gain materials whith the claws❤️ Too know
Deborah De La Fuente
Deborah De La Fuente 7 dagar sedan
That is me trying to do the wolverine challenges
M Chubb
M Chubb 8 dagar sedan
I feel the same way fresh I was like I can't explain I kill Wolverine 2 weeks after and I kill because he was in the storm so he has lass health
NovaDaSupernova 8 dagar sedan
Me and my friends 2000IQ uses a choppa to stay in the air and shoot him Also me and my friends; goes down to pickaxe him and he reives and just obliterates us
snoopa p
snoopa p 8 dagar sedan
Why does wolverine get knocked if no one can revive him. He should just drove dead
TTV Jibjab
TTV Jibjab 8 dagar sedan
TTV Jibjab
TTV Jibjab 8 dagar sedan
Gelo gelo
Masis Hartonian
Masis Hartonian 8 dagar sedan
If wolverine doesn’t have a teammate to revive him he hast to revive his self
Nicole Batres
Nicole Batres 8 dagar sedan
He has 200 health
Tzion Richardson
Tzion Richardson 8 dagar sedan
I killed fresh
MichaelVincent Macatangay
If we win add me pls
MichaelVincent Macatangay
1v1 me or play a game with me bro
Raven playz
Raven playz 9 dagar sedan
He's also in slurpy swamp
Gamer God1
Gamer God1 9 dagar sedan
i like your vids
Debucketz 9 dagar sedan
Roslyn Lott
Roslyn Lott 9 dagar sedan
What is your fortnight ID account
Tyler Child-Casey
Tyler Child-Casey 9 dagar sedan
Your trash!
marco pereira
marco pereira 10 dagar sedan
He spawns around slurpy swamp
Sopon Noa
Sopon Noa 10 dagar sedan
Love your vids freshly boi
Linda Nguyen
Linda Nguyen 10 dagar sedan
he there
Andres hunter 27
Andres hunter 27 10 dagar sedan
Dose anyone see two kissing Batman’s in wolverines face
4RU 10 dagar sedan
this challenge took me 2hrs with the help of others lol
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 10 dagar sedan
Stay in the trees and attack him it will make it easier because he will stay still
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 10 dagar sedan
RW-_-GREENZz 10 dagar sedan
RW-_-GREENZz 10 dagar sedan
Sorry I love you rocca that is not cap
YeetingNoodle604 10 dagar sedan
you can find wolverine easily with visual sound effects on. you can see his footsteps from forever away
Ariel Castillo
Ariel Castillo 10 dagar sedan
Claws are not trash ur trash
Alex Jabra
Alex Jabra 11 dagar sedan
He doesn't realise he spawns at slurpy too
Yaseen Beshir
Yaseen Beshir 11 dagar sedan
me knowing that wolverine is here like 👁👄👁
Thomas Monte
Thomas Monte 11 dagar sedan
Wolverine spawn at slurpy and I got him down to 2 hp and I died
TheKiddos Strothkamp
TheKiddos Strothkamp 11 dagar sedan
hey guess what when I got the claw this is what I said what er does
Swaagz 发
Swaagz 发 11 dagar sedan
to the 1 person who’s reading this: *you’re lovely and intelligent stay safe*
Yin Thu
Yin Thu 11 dagar sedan
Kill him and get his skin : i got the skin
Beo Deo
Beo Deo 11 dagar sedan
Don't shake wolverine he will revive himself
Mohan Bamm
Mohan Bamm 11 dagar sedan
Wolverine is about to end fresh challenge career
Mohan Bamm
Mohan Bamm 11 dagar sedan
I am literally waiting for reaction of streamers or players(people's) to see Wolverine greeting self revive and kick their ass
Chi Zander
Chi Zander 11 dagar sedan
Wolverine be like: Fast as frick, shing, shing u dead
Junior Cañas
Junior Cañas 12 dagar sedan
and if you harvest with those claws you will gain health.
Junior Cañas
Junior Cañas 12 dagar sedan
he also spawns at slurpy
spencer king
spencer king 12 dagar sedan
8:56 what is that place clled bc my screen blury and i cant tell
iTekke 12 dagar sedan
love the vid, wanna support eachother
Michelle Moses
Michelle Moses 12 dagar sedan
Michelle Moses
Michelle Moses 12 dagar sedan
Amber Blumhoff
Amber Blumhoff 12 dagar sedan
wolverine is at weeping woods and slurpy suamp
Mushroom Wars Channel
Mushroom Wars Channel 12 dagar sedan
Kids 12 dagar sedan
Did he just say lil teeca
Ron Gibbon
Ron Gibbon 13 dagar sedan
He does spawn in slurpy 90 percent of the time
Ramzo 13 dagar sedan
Look in youtube Sini27 (he kill you)
YGF Sneeze
YGF Sneeze 13 dagar sedan
Jeffrey F
Jeffrey F 13 dagar sedan
your so funny. your underrated
Rool 13 dagar sedan
So I’m wondering what season people started playing from so... Like = Season 1-5 Reply = season 6- chapter 2 season 2
Kenzo Kemp
Kenzo Kemp 13 dagar sedan
Naiyeli Burgos
Naiyeli Burgos 14 dagar sedan
Oh whenever you do the emote for wolverine your pickaxe becomes the claws
SK - 06CS 784696 Erin Centre MS
Bro it's not trash..
Blake Whelpton
Blake Whelpton 14 dagar sedan
Zackary Uljua
Zackary Uljua 14 dagar sedan
ngl, im happy Fresh had a Lannan-style update night
VALENT1NO 14 dagar sedan
Gulo gulo
The Assassin
The Assassin 14 dagar sedan
I know u will see comments in ur notification plsss I beg u pls reply
The Assassin
The Assassin 14 dagar sedan
The Assassin
The Assassin 14 dagar sedan
Pls reply
The Assassin
The Assassin 14 dagar sedan
I did a wolverine only pls don't copy right me am just having 20 subs and can I copy the intro plss wil change later
Furry Bunny
Furry Bunny 15 dagar sedan
I find him every game and die from him and ones I killed him and got the skin
Galaxy Wolves
Galaxy Wolves 15 dagar sedan
Popular kid: stand up if your not gay Wheelchair kid: 10:32
Jackpot 15 dagar sedan
He got storms mythic RIGHT WHERE I GOT IT
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