WTF IS A GORGER?!? (new boss) 

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11 sep 2020



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Iravis Miller Jr
Iravis Miller Jr 48 minuter sedan
Call the Galactic school jersey you can pick up their nose cool I’m seeing AJ big fan of yours and your dads so here is
David Nelaj
David Nelaj Dag sedan
The gotcha is so fuck
John Fryson
John Fryson 2 dagar sedan
A gorger is a giant drone sent by galactus so he can stop the heroes from stoping him
Elias Cirino
Elias Cirino 2 dagar sedan
I no
Kaylen Parish
Kaylen Parish 3 dagar sedan
It is a big Galactus drone from galacton the best weapon is charged shot gun.
shahin sayed
shahin sayed 4 dagar sedan
A gorger is a galactus mini bot
Nick Bumpus
Nick Bumpus 5 dagar sedan
Horror is what a gorger is
Sam Gaming
Sam Gaming 5 dagar sedan
It is a galactus robot/minion. I love ur videos. U teached me how to play fortnite
Kyle Sevrens
Kyle Sevrens 5 dagar sedan
a gorger is a drone
WhyWhy13 L
WhyWhy13 L 6 dagar sedan
WhyWhy13 L
WhyWhy13 L 6 dagar sedan
I no what that is it is poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
Bettina Jones
Bettina Jones 6 dagar sedan
I knew
david cook
david cook 6 dagar sedan
NotVenatic 7 dagar sedan
the most amazing thing ever
Patricia Rivera
Patricia Rivera 7 dagar sedan
What the hell is that
Fidel Chavez
Fidel Chavez 8 dagar sedan
ghost_ price
ghost_ price 8 dagar sedan
Die she know that u cna use the baby gorges as weapons
Adrian Saetes
Adrian Saetes 8 dagar sedan
Warrick Weiss
Warrick Weiss 8 dagar sedan
Galactus’s drones, that is what a gorger is.
Greg Burtsev
Greg Burtsev 8 dagar sedan
Gorgers are hell
Daniel Marshall
Daniel Marshall 9 dagar sedan
Why does epic vault all fun stuff
Jay D
Jay D 9 dagar sedan
Agneevo das
Agneevo das 9 dagar sedan
A gorger is a kind of minion sent down by galactus. The colour and it's horns are the same as galacus
Jaxon Kettner
Jaxon Kettner 10 dagar sedan
gorgors are gaulactuses weapons
Luke Dugan
Luke Dugan 10 dagar sedan
the gorger is just a random thing that fortnite made up looked it up on googla
THE MILLIONS MAN 74 10 dagar sedan
Fresh hit the yellow bits on the bottem that's the weak spots
Jenny Dorantes
Jenny Dorantes 11 dagar sedan
A gorger is a robot
jhonasz navarro
jhonasz navarro 11 dagar sedan
Its mostls at ss salty springs
jhonasz navarro
jhonasz navarro 11 dagar sedan
Damage is 50
jhonasz navarro
jhonasz navarro 11 dagar sedan
Its a mini galactus boss
Fnaf World
Fnaf World 11 dagar sedan
kyloren 11 dagar sedan
A gorger is one of the Galactus bodyguard
Seth Harteneck
Seth Harteneck 11 dagar sedan
Fresh says chill out when he is sweating so hard
Jayde Brooks
Jayde Brooks 11 dagar sedan
Younis Bentley
Younis Bentley 12 dagar sedan
It is a laser thing that take damage so quickly and it is so annoying
Ezekiel Henry-Smith
Ezekiel Henry-Smith 12 dagar sedan
so basically a gorger is a galactus drone from galactus sent down to earth to help destroy it and that so there is ur info :)
stuart evans
stuart evans 12 dagar sedan
Only use the baby drones
Muhammad Ayaan Ibrahim
Muhammad Ayaan Ibrahim 12 dagar sedan
Armaan Singh
Armaan Singh 13 dagar sedan
2:43 first player in the match to touch the ground? he was flying in the air for so long
Syrus Hawthorne
Syrus Hawthorne 13 dagar sedan
Why don't you play a game without using meds or Shields the entire game and playing arenas
Jacob Aguirre
Jacob Aguirre 13 dagar sedan
I ordered merchandise fresh
Aarish Kamath
Aarish Kamath 13 dagar sedan
Gorgeres are galactuses drones and when you have the baby gorger you can hold the shoot button on your mouse to get a mega shoot whit the baby gorger of galactus👍
Felix Roy
Felix Roy 14 dagar sedan
What’s a gorger
svperman316 14 dagar sedan
A gorger is basically a robot that galactus sent to deystroy the world
STANLEY PORTMAN 14 dagar sedan
Galaxtes’s drone is the gorger
R_ Dizzle D
R_ Dizzle D 14 dagar sedan
Hi fresh
Icelord_LOL Gaming
Icelord_LOL Gaming 14 dagar sedan
nathan arrerac
nathan arrerac 14 dagar sedan
ya they give good loot
Grayson Krygowski
Grayson Krygowski 14 dagar sedan
yes fresh it is a dron
nomitm 14 dagar sedan
Gorger is a galactus's drone
Luigie Bumanglag
Luigie Bumanglag 14 dagar sedan
Luigie oooooooooooooooooojjgihjiiihkuiuiuiuiuiu
ice ninja
ice ninja 15 dagar sedan
I just placed #3 with the goeogers rocket launcher
sergius bros gaming
sergius bros gaming 15 dagar sedan
Whats up guys and yes
Sarita Atri
Sarita Atri 15 dagar sedan
Can somebody tell him to change his intro after 10 mill subs
Moneeba Sadiq
Moneeba Sadiq 15 dagar sedan
Please add me on fortnite name is SniperMaster99.also I use code Fresh and subscribed
glowstics boo and fred
glowstics boo and fred 16 dagar sedan
A Georger is what galactus uses to fuck up fortnite and shit on people
Gabriel Nabeel-Gautheret
it is a galatus drone
Cristina Ordaz
Cristina Ordaz 17 dagar sedan
Tony starkbot
Krzybahna 8
Krzybahna 8 17 dagar sedan
if you knock down one of the mini robots and use them as a weapon hold down the trigger button when you have it equipped then it will make a big ball that takes a good amount of damage but when you do that the robot will get destroyed and you will have to use another one to do the same thing.
Noah's World of Legos
Noah's World of Legos 17 dagar sedan
Galactus drone
Zachary Bolton
Zachary Bolton 17 dagar sedan
Galactiis drones
Quaid Mad
Quaid Mad 17 dagar sedan
You foll
Quaid Mad
Quaid Mad 17 dagar sedan
You can charge it up
Matthew Okunev
Matthew Okunev 17 dagar sedan
it is a galactus minion
UniKittyYT 1234
UniKittyYT 1234 17 dagar sedan
Idea for next video 1. Change keybinds to Fresh 2. Win with no meds 3. Win with lazarbeams girlfriend 4. Hide and only battle the last other player Sub to my channel if you love fresh
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid 17 dagar sedan
The gorger is a boss galactis sent
Cash Vader
Cash Vader 17 dagar sedan
In the comics galactic would have this Thea drones called gogerdrones and the would drop on the avengers and they would destroy them
Raven Mergel
Raven Mergel 18 dagar sedan
Gorger= galactus gatherer drone.
PezzaSteph 18 dagar sedan
Gorger is not dropping me a rpg
Emerald Instan
Emerald Instan 18 dagar sedan
It's a galactus forger
Charlie Egan
Charlie Egan 18 dagar sedan
Make this rhyme famous
Charlie Egan
Charlie Egan 18 dagar sedan
LMG and RPG is the combo you like to see
ARPIT Harwani
ARPIT Harwani 18 dagar sedan
Gray Kil
Gray Kil 18 dagar sedan
Fresh you can hold it and it does more damage
eeggplanto eggo
eeggplanto eggo 18 dagar sedan
Its just looks like the manhack .-.
Gabriel Lane
Gabriel Lane 18 dagar sedan
Yeetman Dope
Yeetman Dope 19 dagar sedan
I know what it is it is a thing that is fucked up
ait aoudia chaban
ait aoudia chaban 19 dagar sedan
ist gulactus yes
Zachary D
Zachary D 19 dagar sedan
A gorger is galactic
Aiden Fernandez
Aiden Fernandez 19 dagar sedan
Roberto Ramos
Roberto Ramos 20 dagar sedan
They gorger drones will soon do 97 damege
The fortnite Hunter beast
I meant to say good job first
The fortnite Hunter beast
The job fresh
Ethan Kuck
Ethan Kuck 20 dagar sedan
And laserbem is stream sniping me
Ethan Kuck
Ethan Kuck 20 dagar sedan
A gorger is a hard thing that's op
Tr1B3z AdApT
Tr1B3z AdApT 20 dagar sedan
It’s a ai op robot like season 12 henchmen
Henry Romero
Henry Romero 21 dag sedan
The skins all youtubers get 0:50
Ariel Castillo
Ariel Castillo 21 dag sedan
It’s galatases thing
Dickson Chen
Dickson Chen 21 dag sedan
its a glales dron
xxamyxx 101
xxamyxx 101 21 dag sedan
The for get I think galactic is in the for get I was think
Braaden Killeen V2
Braaden Killeen V2 21 dag sedan
The Rocket Laucher is being turned into the pumpkin launcher for Fortnitemares
Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl
There’s one at Salty springs
Rawan Mohammed
Rawan Mohammed 21 dag sedan
It is a robot from glactus
Sangita Balakrishnan
Kaden Novey
Kaden Novey 22 dagar sedan
a gourger is a galactus drone that preps the planet dor consumption
King Wolfy
King Wolfy 22 dagar sedan
Dawn Winrow
Dawn Winrow 23 dagar sedan
Tiny T
Tiny T 23 dagar sedan
gorger, a thing in fortnite
team t rex
team t rex 23 dagar sedan
The gorgers are so annoying when you weren't trying to run away away from them the big one sometimes I can dance in the beam so I get insecure but I am bad at the game
Hasnain The Flash
Hasnain The Flash 23 dagar sedan
Fresh this gorger is a galactise drone you no how that galactise is coming to fortnite and that gorger is his drone to spy so he can see what's happening in fortnite